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How To Change Your Mindset‒Instantly! 3 Words That You Will Want To Say

Written by: Dara Connolly, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Psychology tells us that 80% of our thoughts are negative and 95% of those thoughts are the same.

That’s a lot of negativity. However, there is good news!

Yes, most of our thoughts are indeed deep-rooted beliefs that lean towards the negative. However, did you know we can rewire these patterns in a few easy steps with practice?

As a fearless confidence coach who has helped thousands of people, I discovered a quick life hack to help you reset your mindset.

Most likely you have heard about the benefits of positive affirmations, right? Do you do them?

Here’s where most people fail with affirmations:

They either don’t do them daily, or they do them incorrectly.

You see, our minds are wired to notice behaviors that appear as images. It is not enough to simply say our affirmations we must visualize ourselves living them.

Try this quick experiment:

Think of a specific math problem you did in your 4th-grade class. Can you think of it? Most likely you can’t remember it. What if I asked you to think of the bicycle you owned when you were in the 4th-grade? Can you picture it? What color was your bike? Do you remember the type of seat it had? You may even recall riding over jumps you set up in your driveway or the places you rode.

The point is, when you think of a visual image you can associate a feeling with it and that feeling is either positive or negative.

Here's the lifehack:

When we create a positive and specific affirmation that creates a visual image, we can successfully reset our mindset.

Let’s make this practical.

Remember, I said above most people don’t do daily affirmations? I believe the reason why is that we overcomplicate them and then can’t remember them. Here is how to master this technique. Create a short (3 words or less) affirmation that is easy for you to remember and repeat it daily.

Look at the powerful affirmations below. Pick the ones that appeal to you and allow you to easily visualize yourself successfully in that situation.

  • I am worthy

This phrase is one of the most powerful 3 words you can say. It encompasses everything you need to feel good about yourself and helps you in all areas of your life. Need to speak up in a relationship or ask for a pay raise? Picturing yourself as a worthy person will shift your mind into creating opportunities that make this your reality.

  • I am loveable

One of our deepest fears as humans is that we are unlovable. We may worry we will end up alone or that when we give our heart to someone, they will not return our love. What would it look like for you to be in a loving relationship? Can you imagine being in an intimate relationship with your partner? Visualize what it would look like to be desired and desirable. If you can visualize it, you can create it.

  • I am happy

Most of us waste our waking moments chasing happiness when happiness is a feeling, not a destination– we create it from within. What would it look like for you to feel happy? Would you smile more? Would you be more open to making new friends? Would you enter a room differently? Begin by visualizing a happier version of yourself right now and let that positive imagery reshape your reality.

Although we are predisposed to a negative mindset, we can reset it instantly when we utilize these simple tools. Remember the formula: Choose a short 3-word affirmation beginning with “I am” (to stay present). Be sure your affirmation creates a positive visual image for you. Next, repeat it as often as you can. You can never say or visualize a positive affirmation too many times!

Remember, most people will fail to follow through on these actions but with this simple technique you will notice your life changes.

“When you create the mindset you want, the life you want will be created.”– Dara

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Dara Connolly, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dara Connolly is the author of the new book Flip Your Fear and founder of PTC™– an award-winning confidence program for women. Dara was the ultimate juxtaposition– a Black-Belt martial artist and a lifelong timid wallflower filled with fear! She now helps women who are tired of getting talked over or feeling ignored to– Speak up to be heard, kick Fear to the curb, be TEDx confident!

She is a TEDx speaker and nationally recognized expert in the field of confidence who has helped thousands. Dara has been featured on FOX, CW, The Connect Show, The List Show, Dr. Laura, and other media outlets. Her mission: Every Woman Can Live with Fearless Confidence.



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