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Secrets To Generating Healthy Income In Your Online Business

Written by: Shannon Rose, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Refreshing your relationship with your Online Business could take it from stagnant to stellar and steady, healthy income. We’ve been sold the idea that starting an online business is easy, and while this is true (you can simply open an Instagram account and begin posting to bring in clients), it can miss what a robust one needs in order to thrive.

“What is beyond the primal need of making money in your business? What about receiving, what about growth? Your mission and business is bigger than posting random words on social media” ‒ Brittany Hammond

Generating $5k-$10k months and beyond in the online landscape of entrepreneurialism requires building a solid foundation, holistic life alignment and a lucrative strategy for growth. You’ll have to ditch the ‘post and pray’ methodology and integrate your ego while consciously becoming resourced, both internally and externally. Brittany Hammond sat down with me recently on RICH Conversations to speak into exactly this. As she so eloquently points out, “part of being an entrepreneur is being a problem solver. If your product or service isn’t selling, it is your job as the entrepreneur to problem solve and dig deep to figure out where the misalignment is”. Let’s discuss some of the shifts that you can make to blow up your impact and income over the next 30 days:

From ‘Posting and Praying’ to Intentional Content and Community Building

Clients are attracted to our energy because of the content we are putting out into the world.

Combined with the conversations we intentionally have and the community we are devoted to building, our content plays a fundamental role in creating a harmonious ecosystem. It’s by this means that we nurture, love, and pour into the soil of our business.

“Every Business has its own heartbeat, its own energy, and so it’s really about being in tune… about understanding the inner workings of your business and how all the pieces come together, so that you can post (content) and have those people sign up with you, or those sales come in.” Brittany

This speaks to the importance of auditing your content to understand what’s working and what isn’t. Even when (or perhaps especially when) your content is working well, attracting your ideal followers and leading to sales, it is crucial to understand what specifically is striking the right chord. Only this way can the magic recipe be recreated.

On the other hand, when things aren’t flowing, it’s easy to become triggered and take the lack of engagement personally. By staying in direct contact with your community, it will become easy to gather information on what they want. This will inspire fresh ways of refining your message to reignite ‘front of mind awareness’ and deeper connections which, more often than not, yield a financial ROI.

Being Resourced in Your Business

Bringing the body back to its most regulated, calm, and embodied state is a huge conversation sweeping the Coaching Industry, with good reason. Approaching your influence and content creation from a place of abundance, sturdiness & security immediately shifts the energy by which you are received by your people. While this may sound a little ‘woo-woo,’ what is critical to understand, especially for women growing a modern business via the online space, is that energy is everything! The more regulated and resourced we are, the more held in the masculine we are, and the more in flow, creative and magnetic we are. It is simply a reflection of the laws of nature.

“The more resourced you are, the easier it is to generate more resources. If you are not resourced, you are going to be pulling on fear, scarcity and lack, you will have graspy energy ‒ it won't be free flowing and you won’t be creating from overflow.” Shannon

Being a resource is defined as having all the ‘things’, such as money and materials, needed to function optimally. Therefore, it comes down to having your fundamental needs met externally (bills paid, food in the fridge, clothes on your back) so that you can invest time in operating your business with a regulated nervous system.

This could be a matter of incorporating daily breathwork, somatics for release and integration, ecstatic dance, or meditation – basically anything that drops you from your head into your body.

In Closing

Your business is an extension of you and when treated in a way that supports it as such, generating healthy and sustainable income will become much easier. When you're feeling good and high-vibe, your business will reflect that and your people will be magnetized to you. This, in turn, will build strong connections to your community of followers and your clients. It’s all a matter of intentional, purposeful energy, and once you’ve brought yours to the table, building a solid foundation, holistic life alignment, and a lucrative strategy for growth can only result in an abundant future beyond your wildest dreams.

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Shannon Rose, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Shannon Rose is Founder and CEO at The Word Distillery where bold voices and big visions are stewarded onto fresh stages in embodied ways. Her words have appeared in USA Today, Hollywood Digest, The Entrepreneur Magazine, MamaM!A, Elephant Journal, So Influential and many more, she is a Senior Columnist at Disrupt and Brainz Magazine. You can find Shannon travelling the world with her husband and 2 children as they explore all that this beautiful planet has to offer while running her location independent Mentoring and Media Company.



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