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Rising From Darkness: A Tale Of Triumph And Empowering Others – Interview With Soad Elmasoudi

Soad Elmasoudi, a dedicated performance and mindset coach, excels in aligning strategy, tactics, and tools with a powerful mindset for precise execution. Overcoming personal challenges, Soad draws on her transformative journey, uniquely shaping her coaching philosophy. Trained by the Proctor Gallagher Institute, she seamlessly integrates mindset development with practical strategies. Soad provides clients with both the right mindset and effective execution tools, going beyond conventional coaching. In a world where mindset is paramount, Soad stands out as a passionate guide committed to unlocking individuals' full potential, whether you're a professional, entrepreneur, or leader.

photo of Soad Elmasoudi

Soad Elmasoudi, Performance and Mindset Coach

Soad Elmasoudi, for those who have yet to meet you, can you give a glimpse into your life?

I'm Soad Elmasoudi, a 43-year-old based in Stockholm, Sweden, and my role as a performance and mindset coach brings me deep fulfillment. I take joy in helping individuals shape their lives by transforming their mindset, one thought at a time.

Outside of my professional journey, I find genuine happiness in the simplicity of family moments. Whether we're sharing delightful meals, enjoying cozy family dinners, or celebrating special occasions, these moments bring a unique sense of fulfillment to my life.

My passion for travel, exploring new places, and finding joy in the adventure and discoveries each journey brings is a significant part of who I am. This curiosity and openness to new experiences seamlessly reflect in my approach to coaching and mentoring.

In addition to my professional and family life, I have various hobbies that bring relaxation and inspiration. Spending time in nature, gym. expressing my creativity through cooking, exploring home interiors, trying out new restaurants, and gaining knowledge through documentaries are some of my favorite pastimes. I also cherish moments spent with friends.

In essence, my life story is one of resilience and triumph over challenges, a journey of personal growth, and a continuous quest for a life filled with purpose. Driven by passion, guided by experience, and infused with a touch of creativity, my life unfolds as a tale of self-discovery and ongoing personal development.

My early years were far from ordinary, marked by shadows of fear, insecurity, and constant surveillance in a household dominated by a father with strong narcissistic traits. I confronted not only shadows but also the harsh realities of violence and physical abuse, transforming the sanctuary of home into a battleground of pain and suffering.

Can you share more about the pivotal moments, particularly when you were 12 years old, that set the stage for your remarkable transformation?

When I was 12, my life took a difficult turn. I was forced to leave school and went to Morocco with my parents, where things became tough. Violence and control were at their worst, and my mom and I felt isolated in a big house. It was a time of deep sadness, questioning everything about my life, and thinking about desperate measures.

In the darkest moments, when things seemed impossible, I held on to a dream. This dream wasn't just a little hope; it was a clear vision of going back to Sweden, continuing my education, and getting back the life and freedom I had lost. During despair, I made a promise to myself and a higher power: if I somehow managed to break free from this suffocating place, nothing and no one would stop me from finding freedom. It was in this tough time that my strength and determination were born, pushing me forward against the darkness that tried to take over.

After enduring this torment for seven long years, my parents finally separated. My mother and I sought refuge with my older brothers in the southern part of the country. But the road to recovery was tough. It took another two challenging years before we could gather the strength to return to Sweden – a homecoming marked by exhaustion, broken spirits, and financial struggles.

Coming back to Swedish society was a big challenge, pushing me far beyond what I was used to. Despite the initial difficulties, I slowly picked up where I left off with my education. Gradually, I not only earned qualifications but also found a job and started building connections – an important step in the beginning of my remarkable journey.

How did you handle challenges and persist towards your goals in your journey from a 19-year-old to a significant contributor, overcoming obstacles, and achieving personal growth?

My journey from tough times to success felt like this amazing adventure of discovering who I am and growing as a person. It involved rebuilding not just my education and job situation but also changing the way I saw myself. Crucially, I learned that forgiving both others and myself was key; it took me a while to realize that holding onto the past wasn't helping me. But once I did, I made the decision to let it go.

Fear gripped me during this journey. With no network, friends, or guidance, it felt like setting a caged pet free, armed only with a survival instinct. My mindset was one of success; achieving my dream became an unwavering commitment. I had a clear goal, driven by a strong desire, and fueled by unwavering determination. Even though I faced tough challenges and fears, I chose to keep going, fully aware that the road ahead wouldn't be easy. The steadfast faith in an unseen power propelled me forward, firm in the belief that everything would indeed be alright.

My journey was about overcoming challenges, using them as steps toward the life I wanted. It was a strong wish to go from being nobody to finding myself. Persisting wasn't just about climbing the work ladder; it was a constant climb toward understanding more about myself and growing.

