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Improving Employee Engagement For Better Results

Written by: Roderick Mason, Executive Contributor

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Employee engagement is the perfect element to add to your recipe of office culture and get the best flavors out of the mix. This statement is based on clear evidence. Engaged employees always perform better. They stay in organizations a lot longer and also experience less burnout. Given the crucial importance of engagement, we are here to offer you a checklist of how you can improve employee engagement in your workspace culture.

The three most important levers that managers have at access to boost employee engagement is to help their employees connect what they are doing to what they care about. Make the work itself a lot less stressful and full of fun, and reward employees with more time off; hence financial incentives are what they get out of it.

But it is also a case that leaders are mostly not aware of the most important for driving more employee engagement. The levers leaders also think are most crucial do not respond to the most important.

The mismatch between what leaders think their employees need versus what they actually need shows that practitioners need guidance over what will work the most effectively. This work is all done to enhance their employees.

So how to improve employees elegantly?

Build a connection with what employees do to what they care about: What you can do is use any of these actions:

First Revise your organization's mission statement to connect with employee values. Employees are more possible to feel as if they fit in any organization that stands for a social change. Different studies have shown that people are willing to give up financial benefits to work for the organization, incorporating social and environmental responsibilities.

Show how any employee's work is linked to the organization's purpose. A purposeful mission isn't enough to grow feelings of value alignment. Different employees have to see some connection between their daily work and their greater purpose. Job crafting that entails using imagination in redesigning one's job without management involvement is one main technique that connects an employee's daily work and the organization's greater purpose.

Encourage and fund the employee resource groups which show diverse interests and goals. These are voluntary communities that bring together individuals with similar backgrounds or interests. ERG's may center on diversity and special interests, including wellness.

Make work fun:

Work is always done better when it doesn't work and is entertainment employees enjoy. You can do the following in this case:

Offer your employees the flexibility to try out new work tasks to discover their intrinsic interests. Either the activities are all intrinsically interesting likely depends on an individual employee. The same activity may spark intrinsic will and motivation for one employee but not for the rest.

To allow employees to determine what sparks their interest, consider a job rotation program through which employees move several positions in a company in less duration.

Create time affluence:

To create time affluence, you can reward the employees with time and money. Working hours for those college-educated professionals have increased for the previous 30 years. It shows a long-term decline in the feelings of time affluence. Hence rewarding employees through time, i.e., some extra time off and paid vacations, shows a direct route in increasing the feeling of time affluence.

The need to reward to show rewards to employees with time is mainly important now as the pandemic crises increased the length of the average workday, reducing time for non-work leisure activities.

Supply the right tools:

One of the essential drivers of employee engagement might also be one of the most ignored ones. It is to ensure that all employees have the right tools to succeed in assigned roles. A company has an infrastructure that includes processes and tools that people can use to complete their work and the capabilities they have at their disposal.

Give individual attention:

One main challenge in boosting employee engagement is finding out which ones are the right approach in a multiethnic, multinational, and multigenerational workforce. The answer may be different for every person. You can use your office research data to determine which of your employees would want more time given or which one wants more money in paychecks.

Team engagement activities are also another source of making your employees get more and more engaged. You can set up a day when all of your employees can intermingle and have conversations about themselves there. It will not only improve performance but also make your employee development rate. It is a win-win for you being an HR that you have found the most effective way of getting past the bored times of your employees.

There are new ways of making work endorsements much more fun and relaxed. This has been helping companies get rid of most of their time lags and find the best solution for lazy employee surname.

You can also suggest to your employees that they should work like so and so and then get rewarded with bundles of gifts and paid-off vacations. This will lure your employees into thinking that they are having a lot of fun in their office, but they won't realize that they are also doing all the right amount of work with dedication.

You can offer your employees a way they can get more paid holidays or more in addition to their salary if they give their best results in the company.

You should always listen to your employees and check what they desire to get through this job. Better performing employees should be given as many extra prizes for sticking to their laid out path and not dumping their requirements as ordinary or useless. Help them tick items off their Bucket List.

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Roderick Mason, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Roderick M. Mason is a Certified John Maxwell Speaker Trainer Coach and the founder of Holistic Coaching Solutions. A platform focused on delivering high-end corporate training services. He is a Certified Bucket List Coach, a Certified CBMC Leadership Coach, a Certified Primal Health Coach, and a Licensed Diversity & Inclusion Trainer. He is an avid seeker of knowledge who highly appreciates the notion of continuous improvement and growth.



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