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Healing the Inner Child from Karmic Imprints

Written by: Rose Burnett, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


The Inner Child can be a representation of you as a small child to an adolescent and the experiences that shaped you. It can also represent our sense of fun, playfulness, adventure, creativity, and innovation.

Many of the negative influences that damage the Inner Child are karmic, related to family, and generational karmic imprints and patterning.

Which can include early childhood trauma, neglect, and negative life experiences.

This can create issues in how we relate and form relationships as adults and how we feel about ourselves and our self-worth.

We can have a fear of abandonment, rejection and feel insecure and vulnerable in love relationships and with family and friends.

Resulting in self-sabotaging behaviors in relationships because of how vulnerable we feel.

We can internalize feelings of guilt and shame in asking for our needs to be met because they were regularly denied as a child.

Making you feel unworthy or fearful of getting your needs met as an adult.

You may also have an inability to set healthy boundaries with others because your boundaries were regularly crossed by others, no matter how many times you tried to put them in place.

You can find yourself agreeing to do things that make you feel uncomfortable and go against your values.

You may fail to speak up for yourself and put up with things in relationships for fear of abandonment, criticism, shaming, judgment, or rejection.

Or worse still, change yourself to be loved and accepted.

There may be suppressed anger and sadness over not having your needs met as a child that you still carry with you today.

How do we reverse the effects of childhood trauma?

Healing the Inner Child involves an awareness of how your early childhood experiences are subconsciously playing out in your relationships and life.

Some of the things that can help heal the Inner Child are:

  • Counselling, psychology, timeline regression, and journaling.

  • Reiki energy healing, natural therapies, sound therapy, music, and guided meditations.

  • Releasing and healing from the past through forgiveness and consciously choosing not to let the past affect your present.

  • Being consciously aware of self-sabotaging behaviors and their triggers and finding healthy ways to calm your energy in these situations. So that you respond, rather than react.

  • Setting healthy boundaries and reinforcing those boundaries until they are respected.

  • Building up your sense of self-worth and self-love through positive self-talk, gratitude practices, and doing things that nurture and pamper yourself.

  • Doing creative things that light up your Soul.

  • Dance, yoga, getting out in nature.

  • Doing adventurous and fun things that bring out your inner child.

  • Healing relationships with others, particularly family.

  • Connecting with friends, partners, children, and family in a fun, positive way.

How our masculine energy can protect the Inner Child?

The Inner Child may need healing and protection from our masculine energy, to be fully expressed in the world.

When our Inner Child feels safe, protected, and loved, we can:

  • Express ourselves truthfully in the world, without fear.

  • Ask for and expect our needs to be met healthily in relationships.

  • Accept and love ourselves, we have a good sense of self-esteem and body image.

  • Embrace our Divine Gifts and Talents, ideas, and creativity and use them confidently in the world to pursue our passions.

  • Set healthy boundaries with others that protect our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

  • Feel safe being emotionally vulnerable with others.

  • Form loving, trustworthy relationships with others and make decisions by following our values and what has meaning for us.

And remember, everyone deserves to feel loveable, safe, and protected.

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Rose Burnett, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Rose Burnett is a Certified Transformational Coach, Leader, and NLP Practitioner. An Advanced Usui Reiki Practitioner and specializes in Mind Body Soul Balance. With a keen interest in fitness, diet, and nutrition, mind-body-soul connection, and spirituality. Rose works with clients all around the world in Transformational coaching, Empowerment, chakra healing and balance, revitalization of Chi Energy, Soul Light, and Inner Child Healing from Emotional and Karmic Trauma. Rose has a large Astrology & Inspirational YouTube Channel and is the Founder, Warrior Spirit Activewear for Women.



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