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Live Healthier, Longer And Live A Life We Love With Health & Nutrition Coach, Taryn Roberts

Taryn Roberts is a woman with a clear vision to unlock a world of prevention vs cure; one where we have the health, confidence and passion to live a life we truly love, one where we can be more, do more, have more and give more a world full of people doing exactly what they were born to do. One where we shift away from sick care to true health care. She founded Revitalise Health Coaching with the goal of turning this dream into a reality.

Before Revitalise Health Coaching, Taryn had a corporate finance career for large global food companies, where she challenged the status quo and was known for creating change in people and business. She dared people to think bigger and believe in themselves enough to take action and achieve what they thought wasn’t possible for them. After realising this was what she was born to do, she combined her qualifications as a nutritional therapist and health and life coach with her corporate leadership experience to start building a business that she truly loved and that could help create positive change in clients’ lives.

This is where her focus on empowering high-performing women (and some men, for me it is about coach/client fit to achieve their goals more, than anything!) to achieve their dream body and next level life was born. Taryn works with clients to achieve total transformation, using her unique 3 step power method, which encompasses the power of gut healing, mindset and nutrition for life, to ensure clients get the results and life, they desire and deserve.

Taryn Roberts, Revitalise Health Coaching

Why gut healing?

Socrates said it best in 469-399 B.C., “All disease begins in the gut.”

We somehow lost this over the years, however more and more, we are rediscovering the power of our gut and how healing and optimising it, can unlock all manner of benefits, from healing digestive health issues and weightloss/gain, to easing depression and anxiety. From solving skin complaints, like psoriasis and eczema to hayfever, improving heart health and so much more! Every element of our wellbeing is connected to our gut – it can even unlock greater concentration and focus – be more remember! Need I say more? Why coaching?

There is honestly no better work in the world, and I love it.

After the birth of the twins, my high flying corporate finance career became less of a passion as I realised that the part I really loved was unleashing the true potential of others versus her own progression. Juggling it all, an awkward conversation with her HR Director, that started with "what do you want more, the promotion or the payrise" (not quite the discussion with her male counterpart) and an ever increasing feeling of being unfilled and burnt out made her call time on her corporate career to follow her passion.

So many times I hear that clients have tried this or tried that and it may work in the short term but they struggle in the longer term. Combining nutrition and coaching means that we can work on a deeper level, to unlock and deal with the challenges and habits that are holding them back and then help them develop new, empowering habits that help them to optimise their wellbeing and truly live a life they love – not a month, 6 months or year!

Have you ever felt like others don’t understand your pain when they seem to be happy and enjoying life You’re not alone in this, but the reality is that happiness takes work, it takes time and learning how to life to the fullest takes commitment and practise.

Life is short and we only live once. Learning to live life to the fullest and optimising your wellbeing is truly the best gift that you can ever give yourself and those you love.

When someone asks what you do, what do you say?

I say that I am on a mission to help 1 million people to heal their gut and live a life they truly love.

I work with clients to achieve total transformation, using my unique 3 step power mindset method, which encompasses the power of gut healing, mindset and nutrition for life, to ensure clients get the results they desire and deserve.

What sort of person do you like to work with the most?

Empowered and high performing women, who feel like they have lost themselves, are feeling burnt out or know that deep down, they are not truly living the life or achieving all that they know they were born to.

COVID has put an interesting spin on this as so many of us kept everything ticking over and sacrificed our own wellbeing in the process. We can only keep doing this for so long and then it hits like a tonne of bricks so more and more, I am having clients reach out, who have hit that wall and want to rediscover themselves and unlock their true wellbeing and potential.

For this reason, I only work with those who are truly ready to make positive change in their lives. You know when you are ready (hint-you will never, ever feel 100% ready) and I won’t hesitate to let you know (in a nice way), if our working together won’t help you to achieve your goals. Coaching can be emotional, it can get uncomfortable and at times, I may ask you to do some things that you think are absolutely mad but they will get you the results you are looking for, so the relationship and your readiness have to be right.

What would be your go-to advice for someone struggling with their weight or overall health and wellbeing right now?

Be honest with yourself and seek the right help if you need it.

Did you know that every time that you lose weight, it is a toxic process – for every 1kg, we gain 2-4% more toxins; when we start to eat ‘normally’ again, these toxins redistribute all over our body and guess where they love to live, our fat cells! This is why as we age, alongside hormones and other things, it can feel like it gets harder and harder! To make lasting change, if you know your mind has a major role to play, be it because you are an emotional eater, have an addicitive personality or struggle your mental health, finding the right support can help you break the cycle for good.

Coaching can feel an expensive or unnecessary investment, what would you say about that?

I often liken it to your car.

You will happily pay for an annual service or road safety tests on your car but when did you last check your body?

Investing in your health and wellbeing is the greatest investment you can make in YOU but only YOU can make that choice.

When I work with my clients on a 30-day or 90-day programme, they receive my total commitment and support; I am in regular contact with them outside of weekly sessions and they know that they can reach out at any time, with any questions they may have or if they need some motivation. Depending on their needs and goals, they may also receive food plans, fitness plans, personalised meditations or sleep support and more; my clients are paying to achieve their goals and I am incredibly passionate about supporting them 110% to meet them.

What’s your favourite example of a challenge you’ve overcome with a client?

One of my clients hadn’t slept more than 3 hours a night since her early 20s, due to personal trauma, and over the years, she had gained weight, was put on blood pressure medicine and suffered with IBS. Within 3 weeks, she was sleeping 8 hours a night, within 30 days her IBS had dramatically improved and she was no longer medicating, and within 90 days, she had completely forgotten all about her years of IBS suffering and her Doctor, was weaning her off her blood pressure meds, reluctantly! The best bit though – she was the happiest she had felt in years and at last, truly believed she had her whole life ahead of her to enjoy! That is true transformation and the journey is different for every client!

I’ve noticed that you work with clients in various ways, tell me about that.

I work with clients on a 1:1 and group basis and have also built a successful corporate wellbeing arm to my business, taking me closer to my vision of helping 1 million people to heal their gut, achieve their optimum wellbeing and truly thrive. I work fully online with clients globally.

Corporate wellbeing is still not where it needs to be to support companies and employees, physically and mentally; COVID Cencouraged many businesses to take a bit more notice but there is still a way to go, in really driving it versus paying lip service! For companies, if you do it right, the return is increased productivity, less absenteeism and more passion and commitment to the work that individuals do. For the employee, improved confidence in their abilities, improved physical and mental wellbeing, not to mention being able to be more present and productive outside of work are the perfect gift a company could give.

What are your current goals and projects for moving forward? How do you set yourself on the right path for that growth?

Aside from coaching clients, I’m writing for a few health magazines (and Brainz of course 😊!), which is a real passion of mine and I have taken the next step to build a team, who really want to help others to live their best lives and achieve total wellbeing.

I want Revitalise to become a movement of empowered wellbeing – one where we can all be more, do more have more and give more through optimised health and a power mindset – then we can live healthier, live longer and live a life we love.

With growth, comes short-term discomfort and right now, I feel ready for a little discomfort; this is always a sign, that I am ready to take the business to the next level. Is there anywhere, currently, where people can read more from you or interact with you?

I am available on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn so can always be contacted there however, if you want to take one positive step towards improving your wellbeing today, why not take my 5 minute gut health assessment online and find out exactly what areas of your overall health could do with some tlc; if you are then serious about improving your wellbeing, you can book a free call to discuss your results.

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and visit my website for more info!



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