Proven Reasons Showing How Meditation Creates Success

Updated: Jul 1

Written by: Rita Farruggia, Executive Contributor

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Think about the skills required to achieve high levels of success. We have heard them a million times: laser focus, clarity, emotional mastery, creativity, flexible thinking, great leadership, problem-solving, communication skills, and high energy are some of the top skills required to achieve success. Meditation enhances our ability to cultivate these skill sets required to achieve high levels of success.

Relationship Building and Sales

A top skill to achieve success in business has great people skills. We are always dealing with people, even if you are a solopreneur. As a solopreneur, you are still dealing with people: clients/customers, vendors, pitching to secure speaking engagements, and converting (communication skills) strangers into paying clients. When you are dealing with people, you interact with multiple personality types with different perspectives, communication styles, and personal past histories (education levels, experiences, beliefs, values, etc.). We have all encountered people in our day-to-day business life that appear to be rude. The important thing is how we deal with both pleasant and not so pleasant people so that our energy doesn’t get depleted if we let them change our state into an angry state. Meditation helps you build emotional strength. You are less likely to become upset when dealing with difficult people because practicing regular meditation, we can observe and understand the truth behind our own emotions (gain clarity to see that people who chose to act disrespectful are insecure, it’s about their personal wounds, their bad behavior is not about you) and you become better at seeing how those around us are feeling. This gives you the ability to develop deeper connections with people when you are deeply connected to yourself. This enhances your communication skills because you are becoming aware of the truth between your interactions with people.

You are more aware of what the other person needs to hear in your conversation because your listening skills increase along with your intuition. This is because when you meditate, you quiet your mind from mental chatter and stop living in a reactionary state from external stimuli. This allows your nervous system to calm down. It is from this calm place we can see more clearly. When tuning into ourselves, our intuition increases; therefore, we can receive clear insight from this theta state. Therefore, we become used to observing our breath and ourselves more. This is the reason after you complete a transcendental (quiet) meditation, you see more details in the room, you feel more present and alive once you open your eyes (you are becoming more tuned in). This is why daily meditators don’t respond with a quick reaction to an offensive statement; instead, they can recognize the other person’s feelings and have more emotional flexibility in their response.

Being more aware of our emotions and thoughts allows us to motivate people who work for us. This allows you to have advanced communication skills to ensure your team members' emotional and mental needs are met in order to feel fulfilled in performing their work. For example, if one team member is doing something that you see as inefficient, you have the ability to communicate with diplomacy because you are not quickly reacting based on emotion. Instead, after you react in your body and mind, you process your reaction by asking yourself questions as to why that specific team member is taking that action? (it could be for a number of reasons, maybe someone else told that team member to take that action or a misunderstanding in communication, etc.). Therefore, you can have a calm, respectful conversation to discover the truth and explain the action you prefer that member took because of efficiency. You apologize if you weren’t clear in your instructions.

Improve Mental Performance

Our mental performance declines as we age. We can combat the aging process with a daily meditation practice. Meditation, when practiced regularly, is training the mind to concentrate and focus. You need to be able to concentrate on your breath initially to get into a meditative (theta) state which is a state just above the delta (sleeping) state. Studies prove that meditation helps people sustain their focus, even during mundane tasks.

Researchers have discovered that Buddhist monks who meditate daily have high performance on concentration tests than the average person. Those who meditate regularly not only increase their ability to concentrate they also boost their attention to detail. Every entrepreneur wants to get more done. This research proves how meditating can improve your productivity levels and the quality of your productivity. Therefore, you are likely to achieve the results you desire with laser focus as a result of daily meditation.