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Now Is The Time To Challenge Those Limiting Beliefs

Written by: Misty Lucas, Executive Contributor

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Have you ever made a statement like "I can't afford that" or "I don't have time, and I am not strong enough"? Limiting beliefs are those that confine you and incorrectly define you.

Limiting beliefs are the lies or excuses we tell ourselves that ultimately prevent us or delay success. The majority of limiting beliefs are subconscious and start in childhood when rules and limits are imposed. As crucial as these rules and guidelines were for the success of every child, this is likely where you started developing limiting beliefs.

These limiting beliefs can hold us back from living a whole life as adults. We still have rules to follow, but there are less and achievement is endless. While you do not have to adhere to the same standards and regulations as a child or young adult, that does not mean your mind has changed to know any better.

It’s within your power to recognize and break down these limiting beliefs to accomplish all the impressive goals you have. I’m excited to share with you how to identify your limiting beliefs and overcome them so you can achieve greater heights in life.

Identify Your Beliefs.

There are a few ways to identify your limiting beliefs, and all require personal reflection. It may even be helpful to bring in a close friend, a coach, or a coworker to help identify your limiting beliefs through an open conversation. It can be challenging to identify limiting beliefs, but here are a couple of exercises you can do to help find them.

Make A List Of Your Own Beliefs.

Take time to write down any beliefs you hold that are important to you and influence your everyday life. Then, you can group these beliefs into different categories, like money, time, relationships, and health. When you've done this, consider the ones that limit your growth and the ones that help.

Analyze Your Behaviour.

You can also assess your behavior to identify limiting beliefs. For example, consider situations where you’ve acted negatively or in unhealthy ways and why you behaved that way. Limiting beliefs may be the underlying cause of your toxic behavior if you examine it closely.

For instance, if you find it difficult to talk about money or a financial situation, you may possess the limiting belief that money or conflict is terrible, which makes having difficult but necessary conversations regarding budgeting, retirement, and general finances in life. Consequently, causing relational conflicts when money is involved, e.g., in marriage and business.

It may also be an excellent time to bring in a trusted individual to help you identify your limiting beliefs during this analysis process. For instance, watch where your inner dialogue goes when someone compliments you. Is it gratitude or distrust? If it is distrust, there is most likely a limiting belief looming in the corner of your mind. Analyze that moment and see if you can figure out the limiting belief and what new, more positive mantra can replace it.

Where Are You Repeatedly Challenged?

Think about times when you repeatedly struggle. Perhaps, you never have luck in romantic relationships, or you procrastinate consistently when a specific task needs to get done. These challenges may indicate a limiting belief. Whenever you write down an area of challenge, take note of which of your thoughts may be holding you back. In other words,

if you're constantly struggling to squeeze in a workout, find out what you think about health and wellness and how accessible it is for you. What is the limiting belief, the consistent excuse, or the lack of confidence preventing you from achieving this goal?

Applying Change to Break Down Barriers.

To start letting go of limiting beliefs, we need to let go of certainty. As humans, we love stability, comfort, and certainty. However, certainty can also hold you back. It's what prevents you from leaving unhealthy relationships, starting that business you want to have, traveling to that far away place that intrigues you, and keeps you from quitting that job you hate. Certainty can be a dream killer. Combining certainty with limited beliefs will keep you stuck in unhappiness and feeling unfulfilled for a very long time. So let's start with killing certainty and then change those limiting beliefs.

Once you understand that certain needs to go, it's time to start changing self-talk. More often than not, negative self-talk tells you why you can't achieve your goals. Unfortunately, self-talk is constant, and we must switch out negative self-talk with positive, life-giving, empowering thoughts. Once you identify your limiting beliefs, choose a new empowering belief to replace them. Then, apply this new belief whenever you feel the only limiting belief creep up. Doing this will create a new habit of thought and slowly change your mindset and eliminate limiting beliefs over time.

It’s time, my friend, to start living the life you deeply desire to live. If you’re interested in getting more clarity, let’s connect. Join me for a complimentary 60-minute clarity call.

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Misty Lucas, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Misty Lucas, is a Women's Life Coach and Restorative Yoga Educator. After a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis that left her depleted physically, emotionally, and spiritually she had to find a new path. She left her career in law and dedicated her life to supporting women navigating complicated health crises from chronic stress and autoimmune illnesses by blending her coaching skills and restorative yoga techniques. From this knowledge, she has created her signature coaching program to support her clients and work with them, releasing old patterns holding them back to create a life they want to live.



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