How to Take the Headache Out of Uncertainty

Written by: Jessica Dahlberg, Executive Contributor

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As business owners and entrepreneurs, there is just so much to do every single day. For most of us, our vision and strategy are really clear in terms of where we want to go and what we want to do.

But sometimes, the approach is not as clear, as often, there are many different approaches to a strategy. As we then start to work in our day-to-day, it can get really frustrating and even draining on the energy if we don't get to seek the clarity that we really need and establish with absolute certainty what the approach should be.


When I find myself in that situation, I've worked out a strategy for how to deal with it. I wanted to share that strategy with you today.

A big part of what I'm working on with my clients as a Certified High-Performance Coach is seeking clarity and clarity at every level. So, I wanted to share these particular steps with you when I find myself stuck in not being 100% sure if my approach in how I want to execute the strategy that it is right.

The first thing that I do is that I want to reduce all doubt. I reduce that by stopping what I'm doing. So literally saying, "Okay, I'm sitting here and I'm working," but there is a niggling doubt in my mind, whether or not the approach that I'm taking is actually right. Maybe it's because I've learned something. Maybe I read something, and there's a different way, or maybe I've heard it from somebody else. I get the sense that unless I stop and consider, I'm not 100% clear or sure.

So, the first thing that I do is reduce a doubt, and I do that by stopping. Then the next step is to review and say, "Okay. All right, here's how I would do it, but here is another approach. Let's review those two against each other and see which one is the best." It is also to review which one is best against my monthly goal or my quarterly goal. Does it meet the timeline that I'm working towards to get this goal going? Then make a decision, a clear decision on which way to take. In essence, I'm creating that clarity for myself, weighing the different approaches against each other.

Now, once I've got to that stage, then my final step is to reset the focus to say, "Okay, this is the approach that I've decided on." Now I'm going to make sure that I address this key question before I start again.

"How can I do this with the highest level of competence based on where I'm at in my journey right now?" So that's the third step that I take to really bring myself back to focus on what I'm doing.

This process does not need to take long or put a stop to what others are doing. I am simply listening to my intuition and confirming as objectively as possible that I’m on a track that I believe in.

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Jessica Dahlberg, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Jess Dahlberg, is a coach focused on high performance. After emerging from a personally traumatic time Jess transformed her life using the high-performance methods and insights. Jess is focused on helping entrepreneurs unlock their next level of performance in a sustainable way so they can build a lasting business. She is the Founder of Jess Dahlberg Coaching, and part of a select group of certified high performance coaches in the world. Her clients are from various industries like tech, wellness, property, coaches and steadily building. Jess is steadily expanding the Sustainable Performance Advantage program. Her mission: Create your optimal Entrepreneurs life.