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When Difficult Life Lessons Become Your Salvation

Written by: Shannon Rose, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


There is truth in the idea that life happens for us, not ‘to’ us. Though more often than not, the really meaningful, life-changing lessons come buried under thick layers of shame, guilt and an unhealthy dose of self-doubt. As life goes on, and time works its magic, the truth is slowly revealed, as self-judgment gives way to admiration for having survived the storm and emerged all the wiser.

Lezly D’Limi, Founding Director of Talentko had anything other than an easy upbringing. Forced to endure through the darkness as drug and alcohol abuse consumed her family, she was left to raise her two younger siblings along with help from her Nana. With no role models and no one to show her the ropes, Lezly was left to find her own way through the murkiness of life.

Yet as we often find, from the turmoil of life’s early years arises a strength of character that the world might otherwise have never known; the kind that champions the hero within each of us to become all that we can be. “Your personal experiences should not define you or discredit you from opportunities that can change your life and create your own freedoms. As a leader, it is your responsibility to help people see their own uniqueness by providing them with the opportunities to do so. Sometimes people need someone to believe in them before they believe in themself.” ‒ Lezly D’Limi.

Through the hardships, the highs and lows, from the darkest times to moments of ecstasy, Lezly shares with us her most noteworthy life lessons:

Lesson No.1 ‒ Trust Your Instincts

Wanting to see the good in people can sometimes blind us to the truth, even when our intuition is telling us to beware. “I have often found myself in situations when I felt that something was off, but I would override what I knew to be true and honest, it was to my detriment.” Lezly shares.

Know what you stand for, answer the courageous call to unravel your mission, your vision and your truth. When things go south, don’t let your mind spiral your next actions out of control, take responsibility and remain anchored in your values and self. “Personally, when I was disconnected from my purpose, I fell into bad partnerships, disillusioned opportunities and my self-betrayal continued to attract people who would, in turn, betray me.”

Lezly’s advice: That nudge you feel within, especially as a woman, is there for a reason. Do not ignore it.

Lesson No.2 ‒ Mistakes Are Our Biggest Teachers

Learn to let go of the shame surrounding your mistakes. Shame will bury you alive. In leadership, it is not your ally. As you build confidence and deepen your relationship with yourself, owning your human flaws becomes easy and allows you to connect with your team on a deeper level.

“When we as Leaders and CEOs learn to embrace our mistakes and quit bypassing the medicine within them, we become better at what we do. Because we become deeply relatable to our teams, our clients and the greater community, we close the gap that ego creates”

Lezly’s advice: See each mistake as an opportunity to become a more grounded and approachable Leader.

Lesson No.3 ‒ Wealth Is Beyond Money

A flashy car and a paycheck to match, yet bubbling beneath the surface, an inescapable feeling of unfulfillment in being nothing more than a resource that fills a ‘capacity gap’.

“I learned this lesson when I fell pregnant with my son. If I took 6 months off after the birth, I would no longer have a place in my own company. It didn’t make sense and yet, it did. Since then, I seek a deep connection to my work, impact and meaning that is beyond the paycheck and silver nameplate standing on my desk.”

For many, while having those things may have offered some initial satisfaction, building a company that is rooted in aligned values and integrity, that prioritizes meaningful employment and contribution, will give you back your spark for life.

Lezly’s advice: Get clear on the things that you really, really value above all else in life, and let nothing stand in your way of pursuing and nurturing them.

Life isn’t all roses and rainbows, but nor should it be! Life is beautiful because of the changing seasons. It’s the cold that makes us appreciate the warmth; the darkness that makes us treasure the light; the heartache that makes love the most powerful, euphoric force on earth.

“Savor the lessons. Appreciate the hard times for the growth they offer. There is something to be learned in every magical moment that life grants us if we can just greet it with an open heart.” ‒ Lezly D’Limi

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Shannon Rose Executive Contributor, Brainz Magazine Shannon Rose is a Writer for Top Tier Publications and a Woman's Mentor currently based in Australia with her young family of four. She works with heart-led, high-level female entrepreneurs who want to alchemize their story and life to build a masterpiece. Her Podcast, RICH Conversations has been in the Top 100 shows for entrepreneurship in Europe and she has been featured in MamaM!A, Inspire Magazine and Disrupt. Shannon's mission is to bring every woman into deep relationship with themselves and the world around them through embodiment and embracing taking a chance on them. More money in the hands of women led by spirit, is where the world is going. Walk with us.



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