How Biodecoding Can Change Your Life

Written by: Viviana Di Leo, Executive Contributor

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How I went from always sick to understand the emotions that were making me sick and stopped that vicious cycle.

In this blog, I want to share with you the technique of Biodecoding and how it can change your life forever.

What would you say if I told you that my emotions were the cause of my infertility diagnosis back in 2014? Or if I tell you that my stress and anger while eating were the cause of my “chronic” gastritis.

Interesting right?

Growing up, I was very fragile, my mom’s words, and my dad was too, so sickness was a huge subject for me. I was angry to discover yet another problem, but this time I can tell you the anger helped me explore deeper and change perspective.

I was ready to take a different path and understand what was going on with me. I remember like it was yesterday when I got this email " free and heal your family tree, free from emotional pain and conflicts".

I am in! I did not want more conflicts or emotional pain in my life. This is how my path with Biodecoding started.

Today, I have as a part of my life manifesto this phrase “Express your feelings out not to get sick inside".

I will give you an example lets imagine you have the most important event coming up. You have to speak in front of an audience for the first time.

The night before, you feel like you are relaxed, but in automatic, your mind starts, “Who am I to do this”, ”I can't express everything in 15 minutes”, “what if I mess up”….

You go to sleep and wake up with no voice.

Our brain is like an iceberg. The little tip above water (that 10 percent of mass) signifies our conscious mind. In contrast, the big submerged part, 90 percent of the mass, represents our subconscious — the receptacle of memories, emotions, and automatic behaviour. Most of our daily activities are controlled by the subconscious, which frees up our conscious mind for other things.

Our subconscious mind is responsible for your breathing, your heart pumping blood. However, it's also responsible for those habits, beliefs, and emotional thinking that have formed a behavior pattern that holds us back and keeps us from reaching our true potential?

This is one of the greatest challenges in healing the incoherence between our conscious and subconscious minds.

You might consciously want to stop repeating these patterns in your life and heal to live happily and peacefully. However, subconsciously, we are still holding onto subconscious patterns and limiting beliefs that keep us from healing and living freely.

Biodecoding helps you uncover and understand the why of the hidden conflicts and enables you to release them to find solutions and take charge of your health and well-being.

From generation to generation, conditions or diseases are transmitted unconsciously. And during the first years of our life, unconscious programs are created by the small child and are also connected to the mom. This is the reason why we see so many people constantly repeating patterns from the families.

If you know the biology language, you can access forgotten memories and stories and release them. Making conscious the unconscious is the first step.

Biodecoding® is a method that allowed me and many others to heal.

Remember, I told you I was diagnosed with infertility; my son is now 3 years old and was naturally conceived. Biodecoding helped me understand and start my journey on what I needed to explore to release my emotions.

It helped me change my way of living and went from getting sick and paralyzed by fear to a healthy and very freeing life because now I know what emotions can do to our bodies and how strong it is to hear yourself.

When I found what works and access to it, I decided to start sharing it with the world. The more we work to connect with our emotions and subconscious mind, the better our chances for profound healing.

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Viviana Di Leo, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Viviana Di Leo is a Certified Peacefulness & Fulfilment Coach. She helps women on their self-healing journey to live a more peaceful and fulfilled life. Expert in Biodecoding & Emotions.



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