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Rachel ”Yoga Girl” Brathen - About Business, Life and Goals

Brainz Magazine Exclusive

Rachel Brathen, 31, also known as Yoga Girl, is a yoga-teacher, influencer and best selling author. She has over 2,1 million subscribers on her Instagram and offers one of the worlds largest yoga communities, a place where people can heal, connect and support each other, all with a foundation in yoga.

Rachel Brathen
Rachel Brathen

First of all, how are you? How’s everything going?

– Things are both great and not great, which I’m sure so many people are feeling right now. On one hand, I am spending my days playing with my daughter, doing yoga, tending to my garden, baking, and going to bed nice and early. It’s been so beautiful to be at home with my family. Things at home feel calm, safe and slow. On the other hand, if I direct my awareness away from my little home and start to think of the state of the world I don’t feel okay at all. It’s like I have this lump in the back of my throat and this fear rises in me. I am trying to keep myself educated on the Corona-virus situation without constantly getting sucked in. I’ve had to close my yoga studio and postpone some projects at work. I know this is hitting my team hard, and my community on Aruba hard. I am trying to stay grounded and remind myself that this will pass.

How many businesses/projects do you toggle at the moment? What are the different projects?

I seem to always have a lot going on! Right now my focus is on my online platform at This platform is so important to me. It's a beautiful online space where people can practice yoga and access healing tools right from home. I know that is so needed in the world right now. I’m still working on the 29K app, which is a beautiful space to connect with others, improve your compassion toward yourself and share your feelings from the heart - also so needed right now! I have some other exciting things coming up this year that I’m working on but I can’t mention them just yet or I will ruin the surprise.

You started your Instagram back in 2012, when did it explode and why do you think your account became so popular among people across the world?