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Navigating Fear In A New Era Of Uncertainty

Written by: Holly Jackson, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


This new era of uncertainty is full of fear and darkness. Our news is full of stories like war, recession and rising house prices. We are in the midst of not only a pandemic but also a mental health epidemic. Of course, we are feeling fear at exponential rates. Fear is part of our everyday modern life. And it’s not going away. But I have good news…

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On the other side of our fear is freedom. When we learn to work with our fears, nothing can stop us. And that means anything is possible! So how can we navigate our fear more effectively?

I have trained thousands on my FEAR Method… and the results are astonishing. You can either continue to read this article to learn the nuts and bolts of the FEAR Method or you can watch my TEDx video here.

Face It

Face your fears head-on. Stop denying that they exist. Instead, accept them. One of the most draining things we can do is resist reality. When we try to deny our fears, it only hurts more. And when we get stuck in fear it keeps us paralyzed… unable to move forward. Don’t let fear take the steering wheel of your life. Listen to it. Learn from it. And put it in the back seat. It’s a healthy advisor and teacher but that’s it. It’s not in charge.

Embrace Curiosity

Instead of judging your fear, try looking at it from a new perspective. Consider getting curious about your fears. Is there anything you’re holding onto there? Is there a lesson you need to learn from this situation?

That’s why choosing curiosity instead is so important. Curiosity allows us to shift from limitations to possibilities. It gives us a fresh perspective where our lives are full and fear is only one small component of that.

Life happens in the present moment. Fear is future thinking. When we think about the future we aren’t living in the present moment. We are trapped in assumptions that only live in our imagination. They aren’t real yet and many times our what if’s aren’t even real. Choose to live in the moment. Take action that works today. Choose a lens of curiosity.


Life is constantly throwing us curve balls. From a doctor sharing a prognosis, you don’t want to hear to getting laid off to navigating a divorce. In every situation where our fear takes over, we must take a step back. It’s important that we don’t allow what others are telling us about our future to throw us into a downward spiral.

When my doctor told me I would need a 10-level spinal fusion and that I would be on disability for life, I could have accepted that and limited myself. But I didn’t. I wasn’t in denial of my reality. I accepted I needed the surgery but I didn’t accept the doctor’s limiting thoughts about my future. I researched my options to heal. I found an amazing physical therapist and experimented with acupuncture and many other holistic options for healing.

And guess what? Working with these various tools and experts worked! I’m not disabled. In fact, I am constant living proof that anything is possible. Since my surgery, I’ve skydived, backpacked, traveled the world, and started a thriving business to help other healers. It took incredible willpower. I was constantly advocating for myself. I did my research. I found what worked for me.

I never gave up. I knew there was more for me in this life. And I never let anyone tell me what is and isn’t possible. This is what I mean when I say, advocate. Advocate for what you want and need.

Reach Out

The R stands for Reach Out. While healing and facing your fears is an inside job, it’s not a journey I recommend that you go on alone. You see when we try to face our fears alone, our fears are even stronger. It makes it difficult for us to move forward when we go it alone. It takes support and community.

Our worst fears, like facing a bear solo, can make us feel alone and isolated…like we’re the only ones facing it. That’s why building your community is essential. This is where reaching out becomes crucial to your survival and healing. Find support groups, friends, or family members that can help you grow. Share what you are going through. Allow them to support you, build you up and hold you accountable to the best version of yourself.

My Challenge to You

Follow the FEAR Method, Face it, Embrace Curiosity, Advocate and Reach Out, and I guarantee there is no bear or fear too big for you to charge head-on.

Fears will come. They attack out of nowhere when we least expect it. But when you have the FEAR method to face them, you will now have the confidence to know you can face anything.

This new era of uncertainty we face today is full of fear and darkness. On the other side of fear is freedom. I urge you to choose a life of freedom. Stop playing dead... stuck in inaction. Instead, charge your bear head-on today.

Want to Bring the FEAR Method to Your Organization or Company?

I offer in-depth workshops with detailed breakouts so that you and your team can begin applying the FEAR Method immediately. I would love to speak with you about building a unique experience that will supercharge your team’s success! Let’s chat. Click this link.

Speak soon,

Coach Holly

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Holly Jackson, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Holly Jackson is a certified Holistic Business Coach. Through Holistic Business Coaching, Holly helps holistic entrepreneurs and business owners start, build or scale their business without burning out. Holly’s clients learn how to cope with stress, define their life priorities, and rediscover their passion for business. She helps them see blind spots that often cost them exposure, clients, and income. Having undertaken a thriving career as an executive in Silicon Valley, Holly chose the road less traveled. She decided to leave the corporate world. She has dedicated her life to helping individuals design the life and business of their dreams. For over 12 years, Holly has provided insights, strategies, and fresh perspectives across multiple industries. Holly states, “My clients can expect accountability, growth, and an individualized step-by-step game plan for success. I believe every professional must develop their internal compass and decide what their legacy will be. Holistic coaching goes beyond helping your business and helps the whole person.”



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