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Empowerment Through Human Design – Exclusive Interview With Bijal Shah

Bijal Shah is a Human Design Expert and Coach. She has successfully used the power of the game-changing Human Design system to create a life of alignment, authenticity and purpose. Bijal’s journey had led her from being a career as a headteacher which she loved. However, the day job took over her life, and she found she had little time for life and loved ones. By using the Human Design system, Bijal is now buzzing about life! She is dedicating her life to helping others use the insights of their unique Human Design to start living life in alignment with who they really are. Bijal is an accredited and experienced coach, and the visionary behind Think Link Lead. Her mission: to help as many people as possible to tap into their unique essence and use it to create a life that truly lights them up!

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Bijal Shah, Human Design Lifestyle & Mindset Coach

Tell us about you, your career, how you started as a Human Design Lifestyle & Mindset Coach?


I completed my coaching training with The Coaching Academy in 2014. At that time, it was something that interested me as I had a natural inclination towards guiding others. It was something that seemed to be consistent in both my personal and professional life. I gained so much satisfaction from serving others and being part of their growth.


When I became a Headteacher, I began to coach other leaders in education and some leaders in other industries. During the pandemic, the need for coaching drastically increased, and I began to develop my own systems, tools and techniques to support my clients.


Eventually, I realised coaching was my true calling but there was something missing, and I could not quite work out what it was. During the pandemic, the stars aligned, and I came across the Human Design system, and that’s when my life drastically changed! I innately knew it was the most powerful self-discovery system out there and that I had found the missing piece of the coaching jigsaw puzzle.


I immediately embarked on a journey to learn all that I could about the Human Design system, and in the process, I learnt so much about my own unique blueprint and how I was innately wired. For the first time, I had a self-manual that I could refer to and began to understand myself on a deep, spiritual and practical level. I stopped comparing myself to others and began changing my lifestyle to my natural way of being. As a result, I gained more wellbeing, balance, abundance and happiness. I just knew that my coaching clients would hugely benefit and that they could also use the Human Design system to create epic changes in their life too!


So, to cut a long story short… I left my position as Headteacher, gave up status, influence, a good salary and a good pension to embark on a journey as a Human Design Lifestyle & Mindset Coach. I thought people would tell me that I was crazy. However, after the pandemic, there is such a huge shift towards wellbeing, happiness and purpose. I experienced so much support and received encouragement from my loved ones. So, I stepped into my newly created life as a Human Design Mindset & Lifestyle Coach and learnt how to be an entrepreneur…


What is the Human Design system, and how can it help someone to improve their life?


Human Design is a powerful self-discovery tool that takes your exact birth information to reveal your unique energetic blueprint. Your blueprint is a reflection of your true nature and innate wiring. It shows you who you really are…


Human Design is a synthesises of ancient modalities and wisdom: the I Ching, Astrology, Chakras, Kabbalah and modern quantum physics.When we are born, the planetary energies are all in a particular place, and upon our birth, we become imprinted with certain qualities and traits that make us who we are.


When you run your Human Design chart, it will show you your unique energy flow, strengths, weaknesses, gifts, potential, life theme and where you are prone to conditioning from others and the outside world. So many of my clients experience so many ‘ah ha’ moments when they learn about their Human Design blueprint. They begin to understand why they are the way that they are. They also gain new perspectives about their place in their world. Everyone has certain potentials highlighted in their chart. With the support of an experienced Human Design guide, such as myself, we can work together to uncover if you are functioning to the highest expression or lowest expression of your gifts and your innate blueprint. Your Human Design blueprint (sometimes called your Human Design chart or bodygraph) is like having your very own self-manual that can be used in every aspect of your life to help you make changes with less resistance and more flow. Knowing your Human Design can support you to show up in the world as your authentic self and live a purposeful life that is truly aligned to your inner being.

It is my belief that the Human Design system is the most effective tool to support clients to understand themselves on a deeper level and therefore, the changes that they are able to make are more successful because they learn how to align their goals with their innate way of being in this world. The Human Design system transformed my life, and it can transform yours too! 


You are the founder of Think Link Lead. What’s your mission and can you provide an overview of the primary services or products you offer to your clients?


My mission is to empower as many life leaders as possible to discover and leverage their unique Human Design blueprint, guiding them to live a life of authenticity, alignment, and purpose through the power of the Human Design self-discovery system and coaching. When you combine the insights from your unique Human Design reading with the power of personalised support of coaching, the journey towards transformational change becomes truly epic!


Think Link Lead is a serviced based business. At present, I offer Human Design readings and coaching. My signature coaching package combines the Human Design system with traditional coaching. It’s called “The Think Link Lead Change Accelerator Model”, and I have utilised my vast experience, Human Design training and traditional coaching education to create this highly impactful 6-step system that gives you the tools and techniques that actually help you to make changes in your life, so you can live a life of alignment, authenticity and purpose. You can read more about the Think Link Lead Change Accelerator Model by clicking this link or by visiting the website. 


So, you work with ‘Life Leaders”, can you tell us more about this?


I wanted to create a new type of client avatar that I could serve. However, I did not know how to describe my ideal client, so I came up with a client avatar that resonated with me… the Life Leader concept was born!


A Life Leader is someone who refuses to accept that life is just EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT.They may have a lot going on, but they know deep inside that with the right support and guidance, they can change their reality. Life Leaders have a desire to take charge of their destiny and are determined to create the life of their dreams. They know that time is precious…


It’s my absolute honour and pleasure to serve and support anyone wishing to break free from an unfilled life. After all, we are not here just to survive, we are here to thrive! I can’t remember who said that, but I love that saying.


Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.


My parents are immigrants and re-mortgaged their house and did everything they could financially to give me the best education and life chances. Even though we did not have a lot of money, I mean, we had just about enough, I managed to pass the exams to attend a prestigious private girls’ school. I had a fabulous education filled with opportunities and high-quality teaching. However, the expectation on me to succeed in life was a given.


I did my absolute best to make my parents proud, and I strived to reach high levels of professional success, which I achieved at a young age. I worked across so many schools supporting school improvement and lived abroad before taking on the role of Headteacher in my early 30s. However, I never felt truly happy. I was trapped in a success bubble that was impacting my health. I worked long hours (often weekends and during the half-term holidays too), and I had a huge amount of accountability and responsibility on my shoulders. I did not have time for life or loved ones. However, I would not have dared to let anyone know how unhappy and burnout I was feeling because I had everything and nothing to complain about a great salary, a great pension and a lovely home and lifestyle.


I turned 40 during the pandemic, and a friend of mine asked me a question that changed the direction of my life. She asked me, “how many more summers have you got left to live, and how do you want to spend them?” I just knew in that moment that it was time to start my own business and to do my part in taking Human Design into the world. So, I waited for the Ofsted inspection, the school received a “Good” judgement and then, I handed in my notice. 


My life is totally different now, and I do work that totally lights me up and purposefully serves others. Human Design helped me to shift my mindset and start living a life of alignment, authenticity and purpose.


What message would you like to share with the world?


Life is short; it matters, or it doesn’t, be you!


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