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How To Manifest Financial And Emotional Abundance After Narcissistic Abuse

Written by: Natasha Zo, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Narcissists are some of the most difficult personalities to be around. Their lack of empathy and self-centered personality can negatively impact people around them, and beat down anyone’s self-esteem.

See the red flags

Unfortunately, many people don’t see the red flags of a narcissist when they enter into a relationship, as they are being manipulated from the beginning. They continue living their lives trying to meet the needs of their narcissistic partner and end up losing themselves in the relationship.

All too often, people who have lived in a toxic environment with a narcissist spend years trying to recover their mental health. Some succeed sooner than that, but it takes determination, courage, self-help, professional help, and a lot of practice. This is how Rebeca Elizabeth, a single mom of three boys and Trauma-informed Mindset Coach, got out of her own toxic relationship with a narcissist.

Proof that victims of abuse can succeed

Rebeca is proof that victims of narcissistic abuse can succeed and have the life they want and deserve. Despite having experienced trauma since childhood, a life full of financial and personal setbacks, and unhealthy relationships that caused her anxiety, depression and PTSD, Rebeca never stopped dreaming of a better life and working on herself.

She learned that in order to improve her mental health she had first to empower her mindset. And that meant learning and practicing the Law of Attraction, reciting positive affirmations, using manifestations in her daily life and surrounding herself with positive people.

Today, Rebeca is a successful entrepreneur and a happy and healthy mom who works tirelessly and selflessly to empower other single moms like her to heal their mindset, relationships, parenting, mental health and professional careers.

When you've undergone Narcissistic Abuse and are living in survival mode day to day, it is very difficult to apply basic manifestation techniques. Find out how to overcome fear thoughts during your visualization process to speed up your manifestation following Rebeca’s advice.

5 tips to speed up your healing

1. Mirror talk

In the journey of self-healing, Rebeca suggests putting your emotions or what you want to achieve on paper and sticking that piece of paper to a mirror. This is an important step because when you are talking to yourself in a mirror, you are directly talking to your subconscious mind, your soul and your spirit.

Journaling also helps to reprogram the subconscious mind, but be careful not to write any negative thoughts. Rebeca also suggests reading or rewriting your goals before falling asleep or as soon as you wake up, as that is the time when the brain is more receptive. By writing things down repeatedly, you are reprogramming your subconscious mind and tricking it into believing that whatever you wrote down is possible to accomplish.

2. Visualize and feel

When you add visualization techniques to your healing journey, you are already one step closer to manifesting abundance, love or positive thinking, or whatever it is you want to achieve. If you think negatively about visualization, just remember that many successful people have used it as a powerful manifesting tool to accomplish their goals and they are now blissed out.

Once you’ve written down your goals, it's important to visualize and feel like you have already achieved them. The key to powerful manifestation is to create vivid images in your mind and feel like the change is already happening. Only when the brain starts registering the shift in your energy will you start seeing an improvement.

However, you have to be careful when focusing on current reality because when you visualize “I wish” or “I want,” you are already suggesting to your brain that you don’t have it, which consequently attracts the lack of what you don’t have. Instead, the visualization should be about your new reality, like it’s happening now and you already have what you want.

3. Create boundaries

All too often, people involved with narcissists find themselves always saying yes to the needs of the abuser. It is hard to set boundaries in such an environment for fear it may cause bigger problems. But it is only when you start creating boundaries that you are a step closer to becoming an abundant person, protected from being used and manipulated. By drawing the line you let people know what is and is not acceptable, helping you take charge of your life.

4. Practice self-love and self-care

Practicing self-care leads to an abundant life. Self-care is not just about changing habits and trying to become a better person. Self-care is a long journey to learn and appreciate yourself more every day, by validating your feelings and emotions and taking care of your health. In the process of practicing self-care and self-love, you are manifesting growth and abundance. By loving yourself, you start making healthier choices in life, you choose what is good for your well-being. Start with eating nutritious food, getting enough sleep, forgiving yourself, or taking up a hobby you always wanted to do. Remember, since self-care is a long journey, you should practice it daily.

5. Feel gratitude

In Rebeca’s transformation journey, she points out it’s necessary to focus on the good things you have in life and be grateful for everything, even the bad experiences that have made you stronger in the long run. You could be grateful for being financially stable, for your relationship with your children, or you could be grateful for being healthy. Even if you focus on the tiniest thing to be grateful for, in time you will notice that gratitude attracts more things to be thankful for. By practicing gratitude, you are more open and receptive to receive the good things that are coming towards you.

Final thoughts

The transformation journey from being a victim of narcissistic abuse to being healed and empowered is not an easy one. It takes time and effort to heal and to become the person you always wanted to be. Taking little steps at a time is key, which is why it’s necessary to take action and implement the above-mentioned steps in your daily life, just like Rebeca did.

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Natasha Zo, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Natasha Zo is a former journalist from Siberia turned international media relations specialist. She is a founder of Cosa Famosa media – a boutique PR agency on a mission to amplify messages of conscious leaders, health, and wellness entrepreneurs through earned media. Known for her connector skills, she guided a number of authors to Amazon bestseller status, booked national TV, top-tier media, and over 400 podcast interviews.



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