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Is Your Inner Child Hurt? — How to Find Out and What You Can Do to Fix It

Written by: Alina Machita, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The Emotion Code is the perfect healing modality for working with unprocessed trapped emotions from childhood or, more specifically, ‘Inner Child’ work from the ages of conception to around 6 years old.a

Before we can explore if you have a wounded inner child, it helps discuss what that is. From conception in your mother’s womb until around the age of 6, your subconscious mind is making decisions about what and how you ‘should’ be (act) to fit in and be seen as okay and looking for ways to ‘feel safe.’ All your memories from this time are stored in your subconscious mind. And they will continue to have a huge impact throughout your entire life and if you bear children in their life (lives) as well. Once they are released, you will be able to give and receive love more with healthy boundaries.

Your parent’s emotions and lifestyle habits at the time of our conception and up to the age of 6 affect how your ‘Inner Child’ sees itself now. Their stress levels were, how excited or resentful they felt about you being born – everything they ate, drank, thought, and did play a huge role in how safe you felt even before you were born. Dr Bradley Nelson suggests that it is typically the 3rd trimester where these emotions show up, and there can also be inherited emotions passed on from past generations.

Your mother’s emotional stability and the early infant care you received from her, your father, other siblings, if there were any, extended family and/or other caregivers greatly affect the impact of your early years. The key thing here is that the subconscious stores these memories forever! Any negative associations or feelings formed in your first six years will be hiding there. They will be impacting your life every single day without you being aware of it. You can even inadvertently pass them on to your own children.

Is My Inner Child Damaged?

The signs of you still having a ‘wounded inner child’ will show up in various ways. They ultimately, if not released, will continue to show up in more unhealthy ways of being. Take a good look at your relationships, and this may indicate how much of a wounded inner child still exists in you.

  • Feeling like you’re the victim. You feel like bad things always just happen to you. You have no control over it, and it is not your fault.

  • Low self-esteem. Nothing you do is ever right. You’re useless. How could anyone ever love you?

  • You feel ugly. Like self-esteem problems above, but this focuses on your body. You’re fat, ugly, your skin is awful, your hair is a mess etc.

  • You have problems with addiction. You’re trying to make the pain go away with drink or drugs or food or sex, but you don’t know where the pain is coming from.

  • Problems with sex. You may find sex unsatisfying. You don’t get much pleasure out of it and don’t feel you’re connecting with your partner.

  • You value “things.” You need to gather more and more things. You store them up because having them makes you feel safer or more secure.

  • You’re a bully. Maybe you’ve heard the expression “the best defense is a good offense”? Your trapped negative emotions are urging you to hit first and hit hard. That’s the best way to never be vulnerable.

These characteristics can show up in addictions, poor relationships, commitment issues, emotional and physical imbalances in the body, and on and on the list goes.

How The Emotion Code Helps The Wounded Inner Child

The Emotion Code healing process can finally uncover these ‘Inner Child’ trapped emotions and release them during several sessions. Otherwise, you will continue to create your same life drama over and over and over and then repeat repeat repeat. You will not change the script by just talking about it or by consciously trying to tell yourself a different story. Many people live their existing life in a grown-up's body but with a child’s mind.

As an adult, your inner child is yearning for attention, recognition, understanding, care, and support that it never received as a child. Not receiving help to remove these trapped emotions impacts every single decision you make in your life – good or bad.

If you no longer want to attract the same negative situations, relationships, finances, health issues, etc., you need to change and release your inner child's story! Take time to examine what you have been telling yourself and why otherwise, the same drama just continues.

Many Addictions Are A Result of Unresolved Inner Child Emotions

The longings that you still have for acceptance, love, support, and understanding are a direct result of these submerged negative trapped emotions. You may try to silence these deeper longings with drugs or alcohol, being sexually promiscuous, gambling, becoming a shopaholic, binge eating, becoming anorexic, or overeating to an unhealthy degree. It may also show up if you are a workaholic – anything that allows you to avoid the real and deeper needs may indicate you have unresolved inner child emotions.

Start Your New Life Today

Let today be the day you decide not to live like this anymore. That it is time to let go of your negative emotions and start living a life full of love, happiness, and success. Click here to book a free session and make a commitment to start healing yourself now.

Expect miracles! Book your free session today! For more info, visit my website & follow me on Instagram! Read more from Alina!


Alina MaChita, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Hi, I’m Alina. I’m an empath, a transformational healer and a Subconscious mind Specialist. I have an unshakable passion and gift to help women stop self-sabotage, unlock their subconscious mind, release trapped emotions and subconscious blocks, keeping them from living in love, accomplishments, and balance. Most of my work is done directly within your Subconscious Mind where your Power is; utilizing muscle testing is a way to communicate with the subconscious mind and sophisticated systems like Emotion and Body Code and Raising levels of consciousness, removing physical and emotional blocks and stored trapped imbalances that can keep you from abundance, creativity, emotional balance and lightness of being.



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