Making The Connection With Your Heartful Wisdom

Written by: Pia Antico, Executive Contributor

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“I followed the instructions, why isn’t it connecting?!”

I am wrestling with my new Wi-Fi printer so that I can print out the manuscript from my publisher to review & edit my soon-to-be-launched Co-Authored book “Shine Vol 4: Stories of success over adversity”.

I am 'old school', I think better with pen & paper than keeping everything digital; that being said, I don't like having the paper documents building up and spilling over my often creatively messy desk.

But I digress, while struggling with getting the printer Wi-Fi capability to connect with my mobile, tablet & laptop despite following the instruction manual; Googling for clarification on the instructions & taking the seemingly correct actions; NADA! ZIP! NOTHING! And then, suddenly, I clearly saw how this connection issue was analogous to the more profound misconnections I've had to my heartful wisdom; especially once I gained a level of theoretical understanding & had a loose set of steps to follow to enable the connection. But like with the contrary Wi-Fi printer, despite best efforts, the connection proved elusive. Just when I thought I could not take this analogy any further & wrap this story up neatly for you with some sage wisdom...

Having left off the task of trying to make a connection happen through logic, effort & stubborn persistence in my chosen path (which happened to be to try and initiate connection to my mobile), I returned from a pleasant gathering & tasty food, having forgotten about the task. I turned on my laptop, poked around Facebook, watched a movie & then had an inclination to check the Printer & Scanner section on my laptop & see if Windows 10 had some intuitive way of finding & connecting my printer. AND IT DID! None of the instructions or forum chatter suggested Step 1 connect from your computer... And lo! Having been totally satisfied with the computer connecting to the printer, I completely let go of any need to have the mobile connection. After all, I am home, the printer is home, the laptop is portable - why would I need such hyper-connectivity anyway? The funny thing is, having completely released any expectation on outcome, the mobile suddenly connects to the Wi-Fi printer. So where have I gone with this analogy as far as life, desires, decisions, actions & a Heartful Connection? Quite simple really...

As has been the theme of the past few years of realizing the Inside-Out Paradigm both personally and professionally, & at times kicking & screaming; the solution is NEVER from intellect, instruction manuals, or efforts. And the more we mistakenly place importance on these factors for obtaining our desired outcomes, the greater the angst & suffering we experience. 100% the answer ALWAYS arises from your innate Heartful Wisdom, as a tiny voice of intuition & guided knowing. So when you find yourself banging your head against anything in your life. STOP! Immerse yourself in a pleasant distraction (something that inspires love & goodwill), and trust that in that space, the answer to the struggle will arise; without effort. The key is being willing & open to hear your inner voice & act accordingly ... in that you are guaranteed success. Women over 40, who want help being guided to hear & act on their Heartful Wisdom, can book a session: Let me help you.....

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Pia Antico, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

“In the middle of a storm, it is possible to find peace & strength when we tap into our innate Spirit-led wisdom and step heartfully into the present moment.” - Pia Antico

Pia Antico is the Founder of Essential Awakening Mentoring, a Relationships Reset Mentor/Coach/Trainer, Speaker & Author. Pia is also in a Creative Partnership with the charity “More to her life”, contributing a % of her sales/fees; with the aim to inspire and support women to dream and build beyond domestic violence.

She guides & encourages unfulfilled women over 40 who have spent their adult lives looking after others & following ‘the rules’, to courageously step into the second half of their lives with a total ‘Joy Reboot’ using her signature AWAKEN Model © of joyful living, based on a 3-step transformational journey embodying the 6 key elements of joy. This allows her clients to respond to any situation with calm, clarity & confidence; enabling them to live & love fearlessly in the present moment.

Pia holds three degrees in Psychology, Counseling Training, and Certification in the Inside-Out Paradigm. Additionally, she learned how to thrive after two toxic marriages and following an accident that left her with a life-altering brain injury; all while she raised a resilient, courageous, & creative daughter who has now stepped into her own light & soulful marriage.



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