During the hard times, I reminded myself of my dream, and I found inner strength guiding me through shadows, seeing obstacles as important steps to success. Each challenge showed my strength, reminding me that chasing a dream is an exciting and changing journey.

Why did you decide to switch from a regular job to becoming a Performance and Mindset Coach?

During all these changes, I achieved big success in my career, landing the role of finance manager at one of the world's top IT brands. I played a key part in the local management team, contributing to the organization's success and growth.

But, despite these work and personal achievements, I found myself thinking deeply about the meaning of my life. I wondered how I could make a real impact on the world and unlock my full potential. This inner reflection came from a strong belief that I was meant for something more, something bigger, even though I wasn't sure exactly what.

I was dealing with the challenges of too much work, leading a stressful lifestyle, and struggling with an imbalanced work-life situation. No matter how hard I tried to break free from this cycle, I faced more difficulties. It felt like I had hit an invisible barrier, and frustration became a constant companion.

At 42, my life took a whole new direction. I made a choice to find my true purpose, follow my passion, and live life on my terms. I decided to leave my job, educate myself as a mindset mentor, and start my own venture. My journey, skills, knowledge, experiences, lessons, and career – they all connect through one common thread, and that's mindset. Without even realizing it, I followed a process that kept me on track, prevented me from giving up, and transformed my mindset from seeing myself as a victim to embracing a winner mentality. In simpler terms, it was all about how I thought and approached things.

What motivated you to transition from a managerial role to dedicating your life to helping people master their mindset, and how has this change impacted your perception of work and life?

Transitioning from my managerial role to dedicating my life to helping people with their mindset stemmed from a dual realization. In the corporate sphere, I observed many companies, including mine, setting goals without fully considering the people within the organization. A company, even with lofty goals, lacks true meaning without engaged and motivated individuals. I recognized the need for a deeper understanding of human performance to foster a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture. In this context, achieving any set goal requires bringing everyone along, as collective effort and commitment are essential for meaningful success. To achieve new outcomes, you must change your thinking, you can't solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.

Simultaneously, I became aware of the challenges faced by individuals. Many are trapped by the programming in their mindset, holding onto beliefs that hinder their success and happiness. They often tell themselves reasons why they can't achieve their desires, locked in their unconscious minds. This profound realization led me to a pivotal moment in my life, where I decided to dedicate myself to helping individuals master their mindset. My mission is to guide them on a personal journey, empowering them to grow and unlock their inner leadership potential.

How does "Unlock the Inner Leader" embody Concat AB's commitment to unlocking untapped potential through mindset transformation?

In 2022, I embarked on a transformative journey by establishing "Concat AB" with the empowering slogan, "Unlock the Inner Leader." My mission is clear—to guide dedicated individuals, professionals & entrepreneurs in reshaping their mindsets for tangible, desired outcomes, one thought at a time.

My approach goes beyond conventional coaching. I delve deep into the intricacies of mindset transformation, offering practical tools and insights to instigate profound shifts in perspective. Through personalized guidance, I empower individuals to break through limitations, face challenges, and align their lives with their aspirations.

"Unlock the Inner Leader" isn't just a catchy phrase; it encapsulates my commitment to unlocking untapped potential. I focus on fostering a mindset that acts as the foundation for achieving extraordinary results, using a science-backed formula. Each interaction, each coaching session, is a deliberate step toward unveiling the extraordinary leader within you.

The journey isn't just about changing thoughts; it's about creating a mindset that propels you towards becoming the architect of the life you truly desire.

What is your vision and dream regarding the reach of your services, and do you have any plans to expand your impact internationally?

My goal is to help and serve as many people as possible, and I have a dream of not only serving nationally but also internationally. I believe in the power of reaching a diverse audience globally to make a positive impact on people's lives. Expanding my reach allows me to share my expertise and support on an international scale, creating a positive ripple effect that extends beyond individual lives. In pursuing this vision, I aim to leverage various platforms, technologies, and partnerships to effectively connect with and serve a broad and diverse audience across borders.

Thinking about your incredible journey, what advice would you give to people facing tough times, wanting to grow, and aiming to change their lives?

I'd say, don't be afraid to dream big, keep a clear image in your mind, and really want that change. Build a strong mindset, stay focused on your goals, and believe you can overcome challenges.

Remember, even the smallest steps forward, no matter how hard, are crucial in your journey of discovering yourself and growing personally. Your mindset is a powerful tool – use it purposefully to shape the life you want, one thought at a time.

photo of Soad Elmasoudi

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