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The Evolutionist: Encoding Enigmatic Leadership – Exclusive Interview With Josephine Sorciere

Josephine Sorciere encodes extraordinary people into their enigmatic frequency. Unravelling the mystery of minds, she cracks the encryption of would-be enigmas. Stop suffocating your genius and activate who you came here to be.

Josephine initiates visionary leaders, changemakers, artisans and innovators into unseen evolution through wisdom, blueprints and energetic frequency. Those hungry for next-level brilliance yet cannot name what’s missing.

Her insatiable insight is a culmination of decades of self-exploration and several own businesses, following 15 years in Blue Chip Corporate finance. More relevant, she has been a leader of leaders for many lifetimes.

Image photo of Josephine Sorciere

Josephine Sorciere, The Evolutionist

What are the characteristics of a brilliant leader?

Know thyself. Self-responsibility, authenticity and living a purpose-driven life. Those who are willing to look within first, to unearth their authority, innate power and truth of who they really are. When leaders embody their energetic signature beyond the ego – their enigmatic frequency, new levels of potentiality are cracked open. It gives permission and inspiration for others to do the same. It is a rare gift, they are an enigma. Yet so many have the capacity to break through to this level, just cannot find the way.

No amount of seeking outside themselves will give answers to their deeply burning questions. Switched-on leaders have already balanced the IQ and EQ, where thoughts and emotions are both considered. Yet brilliant leaders are starting to access their IIQ – Innate Intelligence - their inner wisdom. This opens the door to insight, clarity, collaboration and cutting-edge solutions. These are the ones who are tapping into their genius frequency, the next level of brilliance.

The way-showers relentlessly get out of their own way, out of their minds – it’s the only sane place to live. Free of stagnation and boredom or chasing the next accolade. However, there is often little ability to discern what's an illusion and running life silently through fear mode, and what's real, generated by the inner power beyond ego. Most are unwilling to look at themselves this deeply.

Why are there not more people able to break through to this next level?

Most people are still stuck in linear patterns of creation and externalising the way forward. It takes a leap of faith to start creating explosive ideas, making quantum jumps and generating innovative solutions.

This power comes from beyond the mind, yet we are conditioned to think our way forward, hence the limitation. People feel safer to stay shackled to their current paradigms than break free, terrified of the unknown.

Many leaders are blinkered to their mode of operation, and fewer still really know what they are wired for. Yet we all contain codes unique to us, and once you have a map to your energetic blueprint, so much perception can arise. That's when the work begins, to take ownership of your own shadow and be prepared to do what it takes to shift into that next level. Most won't go there, that’s why accountability, guidance and insight can be key.

It's those people who have this yearning and knowing within them they're here to do something big, to be something more but have no idea how to find it, they’re sick of searching. This builds from lifetimes of missions and the time is now to get that clarity. To move to the next level.

What do you say are the markers of success in great leadership?

Leaders who know real wealth is found beyond the bottom line, creativity is their currency. They have a level of fulfilment beyond material measures and operate from embodied wisdom. These leaders are successful because they have presence, listening, and a balance between doing and being.

It's the individuals that authentically lead, devoted to their vision and values from a place of service and brilliance. Those who continually evolve and grow themselves and their solutions, inspire others to show up fully. Others cannot put their finger on what the IT factor is – the mystery of enigmatic leadership.

Image photo of Josephine Sorciere

Josephine Sorciere – photo by Avalon City Imaging

What's the one thing leaders could grasp to revolutionise their corner of the world?

Expanding empowerment comes from your inner awareness of who you really are beyond the shallow waters of materialism and achievements. When people operate through fear, their shadow and low frequency can be felt just as clearly as those running with authenticity and ownership. This clarity can only come when you are prepared to find the treasure map and gold that lies within you, which means ripping off the masks of illusions.

As we learn to fuel ourselves through the energy for life itself, this is far less exhausting than all the doing and thinking of Groundhog Day. Learning how to truly connect to it keeps you consistently purring your engine at a high altitude, feeling fully alive. Knowing what your own body's rhythms are, what is tuned to, what it is wired for.

There's no greater mission than living from your heart and evolving through who you BE, not what you do.

Why do you feel moving forward now is so crucial?

Humanity is on the precipice of major evolution. Those who KNOW they are here at this time for a reason must step up, claim and activate who they came here to be. You feel the change and chaos unfolding in the world, and your DNA is programmed to thrive and lead through turmoil.

The world desperately needs more balance, to move out of fear, to stand up for your authority and to support the game changers who are getting on the court and playing full out. Enough people are sitting on the sidelines, many are waiting for your specific guidance and inspiration, simply through who you are.

We have to remember the heart within humanity, our true nature, and the bigger picture. To reignite deep connection within us and in the community. Characteristics that advanced technology can never replace. We cannot let future generations miss out on the fundamentals of what we came here to experience. It has to start with self, to go beyond mindset, reawaken our highest frequency of being, out of fear, into our truth. That's what brilliant leaders are made of, the enigmas who embrace the mystery of life, of themselves.

