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Love’s Official Definition (Unofficially)

Updated: Apr 19

Written by: Phyllicia LaToya

Love, Love! LOVE! We all seem to have various reactions and understandings of what “love” really is. When thirty people were asked, “What is the definition of love?”, no two answers were the same. In addition, most responses were emotional or relational. Well… Love is so much more than that!

What many perceive as “love” are actually “acts of love.” An act of love could be anything from a smile to kind gestures to a thoughtful gift or sacrifice and could be directed at another person or yourself (which many would consider being “self-love” – I’ll save that explanation for another day). But the reality is, the act of love is supposed to be the final expression of a much deeper relationship with Love itself.

Initially, this relationship with Love was supposed to be unconscious. Much like we are in an unconscious relationship with air in order to process it into our lungs so that we can breathe, Love was meant to operate in the same way, except to be processed into our hearts to act as a guide and help us establish a deeper connection with everything around us. Unfortunately, Love doesn’t quite fit on the periodic table, nor is it something that has been easily explained in depth (until now). Because love has been such a mystery, human nature’s “logic” often kicks in, which tends to define things in the way that makes the most “sense.”

Here’s the thing, Love existed long before we did. This actually makes Love a natural resource that we can tap into and access for the benefit of humanity (just like we do the water or the sun, etc.). Love is always there, and there is nothing our species can do to eliminate the existence of Love. So, we might as well embrace it and learn to maximize its use for the betterment of our lives!

So, are you ready for the official definition of love (unofficially)? Here it is:

Love is the natural resource and process of all things good and just.

Now that love has been established as a natural resource, what about the rest of it? Love is “a process of all things good and just”?... Really?

Absolutely! All things good come from Love, and that includes things that are fair. Love has a way of working things out for the benefit of everyone involved. This is where the common understanding that ‘love conquers all’ comes from – if given the right opportunity to work, Love really does set all wrongs right (in the most beautiful way)!

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Phyllicia LaToya

About the Author

Phyllicia LaToya has unlocked love’s truth and specializes in using Love’s navigational system to help people get from where they are, to where they are destined to be! She literally wrote the book [on], “Life’s Original Strategy”.

After a suicide attempt at the age of 5 and a remarkable encounter with Love that saved her, Phyllicia dedicated her life to learning everything she could about this transforming Love and created for herself a “Lifestyle Designed by Love”. Since then, she has innovated strategies, resources, and businesses to help bring the Love that is ‘all things good and just’ to the world! Are you ready to “Change Your World With Love”?




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