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Is Silence Rude? Narcissistic? Controlling? Weak?

Written by: Kristi Peck, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Silence is a golden opportunity to help us navigate awkward and outraged moments. We’ve become a culture to speak, and yet our words are not having an impact. With the open spaces that allow us freedom of speech, we have become a culture silenced. We’ve normalized keeping quiet because it has become our safety net. Too many people are speaking and have nothing to say. Those that have something to say are staying silent due to the backlash and harsh reality of speaking the truth.

Woman sitting alone looking at the city on top of a mountain.

Silence can become a tool for healing our deep and unsettling truth because it forces us to seek to resolve inward.

The old standard rule of ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t speak’ does not have the same responsibility. We need speech, language, and the cultivation of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs to be expressed. This is how an organization or a system evolves. Language is the bridge that arouses curiosity and establishes a base for a sense of community. We are desperately in need of the truth and language arising from a true sense of self can be our revolutionary weapon.

Silence is that golden language. It carries many messages and grounded intentions. Silence is the language of the soul. It allows the body to feel and sense its own expression. It captivates the true self to find a way. It also heals that which is unseen. The desire to keep quiet must be regarded as a strategy for bringing harmony.

Silence speaks in two powerful ways.

First, silence offers the body resolve for what is being emoted within a given experience or interaction. This resolution is the beginning line of defense as it establishes a strong foundation that can withstand swaying. Silence, in this way, gives the body ample opportunity to create language to be delivered from a higher purpose and less a projection of an unconscious aspect. It is in the moment of silence that one can formulate a message that transcends the immediate experience to allow a purposeful consciousness to be shared.

Second, silence is an inner voice to be heard only by the inhabitant of its non-speech. Too often, we speak thinking our message is for the other person or organizational system when the communication is actually meant for our higher purpose. We don’t listen to what we say to others. Silence gives space for us to hear what we need to hear. It is only fear that keeps us isolated in our own speaking.

Transformation gifts the person her own agency to stop and feel an experience and/or interaction with another person, as well as silently hearing her own truth. The tool of silence can lead us to our own healing. It conjures curiosity that guides a creative flow of language to be shared so that we speak with heart and reverence for truth.

This process is in direct contrast to that which we currently see in our culture. Many words are flying around without really having an impact or saying anything meaningful. We’ve created such personas and that fear we hold deep in our bodies must be expressed in any way it can.

As I help my clients transform their locus of control to the power of using a moment of silence to cultivate an agency of truth, I see them step outside of cultural mandates and societal norms to rescue their personal power. Silence is a powerful tool for healing and for transforming outdated rituals that bypass the full human potential.

Silence is golden only when it comes from the choice within to maintain an agency of truth.

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Kristi Peck, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Kristi Peck creates a legacy of love. As an Intuitive Life Coach, a Spiritual Mentor, and an author, she works with adult children to heal the ancestral shadow and liberate the lineage of dysfunction. From conflict to connection, Kristi helps estranged daughters find a higher purpose and establish a new partnership paradigm in the family system.

Kristi has been trained as a Master Life Coach in Jungian Psychology, Eastern Philosophy, and Social Neuroscience, as well as mediumship, energy, and channeling of the angelic realm. She has additional certification as a Jungian Relationship and Dreamwork Specialist through the ICF Accredited Creative Mind University. For over 30 years as an educator and coach, Kristi has helped people reclaim their sense of self and the power to make purpose-impacted choices.

Kristi believes we are whole and our greatest superpower is believing in our own agency of strength and courage. She loves sharing stories that captivate and inspire people to take adventurous leaps of faith beyond old conditions and outdated influences.

Kristi is the author of Coming Home – A Love Story, and the podcast host of Living the Liminal: Braving the Edge. She has a wealth of transformational life experiences and her warmth and vulnerability have been described as a “soft-toughness”. Kristi is fierce in her compassion to learn, opens her heart to courageous choice-making, and deeply understands the human dynamic. Her passion for living life consciously is a game-changer.



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