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Raising A Confident And Healthy New Generation – Exclusive Interview With Martina Opava

Martina W. Opava is a successful energy coach, mentor, bestselling author, charity leader and founder of unique energy programs for parents. She launched her masterpiece project "Soul Clearing Rituals for parents & children" in 2018 and was nominated for the “Woman of the year” for her charity work a year later. Martina's teaching helps parents to raise, protect and embrace their core life energy in order to become their best selves. "Learning about our life energy helps us to better understand ourselves and others, and consequently it helps us to create lifelong bonds with our children and relatives.

Martina W. Opava, Successful Energy coach & Mentor

If you could describe yourself in five words, what would they be?

Mommy – Wife – Coach – Writer – Energy

We go through different stages in life, which one had the most impact on who you are today?

A few months ago, I celebrated my 40th birthday and asked myself a similar question. Despite some rough times during my 20s, those were good years and I believe I built my independence in that early adulthood stage. I left home when I was 18, I travelled the world, studied at an international university, and worked different jobs to make myself financially independent. During my 30s, I learned how to stand into my inner power, become a mother lioness, supporting wife, and a warrior for abandoned newborns in the Czech Republic. This was probably the most beautiful as well as the scariest time in my life. After the first miscarriage, I became a mommy to an amazing baby boy and just a year later to a beautiful baby girl. I felt exhausted and lost within myself. I couldn’t believe that this was me and my life. Where did my independence go? I thought that coming back to work early will help me, and it did, however, in 2015 I had to face much bigger challenge than a loss of my identity. My husband was diagnosed with cancer and suddenly I became in charge of our lives. The hard way, I learned all about effective time management, the importance of self-care, the true nature of parenting bond, clearing energy blocks – especially fears and doubts, and standing strong in my power. There was no time to doubt myself, to surround myself with the wrong people, or to do stuff that didn’t matter. I learned to follow my intuition, end toxic relationships, and build new healthier ones. As a thank you to the Universe that my husband was healed, I decided to establish an NGO to support abandoned babies in the Czech Republic. The years 2015 – 2020 were about building our home and family, helping others to awaken and invest in their life relationships. My coaching activities peaked in 2020 when I became a bestselling author as one of the co-authors of the international wellbeing guide “One”. The past two years of a global pandemic have been the most important ones in my business career. Thanks to my online coaching, I gained an international clientele and started coaching, training, and writing in English. I created courses for parents to help them build a loving bond with their children, and to learn how to work with their energy to raise a confident and healthy new generation. Moreover, my unique Energy programs for women have been streamed to more than 14 countries in the world. Right now, I feel I am entering a new stage (40+😊) and I can’t wait to move forward with my life again. So it’s hard to say which stage impacted me the most, they all did but in their own way.

What makes a successful career woman?

That’s a difficult question. We all have a different vision of success. For many, it’s the amount on their bank account, respect from others, or e.g. building their dream house. For me, it’s a compilation of feelings, such as fulfilment when I wake up in the morning, gratefulness when I go to bed, love when I look at the people I have around me, energy when I look into the mirror. I have started calling myself successful after feeling these 4 emotions every day for one year.

How much importance do you attribute to balance in your life?

Balance is everything. I teach about the 4 energies in each of us and about different ways to find harmony among them. People with strong strategic and warrior energy often lack lightness, loving relationships and the continual feeling of accomplishment. They are trapped in the “Manifester consciousness” (by Michael Bernard Beckwith) and the idea that everything that happens, happens thanks to their own doings. They believe they have full control of their life and once they are forced to give their power to others, they lose their life mission. On the other hand, there are many people with the strong energy of a carer and a partner living in the “Victim consciousness” and experiencing life with a set mindset: “everything happens to me” and “I have no control over my destiny”. This is a very sad picture when looking at talented people with an open heart and very kind energy, yet not believing in themselves at all.

When we are trapped in the first or second level of consciousness, we naturally project this kind of energy on our children. We literally teach them to either “get a firm control” or to “give in”. We are surprised when our kids grow up and burn out in the first years at work, or when they accept a low-paid jobs not matching their talents and potential. A parent with balanced energy is a conscious, empathetic, harmonious person with a clear self-concept, strong moral, loving boundaries, and quality relationships. I believe balance is the key to our happy life.

What is the biggest challenge kids face today and how can we as parents prepare them for this?

The world is becoming one big entertainment park. Kids are presented with so many options that they may feel overwhelmed and stressed by not being able to choose. There’s too much of everything. Too many stimuli for their young brain aren’t healthy and may cause serious health issues.

I see the biggest challenge nowadays (at least in the western cultures) in the ability not to get overwhelmed and to choose among all the options in alignment with their soul & heart. We, parents, should work on our own energy management and life balance to become a healthy and strong role model.

Your top tip for parents?

Be truthful to yourself and to your child. Do everything with love. Breathe, listen, connect.

You do a lot of charity work, how did you get into this and tell us more about your charity.

After the doctors informed us that my husband was going to be fine again, I felt a strong will to thank the Universe for this second chance. I was ready to become a fundraiser for the oncology department, but then I felt I needed to leave this topic and shift my energy elsewhere. Babies are a source of clear energy and since I had 2 little kids at home that time, I decided to learn more about abandoned newborns in the Czech Republic. In the end of 2015, my friend and I established an Endowment fund focusing on supporting healthy mental development of abandoned children. There are more than 500 babies abandoned right after their birth every year and when I first heard that number, I was shocked. We started raising funds and buying things for the babies such as baby bottles, pacifiers, clothes, toys, we put this into a children’s suitcase together with photos (received from the hospital) and many personal wishes from the nurses and doctors. We have built a very strong project, called “Life in a suitcase” that helps children in foster care better understand their life story from the very beginning. Where there is truth, there is acceptance and where there is acceptance, there is healing. If we want to heal these children, we need to be truthful with them from the first days. Our suitcases consist of all the gifts plus a memory book with all the important information collected from the day of their birth until their 3rd birthday. Currently, we cooperate with 60 maternity hospitals all over the Czech Republic.

Establishing a charity organization is extremely fulfilling yet very demanding at the same time. I do admit that there were several situations in the past 7 years when I was in doubt whether we should continue or not. It is extremely time consuming and both my colleague and I have our own jobs aside from our work for the Fund. But the good outweighs the stress so we’re still going strong.

As if all that doesn’t keep you busy, you also have co-authored three bestsellers, any more books in the pipeline and how does it feel to publish a book.

Since 2020, I have co-authored 3 books in English, so now it’s time to please my Czech audience. I am finishing a book about parenting, that I am writing together with a famous Czech psychologist, Dominika Bocek. Writing in general is a very powerful method to activate my inner strategic energy and I use this method daily while journaling. We can have excellent thoughts but without writing them down they will stay just in our head. Similarly, our dreams stay just dreams if we don’t act.

And finally, who is your biggest inspiration?

I really enjoy reading books by Rachel Hollis as her voice is the same in writing and speaking. I love her authenticity. Regarding parenting, I was first inspired by Dr.Shefalli and her “Conscious Parenting”. As an energy worker, I look up to my mentor Sophie Frabotta.

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