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How To Overcome Feeling Not Valuable

Written by: Aimee Teesdale, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


I recently came across a photo of myself taken in August 2016, on my last day working for a company before following my dream to be my own boss and focus full time on my coaching business.

What I didn't realize at the time, though, was that I wasn't just following my heart; I was also running away from shame.

You see, I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing in that job.

I spent most of my days staring at my screen, afraid I'd be found out for the fact that I was only pretending to be busy, and I received very little praise or feedback from my boss for the work I did do.

I felt like I didn't have any value to offer, or rather that I myself wasn't valuable.

I then spent the next few years unconsciously trying to prove my value through my business instead, always feeling on the verge of success but never quite getting there.

When a potential client said yes, I was on top of the moon.

When they said no, (which happened far more often), I felt like I'd been punched in the stomach, and the setback would take days to recover from.

As humans, one of our deepest desires is to know that we have value, that we matter, that we make a difference.

And yet, so many of us struggle to believe that we do.

We are conditioned into thinking that our value comes from what we do, the grades we get, the money we make, or the size of the impact we have.

This is why we always lose, because there's always someone who scores more highly, and thus our own perceived value appears worthless by comparison.

I've since come to realize that my value is NOT determined by what I achieve.

My value is my consciousness itself.

A consciousness that is so intelligent, so creative, so capable, and so loving that I even exist in the first place and can be aware of that fact.

The more I let go of the limiting beliefs I've held about myself, the more I let this infinitely valuable consciousness flow through me, unrestricted, and thus, be of value to others.

The greatest value we have is our own consciousness.

Which lives in you, too, by the way!

And it wants to express itself through you, in its unique way that you call your 'passion' or your 'purpose' - and I'm sure you already know what that is.

You have to stop getting in the way of it.

You have to stop believing that you don't have value.

You have to stop playing small.

You have to stop holding yourself back and procrastinating.

You have to stop thinking that other people have more to offer than you do.

You have to stop shying away from talking about what you do.

You have to stop defining yourself by your grades, your university, your bank balance, your age, your years of experience, and so on.

You have to stop doing the things you think you need to do and do the things you'd love to do.

You have to stop getting in your own way of the unlimited value and success that is truly available to you but blocked by your belief that it's not.

But how? How does one overcome the belief that they don’t have value or worth?

The answer is simple: by recognizing that the belief isn’t and never was true.

It was simply a mistaken interpretation, a false belief.

I looked at that photo of myself and saw my innocence - a young woman, trying to find her way through life and her place in the world.

A young woman who had grown up hearing her mother struggle with her own lack of self-worth and thus unknowingly inherited her mother’s beliefs.

A young woman who assumed that because she didn’t know what she was doing in a job, she wasn’t really passionate about, that she lacked value.

And I let that belief go, choosing instead to believe that my value comes from my ability to love myself unconditionally.

Because by doing so, the more I can love others. And there’s really nothing more valuable than that.

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Aimee Teesdale, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Aimee Teesdale is a highly sought-after success coach, speaker, author and champion for love. Using her transformational 5D Method™, she enables purpose-driven business owners to get out of their own way of success, become the person they want to be, and create the life & business of their dreams. Her ability to create rapid transformational results with her clients is due to her personal experience overcoming 20 years of struggle, fear and severely limiting beliefs, and discovering what the secret to success really is: less fear, more love.



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