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How To Show Up For The Life You Want ‒ Exclusive Interview With Chris Janssen

Chris Janssen is a Board Certified Life Coach and Author of the book, Living All In: How to Show Up for the Life You Want. With an honest, strategic style she helps her clients master habits and skills to move toward and thrive in what they love. Chris excels in working with high performers and understands the character traits associated with driven achievers. As a trained Business Coach, Chris specializes in closing the gap between where a company or individual is and where they want to be. Chris partners with her clients to access the creativity and resourcefulness necessary to achieve the sustainable results they want. She cares deeply about her clients' careers, relationships, spirituality, wellness, health, patterns, and mindsets. Chris says her clients are experts at what they do and she is an expert at the psychology of what they do. Together they are unstoppable.

Chris Janssen, Author And Coach

Who is Chris Janssen?

I am a wife, mom, author and board-certified life coach with a master's in counseling psychology. I love energizing clients to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

My husband, Scott, and I are California natives. We currently split time between Los Angeles and Castle Pines, Colorado, where we love to ski, golf, be with our horses, adventure outside, and be in community with our church family and neighborhood. Together we raised three children, now thriving young adults.

Why did you write Living All In?

I initially wrote a guide for my clients and included my favorite coaching exercise. Then an author friend encouraged me to broaden my audience, hire an editor and designer, and create a book. I began writing during the great shutdown of 2020 and was published last month.

Living All In is written in love—for my clients, for you, and as a reminder to myself of the things that are working for me now.

What was the biggest challenge during this project?

My favorite part of this project is that it’s written for others. I wrestled with the thought, why would anyone want to read what I have to say? The big stretch was getting out of my head to focus on what could be shared through me, not for me.

What will readers gain from Living All In?

We've all tried to think our way out of behaviors and feelings we don't want. I have helped hundreds of clients do that, successfully and sustainably. In Living All In, I share what I’ve learned, personally and from my clients, then place the keys to the life others want in their hands. My book is written at an interactive, conversational pace, similar to a coaching session with me. Both my work with a new client and my book begin by asking the question, “What do you want?” Knowing the answer to that question and acting on it will change your life. Readers will be given the tools to quickly discover how to tap into their resourcefulness and embrace an empowering story.

Who should read Living All In?

Any person or business wanting to move forward. The tools and exercises included are applicable to anyone, whether they need to get unstuck or are already thriving and want to move to the next level. Readers will gain applicable techniques to shift their mindset to one that serves them even more.

What are the top 3 things readers will learn?

  1. How to choose language, focus, and stories that serve them.

  2. How to use feelings as alarm bells to either steer clear or lean in.

  3. How to create energizing instead of exhausting life narratives.

In summary, Living All In identifies unhelpful narratives you may be telling yourself. You’ll learn to think thoughts that serve you and dump those that don't, because you are magnificent. You deserve the right to control your thoughts, decide how you feel, and show up for the life you want! Start living it today!

Living All In: How to Show Up for the Life You Want is AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON!

© 2022 Chris Janssen. No part of this article may be reproduced online or in print without the author’s written permission.

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