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Rituals For Resilience Seven Powerful Self Love Rituals To Strengthen Your Ability To Deal With Life

Written by: Kel Green, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Moving through 2022, WE NEED Self Love now more than ever.

It’s Time. Self Love is the most important habit we can develop for life balance, personal satisfaction, and our health.

The Big Questions are…

Why do we do what we do, rather than what we know to do?

Why do we make everything and everyone else more important than ourselves?

Why do we always put ourselves last on our list?

In this busy world and always ‘doing’ life, our energy and attention are in a state of constant distraction.

When do we create the time and space to take care of ourselves with some mind, body, spirit, and positive self-love?

In this moment; you are as resilient, strong and life powerful as you are ever going to be...unless you choose a different action, nothing will change.

Draw a line in the sand, accept and decide that there is never going to be a better time than right NOW, to make YOU, the priority with a regular self love ritual.

Your future self will thank you for your efforts.

What are Self Love rituals?

“Everything we do is sacred if done sacredly”

Self-love rituals are regular routines that power up our everyday life.

They are anything we participate in with purpose in thought, word, and action, accompanied by an attitude of sacredness and positive heartfelt intention.

Personal Rituals such as taking a bath or tuning into our connection with nature were once part of daily life, but no more.

Why is this?

As technology has advanced, we have diminished the quality of the relationship we have with ourselves and our community.

Our attention to the human connection has been reduced and swallowed up by the barrage and the speed of information delivered to us as we move through our days.

We are “busy doing a lot,” and at the same time turning down our awareness and appreciation of the “present moment.”

We are losing enthusiasm to consciously relate through our humanity and the potential this represents for a richer, fuller life.

Self Love Rituals will help bring you into the moment.

They slow down the pace of life, let go of the clutter of mind, tensions in the body, and relax our overstretched nervous system. This creates the space to reset ourselves for more vitality and better health.

Self-love rituals build the foundation to deal with the interrupts to our day and the 'tough stuff' showing up in our world. They ground and stabilize our body, balance our energies, and restore inner peace.

What I am referring to here are the self-love rituals that invite kindness and compassion from the greatness of our hearts. Those that encourage us to practice self-care; a conscious action to love, honour, and nurture ourselves.

Self-love rituals are self love in action; a point in time, to feel, and to open to receive what we need. This vulnerability, this softness, is the new superpower for these turbulent times.

The self love ritual is a way to give to you what you have been reaching out into the world to get just so you can feel ok about you. Thoughts may go through your mind such as if this person tells me he loves me then I will feel ok or when I buy this item I will feel secure, or If I can look like this then I will be happy.

When we think and act on these types of thoughts, it is like we are grasping for a band-aid just to feel ok. We are in a pattern of thinking that looks outside of us for a solution to our internal challenges. This habitual way of reaching outside of us for external solutions will never satisfy us.


Because very little is in our control.

The answer is to find a way to reach within to discover what you need, to give it to you, and establish a peaceful and easy feeling as a basis to view our world.

Self Love rituals are a way to give us exactly what we need.

“Clear the static, and get clear by listening deeply to you.”

This is where the self love ritual comes in, with it we have the means to give to us exactly what we need.

It may be that we want someone to hug us, to listen to how we feel, or just to ‘be’ and do nothing.

When we slow down, pause, and sit with ourselves we become more aware of what is going on underneath the surface, inside of us.

We may feel angry, sad, anxious, tired, tense, or afraid. This can show up in our body as pain, in the thoughts we have and in our energy.

At this point, we may ask ourselves,

“What do I need to do right now to love myself?”

With this answer, we develop a personal habit to nourish our whole person.

One which relaxes the body, calms the mind, and makes us feel more centered.

How do we do the Self Love ritual?

“Choose to be enlightenedly self-loving, it will build your energy for you and those you give to. It will create an alternate pathway for your life.”

Before you begin your ritual…be aware that you need to make a choice, one which puts you as the top priority.

You have to be willing to live life from the point of view that before you do anything you first need to honour yourself and how you feel.

What is meant by the words ‘’self-loving’’ is different from what you may think. It means to constantly replenish yourself with peaceful and poised energy drawn from the well of love that you have for yourself.

Begin with Deeply Listening to YOU!

Set up yourself up for success by giving yourself some time in your day to regularly practice this ritual.

Do the following: Breathe in…Feel…Breathe out…Feel. Breathe in…Feel…Breathe out…Feel. Breathe in…Feel…Breathe out…Feel.

Now you are opened to deeply listen to feel, you.

Ask yourself, ’What can you feel beneath your skin?’

Listen to all the parts of you.

This is not just your ears listening; it's all of your senses in your human bodysuit.

Feel how your body feels, its aches and pains, its places of peace and stillness. Notice your feelings and emotions, be aware of any areas of tension or ease. Observe your mind and the types of thoughts flowing through it.

Sense, your energy, it may be calm and centered, scattered and erratic, or something else.

Listen to all of you. Let's play with this a bit more.

Breathe... Feel…

Then pause for a minute or two.

Listen, sense, feel your body, your feelings, your mind, your energy.

Allow it all to be.

When you are ready, become aware of sound and sensations outside of your body, deepen your breath, and come back.

Notice, you, sitting in your experience.

How was it?

The invitation

Join me for a short audio meditation guiding you through these steps towards learning to listen with love for what you need and build your resilience.

Experience Self Love

When you intentionally engage in a self love ritual you are provided with the love, healing, and nourishment you need. This, in turn, increases your inner strength and resilience. It establishes a balanced mindset and a peaceful, powerful perspective to deal more easily with whatever life presents.

To make any real change in your life requires a different action.

Actions done consistently amplifies the results.

Your next step is to do the action!

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Kel Green, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

The Art of Being You

For individuals who aspire to ‘be’ their best self, to live an extraordinary authentic life.

Kel Green M.A is a leader in ways to know your Self. An Educator, Speaker, Meditation Teacher & Self-Help Author who lives and breathes Self-Awareness.

Kel provides you with uniquely crafted personal development tools, wisdom, and techniques incorporated into your daily routine to allow you to access authenticity and your personal power.

Kel brings over 35 years of experience in IT businesses, eastern and western self-development tools along with transformative healing modalities. She has a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, a business degree, has authored several Self-awareness books and is a long-time meditator and yoga practitioner.

Kel is a Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor, a regular on the podcast for The Most Intelligent Selection.

Kel uses her personal stories and challenges in breaking dysfunctional patterns to take the journey from head to heart. She draws on this as inspiration to provide programs, tools, and techniques to open your mind to a greater understanding of who you are.


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