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The Hidden Gifts Of Being An Idea Person Or Starter

Ariel Grace Snapp has always been a multi-passionate creative balancing service and the expressions of her soul. She’s a coach for creatives, a tech creative director, intuitive and MacroFloral photographer and host of the Creatively Free podcast.

Executive Contributor Ariel Grace Snapp

In the vast landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship, “idea people” and “starters” play a crucial role in shaping the future. However, often this quality is overlooked in startups and corporate environments where output is more important than imagination and exploration.

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These individuals exude a unique comfort with the realm of ideas and the divergent space of not knowing before the synthesis and logical ways of making something real and tangible come into play. They often serve as the catalysts for new ventures, creative projects, and groundbreaking discoveries. While their contributions are sometimes celebrated, they can also be overlooked as “just fluff” or “not the hard work.” At times, those with the ideas possess a ‘flash and fizzle’ energy that starts but doesn’t finish, and they can often learn to criticize their constantly pivoting ways.


At Creatively Free we celebrate these types of people and view them as an integral part of a broader ecosystem of different personalities and characteristics of innovation in any culture.


At the core of being an idea person or starter lies an intrinsic comfort in the unknown. These individuals possess a natural inclination to explore the uncharted territories of thought, constantly seeking out new possibilities and challenging the status quo. This innate curiosity fuels their creativity and drives them to push the boundaries of what is considered possible.


The journey of an idea person or starter is rarely a smooth one. It is fraught with uncertainty, setbacks, and moments of doubt. However, those who are comfortable in this role exhibit remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. They understand that failure is not a sign of defeat but rather an opportunity for growth and learning. This resilience enables them to weather the storms of uncertainty and emerge stronger and more determined than ever before.


Idea people and starters thrive in environments where collaboration and exchange of ideas are encouraged. Their ability to connect with others who share their passion for innovation fosters a culture of collaboration that fuels creativity and drives progress. By bringing together diverse perspectives and skill sets, they create fertile ground for the seeds of innovation to flourish.


Comfortable idea people possess a unique ability to articulate a compelling vision for the future. They possess the foresight to anticipate trends and anticipate opportunities, inspiring others to join them on their journey. Their visionary leadership galvanizes teams and communities, rallying them around a common purpose and driving them toward a shared goal.


Innovation is an ongoing process, and idea people understand the importance of continuous learning and growth. They are voracious learners, constantly seeking out new knowledge and insights to fuel their creative endeavors. This insatiable thirst for learning enables them to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing circumstances with ease.


Idea people are not afraid to take risks. They understand that great rewards often come with great risks and are willing to venture into the unknown in pursuit of their vision.

Their willingness to embrace risk sets them apart from the crowd, enabling them to explore new frontiers and uncover hidden opportunities that others might overlook. They often have multiple ideas to develop and experiment with at once and are not afraid to switch directions in the short term based on the data and feedback of their ideas in early testing in the market.


Ultimately, the greatest gift of being comfortable as an idea person or starter is the ability to leave a lasting impact on the world. Whether through groundbreaking inventions, innovative solutions to pressing problems, or inspiring others to think differently, their ideas have the power to shape the future in profound and meaningful ways.


Being comfortable as an idea person or starter unlocks a treasure trove of hidden gifts that extend far beyond the realm of innovation. From resilience and visionary leadership to collaboration and continuous learning, these individuals possess a unique set of qualities that enable them to make a lasting impact on the world.


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Ariel Grace Snapp, Creativity Coach

Ariel Grace Snapp has always been a multi-passionate creative balancing service and the expressions of her soul. She’s a coach for creatives, a tech creative director, intuitive and MacroFloral photographer and host of the Creatively Free podcast. She is particularly interested in co-creating new, collaborative ways to solve social challenges across different sectors. As founder of the Be as Art Business Academy, she offers a depth based journey of the mystical and practical tools for creatives and sensitive people that are ready to birth and scale their huge creative, mission driven projects.



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