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How Do Energy Healing Sessions Work For Stress Management

Written by: Stacey B. Shapiro, Executive Contributor

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Many look at subtle energy and energy healing as a spiritual release, others look at it unsure of what to expect. Poking around on the internet won’t give you the exact details of what happens during an energy healing session. There’s a good reason for that—it all depends.

As an intuitive transformative life coach, I know your unique experiences, needs, desires, and troubles need to be met with the same uniqueness. Stress management and energy healing should have a tailored approach.

What Happens During the First Energy Healing Session?

The first energy healing session is one of the most vital parts of beginning your subtle energy journey. This is a time to understand each other, your goals, and what causes you distress. This is where we connect meaningfully to discuss what troubles you.

From there, we can work on some grounding techniques. Grounding techniques are used in energy medicine and other healing modalities to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain. These techniques include deep breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, meditation, mudras, guided imagery, and tapping.

What Are Grounding Techniques?

There are many forms of grounding techniques that can be utilized for different purposes. In a

2018 study, a controlled group of massage therapists reported “significant increases in physical function and energy and significant decreases in fatigue, depressed mood, tiredness and pain.”

I employ a multitude of techniques to assist my clients including reiki, mindfulness, energy medicine techniques, brain spotting, and tapping/emotional freedom techniques. Some people use these techniques to achieve a sense of calmness while others use them as part of their daily stress management as part of their energy hygiene.

One of the techniques I use is the bhu mudra, pronounced like “boo”. Bhu mudra is a grounding technique that helps to calm and center an individual. In Sanskrit, Bhu means “earth,” and mudra means “gesture”. Bhu mudra helps to connect with the Earth’s energy, balance the chakras, and allow them to work properly.

The person using this technique can feel more grounded, centered, and calm. Try it out:

  • set a timer for 15 seconds

  • stand up

  • close your eyes (in front of a chair to keep your balance)

  • point your pointer finger and your middle finger down toward the ground

  • scan your body and notice the sensations

What is happening? Do you feel pulled toward the ground? Or are you not sure? Sometimes people find it hard to ground at first. This is where I help you with other strategies to make it easier. Sometimes practicing on your own will help also. This exercise helps you to regulate your breathing, relieve anxiety, calm your mind and maintain a sense of stability. The bhu mudra is named after one of the most important Hindu deities, Lord Brahma. By doing these practices, you are moving energy, not practicing the religion it comes from unless you believe so. For some people, it symbolizes the creation and destruction of the universe. For others, it symbolizes breathing in and out of life force energy.

What Happens After the First Energy Healing Session?

After the first energy healing session, we can actively work on your goals and work on what is the root cause of your issues. As an intuitive energy coach, I can assess energy fields during sessions.

Energy fields, in the world of energy medicine, describe the energetic and vibrational patterns that surround us. It is widely believed that energy fields influence our emotions and thoughts. They can be created by external sources such as people, places, and things or by internal sources such as thoughts, feelings, and memories.

During these sessions, we will hook into your higher self and higher consciousness—asking and sensing guidance based on my assessments of your energy fields and our discussions about your stress, negative emotions, and triggers.

The purpose of energy healing, and energy healing sessions, is to activate the body’s subtle energy and to remove blocks. These energy blocks prevent your ability to heal yourself which causes your inability to heal from pain, stress, negative emotions, fatigue, and agitation. During our sessions, I can tap into the Source, some people call this the universe, G-d, or higher power. We ask for higher guidance to remove these energy blocks, and direct subtle energy to you. Depending on your connection to religion, the source energy would be from your religion of choice. Some people are spiritual with no connection to an organized religion, then source energy would be connected to the universe or higher power you connect. Whatever one calls source energy is the part we are intending to come into the healing.

How Does Long Distance Energy Healing Work?

Subtle energy techniques like distance reiki are done this way. A 2015 study showed that distance reiki decreases pain and fatigue in oncology patients. Typically, energy healing techniques like healing touch and holy fire reiki are conducted in a person to facilitate the transmission of energy from the healer to those who need healing.

However, with a greater understanding of the Hermetic Law of Similarity, energy can be directed long-distance because we are all connected to the Source—wider collective energy.

What Results Can I Expect from an Energy Healing Session?

The results from an energy healing session will vary. We are all different and so we all suffer from stress, pain, fatigue, and negative emotions differently. Each energy healing session is tailored to approach your situation. Immediate results from an energy session can be a wash of calmness, clarity, and even a reduction in fatigue.

Over time, these sessions can provide long-term stress management and relief from long-term symptoms of being unable to heal due to energy blocks. A key part of maintaining the long-term benefits is to constantly practice energy hygiene for better stress management and work-life balance.

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Stacey B. Shapiro, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Stacey Shapiro is a Transformative Life/Work Balance Coach, Energy Healer, and Speaker. With a Master in Social Work from Rutgers University, she went on improving the lives of many for over 20 years of experience working as a trauma-informed mental health therapist. She has also extended her support as a business consultant for service providers. She hosts therapist and corporate workshops to give attendees the tools to live a balanced professional and personal life.

Shapiro went on to expand her expertise to gain certification as a Master Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Relationship Consultant, and Health and Wellness Practitioner from the Behavioral Health and Leadership Dynamics coaching school. In addition, she is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist. Passionate about healing and helping others overcome obstacles, she provides compassionate, practical guidance for anyone who feels stuck, disconnected or unfulfilled through her private practice Awareness Coaching LLC.



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