Meet Maria-Paz Hornisch - The Digital Marketing Strategist For Mompreneurs

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Maria-Paz is a digital marketing strategist. She has a heart that beats a little extra for moms trying to become entrepreneurs, or as Maria-Paz calls them - mompreneurs. Read the full interview with the passionated founder of The Digital Madl!

Maria-Paz Hornisch, Photo: Lisa Hantke
Maria-Paz Hornisch, Photo: Lisa Hantke

Hi Maria-Paz! Could you introduce yourself a little bit to our readers?

- I am originally from Santiago de Chile but living since 2014 in Munich, Germany, after living in Paris and Berlin. Following 12 years of corporate experience, in early 2020, I founded an online marketing agency called "The Digital Madl", where I help mompreneurs with branding and digital marketing strategies to have a rock-solid online presence and skyrocket their sales. You can find me having some walks or bike rides along the Isar, enjoying long walks with my Bavarian husband and my 1 1/2-year-old son in the Bavarian alps, or enjoying some lunch or happy hours in Munich's city center with friends.

You've said that the idea of starting your own business came during your maternity leave. Did you finally have the time to reflect on what you wanted to do in life?

- Yes, the idea of starting my own business came during my maternity leave, but it was kind of an unplanned decision. I had a stable job, but during maternity leave, the company went bankrupt, so I had to work on a plan B. I started looking for jobs, but nothing was filling my expectations. Then, it finally came to me that I needed to stop looking for a job and start creating my own business. A business where I could do the things I loved, have 100% time flexibility, and be able to pick up my son from daycare without feeling guilty that I wasn't present at the office. This was actually a dream of mine since I was very young, as I wanted to spend more time with my children when becoming a mom.

You have worked in many different countries. For example, Chile, France, and Germany. Have you picked up different knowledge from each country?

- Oh, definitely! From Chile, I highlight fellowship and solidarity. Whenever someone is in a hard situation, everyone automatically is there to help. As a country, we've been through many painful experiences —earthquakes, tsunamis, economic and political issues, poverty, among others— and it never ceases to amaze me how people are always there to give a hand.

- From France, I admired the art of looking your best at every time and every occasion. Even in the simple act of going out to buy a baguette, Parisians look amazing, wear cool attires, women are always wearing high heels and lipstick, and everyone seems so refined. I loved it!

- From Germany, I've learned how good bureaucracy can be. After a rather bad experience with the topic in France, I feel that Germany has mastered the art of paperwork and efficiency. Every application for any document, working visa, wedding application, etc. has been done with the most refined procedure and accuracy, with excellent service and results.

Maria-Paz Hornisch, Photo: Lisa Hantke
Maria-Paz Hornisch, Photo: Lisa Hantke

You say "I help ambitious Mompreneurs" - What is a Mompreneur, and is the reason you focus on moms that you can relate to your own life?

- A mompreneur is a mother who's also an entrepreneur. A mompreneur is a woman who has children and, at the same time, is working on creating and developing her independent business. She's juggling being a mom, maybe also trying to be a good partner, trying to financially support her family, picking up her kids from daycare or school, homeschooling them, and trying to succeed with her business by working much more than a 9-5… It's such a challenging task, and since I've been there myself, I know the struggles they face.

- I want to support these ladies by giving them all the tools they need to avoid the stress, the loss of precious energy and time figuring it out all by themselves, as I did at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. I don't want them to go through that. In my early days as a mompreneur, I wished so bad to have someone by my side with the expertise on founding an online business. Someone who could advise me on which tools to use, which strategy to take, and how to organize everything so I could be more productive, and that's exactly what I want to be for them.

Why should anyone hire/work with you?

- Entrepreneurship is hard, and adding the fact of being a mom, it can be overwhelming. People should work with me because I fully understand the needs of entrepreneurs and have all the tools to help to build up their businesses online. I've got a lot of expertise after working for many years in e-commerce and online marketing. I've also studied a lot to be in the position I am today and invested thousands of Euros in Coaches, so I have all the knowledge to help mompreneurs build their dreamed digital business. If they need branding or a website for their business, to develop a social media strategy or grow using email marketing, or even analyze their customer base and target them in the best way possible, I'll be there for them.

What's your big goal with your business? Where is The Digital Madl in 10 years from now?