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3 Tips To Bring Ideas To Life

Written by: Benjamin Gonzalez, Executive Contributor

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We tend to let life decide for us when we can choose for ourselves, I like to say that life is a succession of events, there is always success in everything we do, it doesn't matter what kind of situation we might be facing, it's our choice if this situation will bring growth and evolution or stagnancy and comfort. All it takes is a little fear to queue us from moving into a new area of growth, avoiding that fear means not facing growth, when we dare to face fear, we break the loop of comfort and break through a wall of possibility.

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If you wake up in the morning and the first thing you think about is how late, or early it is, you are following the perfect recipe for a challenging day, how you start your day is a huge contributor to how it will unfold, it is a choice to wake up and give the best of you or your worst. Your thoughts define your reality by giving meaning to situations, pay attention to how you think, it will lead the way your reality unfolds. if you feel stuck in a loop you are in the perfect place, I will show you how to get out of this loop and create the outcomes you want to experience, all it takes to face this fear is a choice. These are the steps on how I choose to create my ideal outcomes.

Ideas come to your mind to help you build momentum and guidance. Whenever we have an idea, we either write it down, ignore it, take action and accomplish it or overthink it, overthinking keeps you stuck in a loop of inaction. When we overthink, we are trying to justify the delay we put into not acting or blame ourselves for not taking action, this usually creates frustration and anxiety. When we don't want to face our fear, we bury it deep down by doing things that will help us forget about the idea, we usually do this by staying focused on something outside of ourselves, maybe watching Netflix or overworking to not face the fear.

When an idea arrives think about your future, not what others will think about you, ideas usually push us outside of our comfort zone to grow and evolve into a better version of ourselves, when choosing to bring growth into your life you are attracting more thoughts that support the main idea so you can keep growing more and more, this will bring the feeling of success by letting ideas flow through you and growing with them. Write down the idea and observe around you what or who can help you bring that idea into reality, it is all about being mindful of how you think.

Create a schedule that will help you take massive action towards the idea, I call this making a decision ahead of time, by doing this you are creating the steps that will take you to the outcomes that will generate more thoughts to support the main idea, sit down for 10 minutes and write all the things that flow in your mind, you will have a better sense of direction on where to go, observe what you wrote down and create a one week schedule on bringing the idea to life.

By following these steps and taking massive action towards your idea, you will be living the future you want in the present moment by seeing change not only in yourself but in the experiences you live in life, all it takes is to make a decision and face the fear that is stopping you, behind that fear the limitless version of yourself resides, choose to become that person and life at its fullest. and remember, it’s not about reaching the end, it's about who you become on the path.

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Benjamin Gonzalez, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Benjamin Gonzalez is a reality composer coach, and he helps leaders develop their creativity and perception of reality so they can live fulfilling lives. Benja started his coaching journey in 2022 when he found his love for helping people and playing with concepts like building a reality and changing belief systems with the help of psychedelics. He became a certified life coach by Mindvalley as well as a certified breathwork coach and now he is working on a thesis on how psychedelics help create new belief systems to build a fulfilling life. Benja's most recent project is the creation of life budd, a platform that helps leaders develop their creativity with tools and ideas.



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