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Empowering Lives Through Self-Love And Nutrition – Exclusive Interview With Cleanne Johnson

Cleanne Johnson is a talented and creative artist who immersed herself in acting and performing arts from a young age. Blessed with her storytelling prowess, she perfected the art by telling stories to her family, creating fictional characters who came to life through her words. Cleanne started writing short stories and poetry to express her feelings and found writing to be a safe haven. Through her podcast, Beauty of Colors, the author of Love My Colors, Beauty of Colors (poems), Beauty of Life: 101 Inspirational Quotes, and Why This Trip, she loves to inspire people and listens to their stories. Deep in her heart, she believes everyone has a story to help change someone's life. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and a Master’s in Public Health from Andrews University in Michigan and now works as a registered dietitian in New York.

When she is not busy working on her next literary project, Cleanne enjoys cooking, hiking, reading, sewing, singing, and encouraging people from all different ethnicities that they are special, unique, and beautiful.

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Cleanne Johnson, Author, Dietitian, Podcaster, Singer

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life so we can get to know you better.

As a child growing up in the Caribbean without a father figure, life wasn’t always a bag of roses. I was bullied at school because of my looks and what I wore to school, not being able to afford the brand name clothes. I remember my mom buying me a Mr. T. book bag for school with the image of Mr. T (from the A-team). I loved the bag, but it brought attention from the bullies. I was called Mrs. T and didn’t like the name-calling. I begged my mom to buy me another bag, but she couldn't afford it as a single mom and working two jobs. I escaped the bullying by focusing on reading and writing stories that created a safe haven for me, but the low self-esteem lingered. School breaks were the highlight of my performances, singing, dancing, and telling stories to my family. These were the happy times; I felt free and was in my safe place. Then, I moved to Canada in my late teens to live with my dad and his family, and it was there that everything changed. I remember taking the LRT (the train) in Edmonton, and a random woman said to me, “You are beautiful and gorgeous.” I was stunned and thought to myself: What did she see in me? I went home and looked into the mirror to see what she saw. Since that day, I have been telling myself I am beautiful and gorgeous. This simple story that I have told myself has given me courage, self-love, confidence, dignity, and gratitude.

I got married and moved to the USA with my husband, where I completed my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Master’s in Public Health. I always had a great need to help others, to make them realize they are special, unique, and beautiful. Over the years, I have grown to love myself, feeling empowered before I can help others. Whether through making healthier food choices, writing stories about overcoming adversities, or through my podcast helping others along their journeys in life and recording my first song, letting others know it’s the story you tell yourself that matters—so tell yourself stories to uplift you and others. Doing these things has brought joy and peace to my life.

I live in New York, where I practice as a Dietitian. When I am not engaging in medical nutrition intervention, my life is busy with my podcast (Beauty of Colors), writing stories, composing new songs, cooking, and experimenting with new ideas and ways to improve myself and help others.

I am my mom’s only child, but I have half-brothers and a sister. I had a Yorkie poodle named Jeffrey; he sadly passed away in 2016. My journey in life has taught me many lessons. One is to not let someone's perception of you become your reality. Also, go for your dreams, work hard with self-discipline and courage, and don’t give up; keep going.

Could you provide an overview of your business and its core services or products? – This question will help you understand what the business is all about.

Utica Nutrition Services provides Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol, and related comorbidities. I work with clients to customize a nutrition plan to fit them. I believe exercise, diet, and sometimes medications are essential in achieving optimal health. I offer support, tools, and education to assist clients along their journey to achieving a healthy lifestyle and living their full potential with health and wellness.

My podcast, Beauty of Colors, is all about loving yourself, the power of ‘I AM,’ getting out of the box, and helping others along their journey in life. I have guest speakers talk about their books and what inspired them to write them.

What inspired you to start this business, and what are your long-term goals for it? – This can give you insight into the owner's motivations and the future direction of the business.

I started this business (Utica Nutrition Services) because of my desire to help others live longer lives and make better food choices, as well as to have time for myself to do my podcast, songs, and writing and not lose sight of helping others both holistic, mentally, and consciously.

Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far.

My greatest career achievement is being true to myself, not letting others tell my story and put their insecurities onto me, and doing the things I used to do as a child that brought me happiness, freedom, and safety.

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be and why?

I wouldn’t change anything about my life because the journey has made me who I am. It has made me stronger, purposeful, and grateful and given me hope to persevere in the eyes of adversity and never to give up on my dreams and the things I love doing.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

The pivotal moment came when that woman on the train said to me, “You are beautiful and gorgeous.” That made me look at myself as meaningful. If a stranger can see beauty in me, why can’t I see the same thing she saw in me? I chose to change my perception of my beauty by what I tell myself, to build confidence in myself and not let others' negativity get to me, but to think positively and to always expect great times.

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