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Nesa's Hemp - On The Brink Of Revolutionizing The Entire Landscape Of The Cannabis Industry

Brainz Magazine Exclusive Interview


Inesa is the visionary founder and CEO of Nesa's Hemp, the world’s first-ever full-spectrum CBDa oil. It is created through a unique process Inesa developed that preserves all the healing compounds of the hemp plant. This promotes optimal healing and restores the body to its natural state. Inesa’s journey with hemp/CBD began five years ago when my mother was diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live. Heartbroken but determined, Inesa traveled the world on a mission to find natural ways to overcome her health condition. That is when Inesa discovered that the hemp plant is known to be a miracle plant. However, when Inesa met with the leading CBD producers in the US, she realized that none of them had a high-quality hemp product. Inesa knew what she had to do! After facing many challenges, Inesa was finally able to create a product for her mother, and subsequently other people in the world, that is an effective alternative health solution.

Today, Nesa's Hemp is certified as the highest-quality organic hemp product on the market. Today, Inesa’s mom is cancer-free and enjoying a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life and Inesa is on a mission to help fulfill millions of lives across the globe.

Inesa Ponomariovaite
Inesa Ponomariovaite, photo by Sandmood Photography

Inesa, your journey is incredibly inspiring, from humble beginnings to your determination to create a better, more just, and healthier world through Nesa's Hemp. Can you share more about your vision for Nesa's Hemp and how you hope it will impact people's lives globally?

My early childhood was harsh. My mom and I were both sick. She took me to doctors who kept me on medications, including antibiotics, for over 10 years. My mom didn’t know any better. My move to the United States was traumatic. I was naive and led with my heart. Almost everyone took advantage of me. I became so sick from stress that I went to the emergency room every couple of weeks. I decided to look for answers outside of traditional medicine. I changed my diet and lifestyle and began to improve. Eventually, I became extremely healthy.

Mother nature's solutions helped me to heal myself. I put my trust in God’s medicine more than Western medicine, because I saw the results after my own difficult journey. Then my mother was diagnosed with cancer. While she called me with sadness over her diagnosis, I had joyful tears and excitement because God had given me a vision to fulfill. I had found my life’s purpose. I saw myself helping my mom, and thousands of others, to overcome cancer. I spent tens of thousands of hours on global research. Applying what I learned ultimately led to my mother’s recovery.

My mother’s cancer is the reason why the world is in a better place today. I became a holistic and health wellness coach, sharing my knowledge with others and helping them create successful health journeys. It got to the point where I had too many requests and not enough time to help everybody. Because so many people trust me to help them, I have a huge responsibility to know how holistic products are made and to learn their true qualities. During my mother’s healing journey, I learned that cannabinoids found in hemp are believed to behave similarly to the cannabinoids produced naturally by the body and contribute to health. I started on a mission to find the highest-quality hemp product on the market. Since the industry is not regulated, I knew I had to go the extra mile to do my own research on the companies and testing on their products. That was the only way to know and understand what they were really marketing and selling to people who were hoping to get better.

I traveled the country and spent tens of thousands of dollars on this investigation. When I saw that the industry was completely misrepresenting what the plant had to offer to humanity, I knew that something was really wrong. I contacted leading world experts on cannabis research, including Professor Raphael Mechoulam from Israel, a doctor from Harvard, and many others to get their opinions on my research and findings because I wasn't sure if I was going crazy or if this entire industry was completely wrong.

After consulting with these top world experts, I learned that I was on the right path. The entire industry misrepresented plants, chemicals, and messaging and issued untruthful lab reports. That was the moment when I understood that I had to bring a solution to this global problem. I was warned by those top world leaders that it wouldn’t be easy for me to go against the industry. Most likely, I wouldn’t be successful and my life could become miserable. But I know this plant’s medicinal power and why consuming this plant is essential for our health. I did not care about the challenges. I had to bring something to market that was right for humanity and the hemp plant.

Based on the evidence and data, I will be able to create and prove the fact that we don’t have to suffer from any illness. My goal is to empower humanity through health and free them from fear. Also, I do have a big heart. The majority of Nesa’s Hemp funds are designated to go back to this world to improve humankind. I want to stop the suffering on this earth because now I know that we can, and I am adamant that I will. I promise that I will not stop until I turn hate into love and dark into the light.

It's remarkable how you overcame adversity and transformed your life after facing significant challenges. Could you elaborate on the specific ways that Nesa's Hemp and your mission have been shaped by your personal experiences and your dedication to holistic wellness?

I helped myself overcome my own illness and disease. I freed myself from the pain and suffering. I also helped my mom overcome cancer, naturally. I wanted the same health and freedom for others because that is the best feeling ever. Many things happened in my life that hurt me. Instead of becoming a victim of my circumstances, I decided to empower myself. I promised myself and God that one day I will be a strong powerful woman, and I will stop this suffering starting today. I also never took no for an answer, and that helped me a lot.

 Inesa Ponomariovaite
Inesa Ponomariovaite, photo by Sandmood Photography

Nesa's Hemp seems to be making waves in the cannabis industry with its commitment to providing a truly natural and high-quality product. Could you tell us more about the process you went through to create your full-spectrum CBDa Hemp Oil and how it stands out from other products in the market?

