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How To Sign High-Value Dream Coaching Clients

Written by: Joanna Ingram, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Many talented coaches struggle to sign high-value clients, leaving them exhausted and uninspired. Yet, the pressure is on as inflation rises, and consumers are becoming more discerning in spending. The key is to focus on brand messaging strategy to stand out in the industry and create leverage for all marketing activities. Read on to learn the three vital messaging strategies to develop a business that attracts aligned and profitable clients.

With more than one in six workers reporting stress caused by their jobs (Source: The Times), it's no wonder that many seek a haven in being their own boss, infusing their work with purpose and coaching others to success.

However, the coaching industry does not live up to its hype when the same two drivers most ex-corporate coaches experienced in their previous careers cause frustration: annoying colleagues and insufficient pay.

Most post-pandemic coaches work primarily online and spend significant time in their week interacting with clients. Although clients are not strictly defined as 'colleagues,' how a coach feels energetically after these interactions will determine how happy they feel in their business overall. The overarching desire is to create a profitable business without burnout (Brainz Article, Sept '21).

The good news is that although employees may find themselves stuck with their coworkers, as business owners, coaches can choose to uplevel their client relationships ‒ by changing the clients they work with.

I initially worked with entrepreneurs struggling to organize their time, hit deadlines, and achieve their goals. They were happy to sign up to be held accountable but only sometimes rose to the occasion. As a result, I became increasingly depleted by clients who did not do the work or respect boundaries. So I became curious about how to elevate my messaging from attracting struggling clients to those ready and willing to create success.

The most profitable and joyful coaching comes from signing dream clients who are not just 'heck yes' to the price tag but are hellbent on embracing the process, doing the work, and getting the results. These are the genuine 'dream' clients that savvy coaches market to. The best way to attract them ‒ and lean into increasing income and impact ‒ is to elevate brand messaging to thought-leader positioning that stands out in a crowded niche.

The most critical part of marketing is messaging. Without messaging that cuts through and resonates with your ideal clients, all other marketing strategies will have to work that much harder ‒ or not work at all. Think about how to grow a social media following, which, as outlined in Forbes, requires commitment and consistency, and it's clear to see how indistinct or inauthentic messaging can hinder success. It's more important than ever to create genuinely authentic messaging, a personal connection with your audience, and increase their trust in your service, delivery, and results.

There are three core tenets of the Messaging Edge™️ framework, the step-by-step method to create aligned, authentic brand messaging, that are key to attracting energized, high-value clients:

1. Differentiate, Resonate & Attract

As humans, we have a strong desire to blend in with the crowd, and while that subconscious strategy existed to keep us safe in tribal times, the exact opposite is true in the modern-day online coaching industry.

"You need to stand out in the crowd and be unique. This is the only way that can lead you to success."

― Pooja Agnihotri, 17 Reasons Why Businesses Fail: Unscrew Yourself From Business Failure

In a sea of similar coaches, having a specific message and approach creates a distinctive stand-out brand. Creating unique positioning within the industry requires self-awareness and reflection about aspects of your experience, pain points, interests, character, and skills (Brand EPICS®️) rather than looking to others to influence and inspire the brand direction.

2. Courageous Expectations

The courage to stand up for your mission and position yourself as a true thought leader requires an audacity many are reluctant to express. However, the online coaching industry relies heavily on visible marketing to develop leads and sales, often via social media. Therefore, overcoming imposter syndrome or fear of judgment is key to creating up-leveled confidence to express your brand message unapologetically.

It's also vital to have courageous expectations for your clients ‒ holding them accountable to their vision with a certainty they may not initially feel themselves. Bold expectations elevate both coach and client, creating an energetic alignment that promotes results ‒ and attracts new sales.

It's no coincidence that the industry's most successful and profitable coaches cite a commitment to their inner work as the key. As Leadership Coach to Billionaires, Lolly Daskal told CNBC, "The secret of the true billionaire is what's going on on the inside."

From a messaging perspective, when you embody courageous expectations, you call to your client's desires, not their struggles. This attracts those energized clients who are ready for change rather than those who identify with the pain points and may be stuck in that way of thinking long term.

3. Thought-Leader Frameworks

Clients desire solutions. They don't seek out coaching packages or programs specifically but rather trusted methods to create the outcomes and results they want. Coaches must demonstrate their ability to create transformation and earn clients' trust in their delivery. This requirement is magnified for high-value clients and high-ticket programs.

Presenting a unique method, process, or framework, often trademarked, appeals to prospective buyers' logical minds, maximizing authority and credibility.

In addition, a thought-leader framework bolsters a coach's confidence to convert clients on sales calls, show up on social media and put themselves forward as speakers, podcast guests, and other high-profile marketing opportunities.

Why you need to act now

The current rise in inflation is forcing consumers to streamline their budgets and become increasingly selective in how they allocate their spending [Source: USA Today]. Unfortunately, this trend appears set to affect the coaching industry, with experts reporting a drop in conversion rates as they are met with increasing postponement to purchase.

The Harvard Business Review reported that 'reassuring messages that reinforce an emotional connection with the brand and demonstrate empathy are vital.' Now is the time to ensure that brand messaging is on point and speaks to potential clients' hearts.

It is more critical than ever to maximize client trust and attraction with the above methods and implement the full Messaging Edge™️ framework of brand message alignment, bold expression of brand mission, and activation of thought-leader frameworks and magnetic content.

Are you interested in exploring how to elevate your brand messaging position and increase client attraction? Click here to apply for your FREE Messaging Consultation.

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Joanna Ingram, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Joanna Ingram is a former Advertising Agency Director turned Brand Messaging Activator and Business Coach from London, host of the leading podcast, Goals With Soul, and mum to 3 spirited girls.

She helps visionary coaches find their true voice, embrace their unique brilliance and clarify their authentic messaging so they can sign soul clients, raise their prices and stand out from the crowd in their industry.

Joanna's the trusted leader in activating unique messaging and blends proven brand strategy with energetics (she's a Breathwork Facilitator & Pranic Healer).

As the creator of The Messaging Edge™️ Method, Joanna elevates messaging to magnetize your soul clients. This industry-defining program has been called "Business Therapy" and "Heart-Articulation" by clients who have overcome their fear of judgment and perfectionism to express their truth, increase their visibility and accelerate their impact and income growth.

Joanna's group program, Time To Rise®️, supports female coaches to go from unseen to fully expressed messaging (and making money doing what they love!) within 30-90 days.

Having helped over 200 coaches this year, Joanna is celebrating the joy of sharing her message, and Goals With Soul is now ranked in the top 3% of global podcasts, with listeners from over 55 countries!

Her mission is to champion bold women to break the mold with their individuality and express their uniqueness in business. Joanna's here to guide and inspire you to join the dots between your unique brilliance, content, and offers so you can be paid for being yourself.

Right now, Joanna is enjoying the freedom to choose how she spends her days (forest walks and creating TikToks with her twins), frequent travel and retreats in Portugal, supercharging her impact, speaking her truth, and coaching her high-vibe clients.

Meet Joanna on Instagram here.

Check out Joanna's Free Messaging Checklist For Coaches here.

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