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Have You Ever Looked at Your Life as a Screenplay?

Written by: Martina Hrubes-Rios, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Why Your Story Matters! And how to rewrite your screenplay so the hero walks with purpose and empowerment into her/his future!

Everything in life starts with a story, and we live day in and out by the story we tell ourselves.

But what if this story is more fiction than fact?

What if you lent your pen to someone else to write the script?

Every subject of our life has a story attached to it and influences how you think, feel and act within those areas of your life, whether that is relationships, money, health, work, and even your own competency.

Therefore, it is important to create awareness around your self-talk and self-perception to create a more empowering story moving forward.

What is Your Story?

  • I am broke?

  • I am not good at…?

  • I will never get my dream job….?

  • I am not made for…..?

  • Life is …..?

  • People are…?

  • The world is…?

Does that sound familiar to you?

What life rules have you set for yourself that create your current reality, and who and what has played a part in it? Through what lens do you see yourself and the life roles your play in this world?

Your personality, in fact, is dynamic, but many believe they are stuck with an identity that they have been handed out at birth, the so-called “hand of cards” to live with.

The good news is that you can change how you think, feel, and act and learn to take your power back by letting go of what doesn’t serve you, including attachments to your story and limiting beliefs that hold you back to live the life that you want to create.

When you start rewriting your life movie and empowering your personality, you want to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. And the BE-DO-HAVE principle is a great tool to support you on this journey as it teaches you to become first the mindset of what you want, then taking aligned actions to have what you desire.

Transformational Coaching facilitates the transformation from the inside out because how we act and react is based on our behaviors and habits. Those are led by our belief system that our past stories and environment have conditioned.

And how you see yourself and your story defines your identity, which is coded like a computer program into your subconscious mind. The repeating stories and statements of ourselves get stored and shape how we perceive ourselves.

Because Identity shapes our behaviors, one’s actions result in the outcome of our life movie. Therefore, your external world reflects your internal world. So, if you want to change your external world, you must uncover your stories first and rewrite your script.

How gets the story written, and why does it matter?

When we are born, we absorb information from the world around us like a sponge and build a framework of understanding. This framework develops as we experience the world around us throughout our childhood and receive feedback about ourselves.

We are constantly influenced by our environment, including our parents and caretakers, our culture, and later the media, the educational system, and our friends.

That is how the story gets written and shapes our view of the world and consequently forms our identity—who we think we are. Therefore, our experience of life is filtered through our individual perception of reality.

So, as we go through life, we've developed a story - a narrative script we tell ourselves and others about what happened in our past, how the world works, and who we are, and it becomes our blueprint. And those beliefs get reinforced every time the world proves us right. So the story continues until you interrupt the story and change your beliefs.

Why is changing your story and empowering your identity so important?

When you truly take responsibility for how you think, feel, and act, you take your power back, boost your confidence, overcome personal hurdles and create a successful identity.

Life is what you make of it! By taking actions that align with your future self and your vision, you carve out an identity that will guide you forward instead of keeping you stuck in your past old story and most likely with persistent repeating patterns.

Particularly in current times, we are asked more than ever to evaluate our old paradigms, accept and embrace change, think more critically, and build a growth mindset and expand your life to become a creator and even share our gifts with others.

It takes self-reflective practice and commitment to shift a limited mindset to an unlimited, and it often pushes one into unknown territory. It is good to understand how our brain works and that it likes to accommodate information and experience with what it knows. Therefore uncertainty is uncomfortable at first until it becomes your new reality.

Yet, it is the only way to grow, expand and move forward in life.

So, remember that whenever you experience self-doubt on your transformation journey, that too shall pass, and you have all the resources within yourself to overcome your fears and limited mindset.

How to change your story?

By changing how we see the past, we can empower ourselves to pursue a more compelling future.

If you constantly live in the past and don’t have the vision to work for, you get stuck with past emotions attached to it.

But these emotions are just a reminder of a perception of a past situation that does not exist anymore.

It is important to let go of the negative emotions and belief systems and instead reframe your perception of your past and present moment if necessary.

You cannot change what happened, but it is important to remember you can change how you think and feel about it.

With practice, you can also change how you feel about yourself in the present moment.

Why is the present moment so important? Because you can only create from the present moment into the unknown future. In that sense, the past doesn’t matter, but you have all the power within yourself to decide how you want to live your future.

Our mind, our so-called computer program, does not really know the difference between reality, imagination, or false memory once we expose it often enough to a certain idea, story, or image. For Example, you can evoke the same feelings by closing your eyes and visualizing a situation as if it would happen for real. And that is how you can rewire and reframe your perspective of the past and change how you feel about it. Choosing a perception that serves your goals, vision and makes you feel good is the key.

So go on and take back the control of that pen and give your hero a purpose, a life with intention and remember that challenges are also part of a hero’s story.

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Martina Hrubes-Rios, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Martina specializes in Transformative Life Coaching working with tools and practices that help shifting one’s mindset, empowering her clients to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

As a Life Story Coach, she helps her clients reach their higher potential by rewriting the persistent life stories that keep them stuck or playing out the same life script repeatedly.

Besides Individual Coaching, she offers a monthly online coaching Bootcamp called: “Rewrite your Life Movie.”



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