Our process is extremely unique, and not easy. Hemp plants can actually be used as a soil cleaner because hemp is like a sponge and collects every possible toxin in the soil, air, and water. To grow these plants for medicinal purposes, you must be extremely careful about the soil, air, and water. Most companies are not willing to do this. If you don’t follow these processes, your hemp plants that are supposed to be used for medicinal purposes will be full of mycotoxins, metals, pesticides, and many other harmful elements.

Nesa’s Hemp soil is the purest soil you could possibly ask for in the United States. It took a very long time to just create healthy soil that is full of healthy microbes and has never been touched by any pesticides or herbicides. Our plants are grown just as they might have been 2,000 years ago. That's also why we use hand harvest and why we use no harsh temperatures to dry our plant to prepare for the extraction process. We are very careful to choose workers for the harvest based on their energy and who they are as a person. We want to make sure no one ever participates in any of our processes, from seed to the bottle, with someone who has bad intentions or a negative energy. After we harvest, the plants are actually still alive. It’s pretty incredible! Our extraction process is extremely precise and very intricate. It enables us to preserve the entire plant chemistry. The way it is in the solid is the same as what’s in the finished bottle.

Our product is not focused on CBD or THC content. Nesa’s Hemp is focused on God’s original version: CBDa, THCa, and other acidic cannabinoids. CBD is actually a drug regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. I believe it’s time to focus on nature’s power and stop turning nature into drugs. As a result of Nesa’s Hemp taking the extra mile in each step, we provide pages and pages of lab results from award-winning labs, reported in parts per billion on each bottle, to prove that our product is clean from every possible dangerous bacteria toxins or metals identified by the FDA. Because of our attention to quality and purity, Nesa’s Hemp has distinguished itself from tens of thousands of brands, by becoming the first company in the United States to receive a quality certification seal.

Most people say that CBD doesn’t deliver any specific benefits but we never had a customer who did not experience results. Results don’t lie. Nesa’s Hemp pure CBD oil does not have competitors on the market. Nesa’s Hemp created a new standard that every company should try to follow if they care to see this world become a better place. We don’t just produce organic products. We produce beyond organic, just like 2,000 years ago.

Can you share some stories or testimonials from individuals who have experienced positive transformations or improvements in their well-being as a result of using Nesa's Hemp products?

I personally do not know of a person or customer who has experienced no results. This is the best CBD oil because it is designed to work on anyone. It helps to create a balance for each person. People report that it benefits prostate, skin, sinus, hair, gut, and heart health as well as mental health and sleep. Women trying to get pregnant given positive feedback after using it. And of course, it also benefits the central nervous system and people use this CBD oil for pain.

Can you explain how your unique cold extraction method, as opposed to hot extraction, ensures that the plant's molecular structure remains intact, and how this contributes to the quality and effectiveness of your hemp extract?

We use a very precise, intricate extraction process that preserves and does not adulterate the plant’s chemistry. This process, plus many other steps, allows us to keep the heartbeat of this living plant until it reaches the finished bottle. Unlike the rest of the products on the market, our plant is activated for the first time when it connects with the human endocannabinoid system. That’s why people see results extremely fast. As a company, we guarantee effectiveness. The hemp oil benefits of this product have never once failed.

Inesa, you mentioned your goal of creating a "beyond organic" standard and educating farmers about responsible hemp cultivation. How do you see this movement impacting the broader agricultural industry, and what positive changes do you hope it will bring about in terms of farming practices and product quality?

I actually have very, very big plans for the agriculture industry. In fact, there is a university wanting to work with me on my projects. I believe everything that I am working on right now will change generations of lives. There is some sensitive confidential information at this moment. While I can’t share it, I can promise you that I will leave a legacy that generations will benefit from for a better, healthier, and loving world.

Inesa, given your commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in hemp production, where do you see Nesa's Hemp heading in the future? Are there any innovative techniques or developments in the pipeline that you can provide a sneak peek into?

I see Nesa’s Hemp just as it is today: the number one, highest-quality product in the world. I also believe that we are going to be the largest hemp retailer in the United States. That’s also really good news for the world because I can’t wait to use our funds to create new projects and systems in order to stop the suffering. I also have a big dream to one day stop human trafficking and recover all these children, women, and men who have been hurt in the past. Nesa’s Hemp stands for justice and integrity, and in moments of laughter, we feel like an extension of God’s arm. The next project that I am working on is so big that everyone on the planet will know about it.

As the hemp and CBD industries continue to evolve, what are your aspirations and goals for Nesa's Hemp in terms of expanding its reach, offering new products, or contributing to the broader understanding and acceptance of hemp-based wellness solutions?

We are about to launch two more extremely powerful products that will impact cancer patients in a very positive way. The good news is that we are the first ones to make that happen. I am just extremely grateful and beyond thankful for the knowledge and resources that were given to me so I can help this planet to become a healthier, more loving, and peaceful place.

Thank you Inesa for sharing your story!

Photo credit: Sandmood Photography

For more information, follow Inesa on her Instagram, Nesa´s Hemp Instagram, and visit their website!



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