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How Do You Know If You Are a Lightworker? — 11 Clues the Universe Gives You

Written by: Michele Ogston, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


“It’s not the stars that create light. It’s the light that creates stars.” Don Miguel Ruiz.

You might be a lightworker since you were drawn to this article. Have you ever wondered what a lightworker is? There has been a powerful shift over the last few years. Especially recently, people are feeling a calling for a greater good. If you have felt this pull, or some call it a push or nudge, then you know.

What is a lightworker? A lightworker is someone who feels called upon by a greater force than themselves to be a beacon of light in this world; to push out the dark, bring light and lead the way. They were chosen as a part of their soul contract.

Here are 11 clues the universe gives you to let you know you are a lightworker:

1. You feel like you were meant for something bigger.

You have a nagging feeling inside you that something is festering and ready to come out. Yet you aren’t sure where to put this energy. It feels like you are often wasting time which grains against your soul. The power brewing inside can be scary and overwhelming. This feeling is your light. Even when you aren’t trying, it will peek out from within. You might have noticed it when random strangers share their life with you. It seems like you are often in the right place at the right times. This is not a coincidence. The universe knows it can trust you to handle any situation with ease and comfort. You are a great listener and provide strength for others when they have lost their way.

2. You frequently feel like an alien or like you don’t fit in.

Trying to talk to people about spreading love and light and working with the oneness of the universe doesn’t always go over so well with mainstream society. You have probably spent a good portion of your life from as far back as you can remember feeling like you don’t fit in. You might have overcompensated just to make sure you were accepted. The energy of others could have forced you to retreat into isolation. You are different! You are different for a reason. The universe has been preparing you from the moment you were born. Facing adversity has only taught you more about empathy. This trait makes you an incredible lightworker.

3. You want to save the world!

The universe will often leave clues throughout your life, letting you know you have a higher calling. You might have chosen a career in the helping profession or are an active volunteer. Many times, lightworkers choose professions as:

  • A Teacher

  • A Coach

  • A Doctor/Nurse

  • A Yoga Instructor

  • An Activist of any kind

  • A Veterinarian

You have a low tolerance for injustice! You might have spoken up for people when they couldn’t find their voice. It’s possible as a child. You stepped in to save another from being bullied. You are a crusader for human and animal rights. You are concerned for the planet and oftentimes catch yourself daydreaming about how you could do better. This is because you are one with the planet, which enables you to actually feel the world's suffering.

4. You can manifest like nobody’s business!

It seems like whenever you practice manifestation, your life aligns fairly quickly. You set intentions and stick with them. You practice patience and allow the universe to show you the way. You feel like you are an abundant soul with the ability to “tap into” the energy around you at any given moment. This is because you have high levels of energy that finds its way into a material manifestation fast. You have learned to surrender your thoughts to a higher power. Therefore, letting go of the attachment to the outcome is easy for you. You are still amazed by this, though.

5. You have strange dreams.

Like crazy dreams where you are sometimes embarrassed to talk about them, you are curious about the meanings behind your images. Your dreams aren’t just meant for nighttime. You catch yourself frequently daydreaming too. Your light is often trying to explore the possibilities of all realms around you. You are a visionary and aren’t anchored to a logical approach. You think outside the box and can quickly problem-solve.

6. You are interested in history and philosophy.

You are drawn to ancient times and artifacts. Antiques fascinate you!

Knowing the “why, who, or what” behind events is fulfilling on a soul level. Your favorite discussion might revolve around historical topics. Be careful not to obsess over these things. It’s important to learn to stay balanced, grounded, and in the present moment.

7. You have had a deep spiritual shift.

At some point in your life, you have experienced a spiritual shift. A moment in time where you felt like the whole world stopped spinning just for you. The quiet moment of pause allowed you to see your life from a different lens, almost like an out-of-body experience. This moment led you to make decisions that shaped your life in a new direction. A direction you felt gave you purpose or a higher calling.

This can happen in a few different ways, and of course, everyone’s shift is unique to themselves.

1. You fell apart, and you had to rebuild your life. During this process, it made you question your beliefs.

2. You had an event that made you see the light. It could have been an accident: a medical diagnosis or a traumatic event.

8. You have a deep belief in a higher power.

It doesn’t matter what you call the higher power. God, Jesus, the Universe, Allah, or something else; you know there is something more. You have faith in the unexplainable and things that aren’t tangible. You are ok with the fact that you might be wrong about it too. Your ability to be humble allows you to see things from a variety of perspectives. People often feel comfortable around you and bask in the feeling of being fully accepted by you. You push people to always try their best and oftentimes believe in them before they believe in themselves. There is a master plan for everything and everyone.

9. You had a challenging childhood.

You had to learn to overcome adversity at an early age. Your childhood taught you how to survive. Although, while this skill saved you at one point in your life, you have had to unlearn this skill too. Martyrdom is not in your vocabulary! You do not see yourself as a victim and are easily annoyed by pity.

10. This isn’t your first time here.

You’re an old soul! You are a natural leader without arrogance. People are drawn to you. You are comfortable in your own skin. Your soul has a story to share. You have grace and confidence in how you let your life unfold without trying to control it. People use the word Zen about you or describe you with a Zen-like quality. You are easy to be around, and people are comforted in your presence.

11. Darkness doesn’t scare you.

One of your strengths is being able to relate to others still in the dark. You feel like darkness is attracted to you, and you’re comfortable being there. You feel especially drawn to dark empaths or might have been raised by one. You see the good or light in everyone, enabling you to overlook other traits many define others by. You have been known to drop your boundaries for these types of people and may have experienced trauma at the hand of someone who is dark. Your boundaries need to be especially strong here because you attract everyone to you. People in the dark NEED your light. You have been trained to recognize all kinds of darkness and understand how to transmute it to the light. You have to know who is ready for your light and who is going to take it from you. Maybe they’re not ready to receive your light at the moment, but you create that opportunity for them once they can receive the light.

Remember, being a lightworker is not just about you. You already have everything inside you. You are complete! It’s about leading others to step into their light. The more you become anchored yourself with this intention, the stronger your light shines. Being a lightworker is like being a lighthouse. You are grounded with such force no storm can knock you down. You are there to guide others towards their chosen path.

The time has come for all of you who resonated with this article! Everything will fall into place. Let your light shine!

You can connect with her on: Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn or visit her website: Cloud 9 Life Coaching.

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Michele Ogston, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Michele Ogston is an empowerment and transformational coach! She holds certifications as an intuitive life coach and is a certified meditation & mindfulness teacher. She works with her empath and like-minded people to empower them to break the patterns holding them back to create an authentic life filled with purpose and meaning. Her mission is to spread the word that you’re just one decision from changing your whole life. She truly believes life isn’t about being happy all the time but about learning how to navigate the more challenging times a little easier. After experiencing her own loss through the death of loved ones and a painful divorce, she decided to turn her pain into passion and helps people navigate life a little easier. In addition to coaching clients 1:1, she facilitates The Soul’s Assignment Club. A weekly group for people who feel like they were called upon to do more with their life. She runs the Empath Support Group, where she provides a safe place for Empaths to find comradery to learn and share with each other. She owns Cloud 9 Life Coaching in Northern California, where she lives with her husband, children, and fur babies. You can connect with her on: Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn or visit her website: Cloud 9 Life Coaching.


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