What was your own journey like to get to where you are now?

My life was turned upside down at 18 when I started university having just lost my family and home. I swore independence and determination to succeed, working my way through two degrees and 14 years of blue-chip corporate careers in finance.

Approaching 30, no one had any idea about the level of despair I was trying to think my way out of. I sold my house and moved to New Zealand with two cases. 2003 was an amazing year of positive events; radical health changes, trips, my first weekend self-development course, and meeting my husband.

I have been dedicated to self-development and my businesses for the last 20 years. Yet only when I stopped dabbling with my gifts and fully committed to who I really AM, did my real genius abilities land. Taking ownership of my authenticity, Josephine Sorciere birthed, a legacy from many lifetimes.

Once my prodigy was unveiled, people sought me out to start creating their life as a work of art, with ultimate liberation, just as I have done. Once they claim their unique energy frequency signature, life moves into a new dimension. Nothing brings me greater joy than witnessing transmutation into truth. I don’t want it to take decades for people to fully open up like it did me, to continue in silent pain. I wish I had found the tools and abilities years ago to find mental freedom and love life doing what I am coded for.

Over the last nine years, whilst working with people at a soul level, I've built up a following on Insight Timer, YouTube and Spotify. However, my activations were based on my focus at that time, somewhat different to my direction now of activating enigmatic leadership.

My books 2020: The Alchemists’ Awakening Volumes I & II merged what was unfolding with energy transmissions, astrology, and deciphering texts, which wove together ancient and future timelines. It was an aspect I was deeply immersed in and now it is time to bring mystery to the mainstream. I have moved my focus to mentoring would-be enigmas and prodigies of the corporate, entrepreneurial and artistic worlds, where I help leaders and high profiles embrace the next level of excellence, starting with Initiation.

Currently living in Adelaide, Australia, I co-parent my two teenage boys with my ex-husband, love dancing & yoga, travel, culture, esoteric, learning and a good red.

Image photo of Josephine Sorciere

Josephine Sorciere – photo by Avalon City Imaging

Can you expand on who you are mentoring to fast-track into next-level life?

If you're reading this and it's tugging at your heart and lighting you up, you want you feel ALIVE again, then it’s you. You have been unable to name what's missing, continually seeking answers. You have always been a driven achiever, yet your biggest desire is to truly understand yourself and what you are here for. You dread stagnation and boredom and KNOW there is more of you to be seen.

Those ready for next-level transformation are invited to Initiation, where I unfurl the mystery of your mind and crack the encryption of your enigma. Gain clarity around patterning which holds you hostage to a small mind. See the landscape of the place of innate power and authenticity which has remained elusive. Receive the map of your unique coding which lies at the heart of your deepest fulfilment.

I’m the Activator you didn’t know you needed. It has to be experienced rather than understood mentally, it goes beyond words as I work with your coded frequency. This is 21st-century energetics. It's a life-changing experience. The world has been waiting for you to step up at a deeper level of authenticity and run your enigmatic leadership.

I work 1-1 with high-end achievers and artisans, like a surgeon working with precision on your energy circuitry. If you would like to dive in deeper before initiation, I invite you to the free audio 5-day enigma retreat available on my website. You know from that whether you are ready to experience the freedom and revelation of your truth. I will unveil more within Initiation than a month’s worth of counselling or psychoanalysis, I guarantee that. This is about fast-tracking.

How will your business of Josephine Sorciere help landscape the future? I know I'm here to help encode the Mastheads of Frequency amongst the legacy leaders. The ones that own their new stance of being makes waves of ripple effects through their organisations and audiences. That's when major changes happen. It only takes one tsunami to disrupt the stagnation, and that's what you're here for.

The more enigmas and prodigies who shatter the illusions of their own life there are, it exponentially increases the collective consciousness, which is in desperate need of people living outside fear.

I envisage some form of my work to be made available through organisations by facilitators when the decision-makers realise the power of knowing their blueprints. Collaboration and synergistic opportunities await. I will be returning to the stage as an international speaker, to inspire and activate more people to switch on their innate intelligence.

Above anything I can envision, I stay with an open heart through presence of the unknown. I feel so much will unfold for humanity when they are ready, and I know I have a directive to help people through this transitional time. It IS pivotal, the power will rise from the people to help break down the old paradigm and structures that can no longer exist.

The more that people can open their minds to a higher purpose than material living, to go within, they play their part in raising the energy of the planet. Every person has an opportunity to evolve into the next level of who they be and I am devoted to assisting that, through an array of opening avenues.

Humanity will radically change when we can embrace the fear of the unknown. Bring it on! Here’s to a higher life for all.

To explore the path to Initiation, visit her website and sign up for the 5-day audio Enigma retreat.

For prodigies already at the pinnacle of their career and terrified of losing it all, you can apply for an invite for the 5-day audio Prodigies Retreat here.

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