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Fast-Track To Achieving Your Goals ‒ Learn What’s Missing From Most Manifesting Techniques

Written by: Menaka Charan, Executive Contributor

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Many people obtain disappointing results using manifesting techniques described in well-known books, movies, and classes. Common explanations for their lukewarm outcomes include a lack of focus and giving up too easily. However, we should ask: Why are they unfocused or giving up?

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Here’s what’s missing and what you need to know:

Each of us has a unique energy field that influences our lives

This energy field flows within and around our bodies. It holds our beliefs and attracts ‒ like a magnet ‒ the quality of relationships, health, and the ability to make money. If you look at your own life, do you see repeating patterns? For example, do you seem to bring in the same type of relationships, bosses, or recurring money issues?

Where Beliefs Come From

Most beliefs are absorbed from the people who raised you or were around you during childhood. They are also adopted from society and can be created by you. Either consciously or unconsciously, they will influence your actions and inactions as you go through life.

How limiting beliefs work against manifesting

If you desire to be a millionaire yet think, "I’ll have to work eighty hours a week and never have a life" or "everyone will want a piece of me," these beliefs will oppose achieving what you want, creating mixed results. However, as you clear out the negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones, your overall energy will vibrate at a higher level. Also, many held beliefs are false and based on fear and doubt about ourselves or what might happen. When you learn how to manage your energy and overcome your doubts and fears, you’ll begin to believe in yourself and move forward in your life. In addition, you’ll attract the right people and opportunities to achieve your goals.

Size Does Matter

When you’re afraid, have self-worth issues, or don't want to be seen, you keep the energy small and close to your body. That's the worst thing you can do. You'll hold less power to manage your emotions and environment. Also, it will affect how others perceive you; you might be bullied or not heard. You’ll be paralyzed from taking steps to improve your life. It will even diminish your ability to generate good solutions because you’re blocking your creativity and intuition.

Absorbing negative energies around you

Did you ever wonder why you feel drained around certain people? You're soaking in their energy like a sponge because you don't know how to keep their lower energies out of you. This can affect you emotionally and physically.

Depleting your energy to help others

When you are very sensitive or caring, you tend to help others using your energy. This can happen while talking to someone you know, when thinking about them or even trying to assist others displayed in the news. It’s like sharing your oxygen mask with others instead of keeping it for yourself. Although it's wonderful to help others, you can learn how to do so without draining yourself.

Clues to hidden beliefs

Your emotions, circumstances, and health issues reveal the beliefs embedded in your energy field. For example, if you’re depressed, it might be because you believe your life will never improve. Under this thought, you might be telling yourself, "I'm unlucky,” "others have advantages," or "I don't have what it takes." Once they’re discovered, you can boost your energy field by replacing undesirable beliefs with higher-level beliefs.

Be in charge of your life!

When you learn to expand your energy field and replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs, you will transform your life! You'll feel happier and more peaceful. At the same time, you’ll increase your confidence, enhance your creativity and ignite your intuition. You’ll become more resilient when things don’t go your way. Most importantly, you’ll courageously walk away from the sidelines and take inspired action toward your dreams.

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Menaka Charan, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Menaka Charan is an Intuitive Life Coach, Healer, and Physical Therapist who has helped thousands move forward in their lives. After acquiring university degrees in Physiology and Physical Therapy, she found herself drawn to serving people at a deeper level. She has passionately pursued training in healing, intuition, and spirituality for over twenty-four years. In her private practice, she helps clients remove limiting beliefs held energetically in them to improve their emotional and physical health, relationships, careers, and wealth. Menaka is also an avid runner, skier, hiker, reader, writer and loves road trips.


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