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Erik Bergman – Reveals How he Made 50 Million Dollar Before Turning 30

Brainz Magazine Exclusive

Erik Bergman, 32, is the entrepreneur who got rich on online casinos through his company Catena Media. Today Erik's big passion is which he also founded, with the idea that all profit will go to charity.

Erik Bergman
Erik Bergman

Can you tell us more about Catena Media and what you consider to be the biggest reasons for your success?

- Catena Media technically started in 2012, but what would become Catena started earlier. It was me and my childhood friend Emil Thidell who started experimenting with all sorts of ways to make money online around 2007. We stumbled upon what is known as "affiliate marketing", marketing with performance-based payment online in 2008 and began experimenting with it.

- Catena Media is mainly focused on online casinos but the first four years between 2008 and 2012 we had nothing to do with the casino industry. We started with bingo and poker, which was part of the gaming industry but we also had insurance, hotel reservations and fashion. What we were good at was really how to rank high in Google on different keywords, and in 2012 we started doing it towards the casino industry.

- I would say that the secret behind the success is luck and timing. We stumbled into the casino-world at the right time and really had no plan behind it. Of course luck and timing are two pretty boring things to talk about because it's hard to learn from it, so I'm gonna talk about other factors behind the success. I would say that the desire to create, the constant search for collaborations and the combination of me, a salesman and visionary, and Emil, who is a genius at computers, was very successful