How To Work With Universe To Create Abundance

Written by: Georgie Maroudas, Executive Contributor

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So many of us go through life, grinding away and doing our very best to create a successful life that fits our mold of success. We grind, we hustle, and we work hard; sometimes our efforts pay off, and at other times they don’t.

So Why Don’t All Of Our Efforts Pay Off?

When we feel that we have to do everything on our own, and we feel separate from the Universe, we become disconnected from our own intuition. This disconnection is what creates feelings of struggle, hardship, failure & indecision.

More often than not, when we feel this disconnection, we rarely take the time to realign ourselves. We then go on to make decisions and take action from this place of disconnection. As time goes on, we continue to live our lives, taking action and making decisions from a place of misalignment; this misalignment, over time, becomes a habit.

Thus we become conditioned to thinking that being out of alignment with our intuition is normal. Therefore when we take action and make decisions that lead to a perceived failure, we don’t understand how this could have happened. Thus, any perceived failures in our lives are really the universe telling us that we are out of alignment.

Working With Universe

Working with Universe at times may seem counterintuitive, but in the long term can save you years of struggle, hardship, and failures.

Let me give you an example. When sailing in the ocean, the sailboat uses the wind to pick up speed and sail in the direction it wants to go. We are like that sailboat; if we work with the universe, we can be propelled forward and have all of our dreams and desires manifested into our reality at rapid speed.

How Can I Start Working With Universe?

The best way to begin working with the Universe is to start realigning yourself with YOU! Universal source energy is already within you NOW, but in order to be able to utilize it to create a life you want, you need to learn how to go within.


Meditation is a great place to start when you are out of alignment with yourself. Meditation on a daily basis, reconnects you with yourself and teaches you to go within. The more you practice slowing down and going within, the easier it is to hear your intuition and listen to your heart.

Start a daily meditation practice, even if you can only meditate for 5 minutes. Experiment and see what works for you. Some people enjoy meditating in complete silence, while others prefer listening to music or a guided meditation. There is no right or wrong when it comes to meditation. The benefits are reaped when you are consistent.

Once you get into the habit of meditating daily, I would then recommend using meditation in daily life moments. For example, before making a decision, meditate for 1 minute and focus on your breath, go within and see what your heart is telling you about the decision you need to make. From that place, and only that place make your decision.

You can also use this method when it comes to planning and taking action towards your goals. Meditate, focus on your breath and enter your heart space. From this place, think about what you want to create in your life, and allow your heart to show you how to go about it. You may receive your answer in the form of an idea, a feeling, or a visualization of what you need to do. Don’t over-analyze or overthink the answers you receive, as that disconnects you from yourself once again. The answer is from your heart, and when you follow your heart, you can never go wrong.

Over time, these methods, when practiced frequently, will begin to create drastic improvements in your life. You’ll begin to notice that as you work with your heart and with the universe, life will be more abundant and a lot easier than it used to be. But be patient with yourself. You’ve been so conditioned to being disconnected from yourself for so long that it may take some time to create new neural pathways and habits in your life. Persist, as the rewards you’ll reap in the end will be worth it.

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Georgie Maroudas, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Georgie Maroudas, founder of is a certified ThetaHealer Practitioner and Instructor. Using the Theta Brainwave, Georgie helps men and women release any fears, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors and/or trauma that are limiting and no longer serving them. She is a big believer that our inner world of thoughts, beliefs and emotions create every aspect of our outer world and is passionate about helping and empowering every human being. Her mission is to empower individuals by teaching them the skills and abilities they need to be able to release what is no longer serving them, so that they can create a life they love!



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