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Embracing Your Sexuality Is Embracing Your True Self ‒ Exclusive Interview With Jane Haridat

Your true self is the Divine Creator within leading you to live, love, and manifest from the heart and soul.

This is a statement Jane Haridat strongly believes in.

She is a well-known passionate spiritual teacher, healer of sacred sexuality and soul embodiment, a multidimensional medium, writer, and motivational speaker. She is also doing wedding ceremonies to give couples the most unforgettable and magical experience of their life.

Jane is born in Surinam with ancestral lines from India, lives in The Netherlands, and feels deeply connected with Hawaii.

Jane Haridat, Writer, Spiritual Teacher/Healer, Medium

Her passion, vision, and mission

Raising global awareness about what sexuality truly is and how a good flow impacts all areas of our life including the success of our business, is Jane's greatest passion and global mission to finish before leaving this planet. She is determined to reach as many people as possible.

Her vision is that understanding the essence of our sexuality, creates happy independent people. Happy people make happy families. Happy families create a happy planet filled with peace and harmony.

What are the benefits of Jane's work for entrepreneurs (and others)?

She uses her many gifts to make the unseen visible, tangible, and practical to handle for her clients who are mostly entrepreneurs. Through the collaboration with Jane, they are always surprised to discover where the real roots of their problems are coming from. Roots often find their origin in past lives, and ancestral lines, something most people are not aware of. Once the roots are made visible, it becomes tangible for the clients to work on and get liberated from the unconsciously carried burdens of, for example, ancestors. They discover who they are in essence and develop their true potential and manifest from their heart and soul. They feel connected with themselves, their body, their sexuality, womanhood, or manhood. Their psychic abilities get more developed, and some of them even become very powerful healers themselves. Others discover their soul purpose or the direction of their business.

They deliver soul-based service to others which makes their business grow faster. No need to mention their love life improves tremendously.

These clients take the total lead over their own lives and become leaders in their field. Jane's clients come from all over the world and are spiritual-minded people who are ready to travel to the next level of their business and love life.

She works online and offline with business owners of all kinds, singles, couples, and groups. She offers soul-based programs combined with profound healing, readings, meditations, and wonderful spiritual retreats to Hawaii.

Jane, why do you talk about sacred sexuality?

We have been thought to equal our sexuality to sex and making babies. Where our sexual energies are our most powerful and precious manifesting power within. Yet for thousands of years being destroyed by abuse and violence variously, it got polluted with shame, guilt, and judgments. The destruction of this inner power caused unequal relationships between men and women and brought us many wars and unhappiness. Leaving us trapped in a feeling of unsafety in our private and business life, and relationships. With low self-esteem always begging for love, recognition, and acceptance from others.

If babies, and all other living beings on this planet and beyond are created by this same force, just imagine the creative power of these energies. Human babies are conceived inside the womb of women by the sexual energies of both men and women. That means that everyone already possesses this power of creation.

What if we learn how to tap into this creative source within and use it to create our dream life and attain more success in our business?

If we learn how to do this consciously, in the end, we will do it unconsciously competent. It will become a habit we don't need to think about anymore.

To embody this wonderful habit we need to liberate our sexuality from shame, guilt, and judgment and embrace it as the power we exist from. By embracing our sexuality we embrace our true selves. This is what makes our sexuality sacred.

Why do you refuse to use synonyms for the term sexuality?

Even though all living creatures exist from sexual energies, unfortunately, sexuality became the most condemned, judged, and rejected subject of humankind. Because of all the taboos, most people are afraid to use the word and use synonyms instead. Afraid of what others might think of them. What is happening is keeping the taboos alive affected by our belief system and the language we use around sexuality. This creates blocks in our inner flow of creation. How can we ever develop and use this full potential if we are afraid to stand for our flow of creation by adjusting to what others might think of us? Sexuality is just a neutral word, our taboos make it bad or good. Jane refuses to keep the taboos alive and hopes to create more awareness by deliberately using the word sexuality.

What do people call you a multidimensional medium?

Jane has a deep connection with Spirits like the Aloha Spirits of Hawaii, Jezus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Archangels, Mother Earth, Mozes, Shiva, Ganesha, and many more. Besides many spiritual guides who appear to offer their service to mankind, in sessions often deceased family members reach out to help their loved ones to evolve in their process. Or to forgive and make things right if they didn't have the chance during their life together.

Have you always been this psychic?

Jane believes that everyone has psychic gifts which can be developed to benefit from. She unveiled hers by working intensively on her spiritual growth and helping others to develop theirs.

What is soul embodiment and why is it important for entrepreneurs?

Soul embodiment means that body, mind, and spirit are aligned with each other. The heart is open to make the entrepreneur hear the whispering voice of its soul and act accordingly to be of great service to others. Entrepreneurs have the wonderful opportunity to be of great service and impact the world by becoming leaders in their fields of expertise.

Embodying the soul makes it easy to have soul-based intentions, actions, and outcomes in the business. It brings a lot of joy to the business and helps the entrepreneur to develop soulful programs. Money flows easily into the bank account which makes the entrepreneur thrive instead of surviving. The service to the world becomes even better.

Tell us more about your expert book.

The Dutch title of the book is ''Vrede sluiten met je afkomst. Mijn werkelijke waarde als vrouw''. Translated ''Make peace to your origin. My true value as a woman''.

During a client session on November 16th, 2020, while Jane was helping a client to accept her Indonesian ancestral background, a very clear voice spoke to her. " Write a book. The title is: ''Make peace to your origin''. So it happened. Jane hired a writing coach and wrote the book in just a few months. During the process, Jane discovered her true value as a woman and added this as a subtitle.

The goal of the book is to help mankind to get at ease with being a human on planet Earth. To feel safe, to stay grounded, and to change the painful and dual human experiences into an experience of the soul. To grow from a victim to a leader. To be Happy as a human despite all human experiences.

We all are Spirits having a human experience and most people don't realize this and stay stuck in their lives. Using her severe sexual abuse and many other violent experiences Jane managed to develop a way to reach '' heaven through hell ''. She devoted herself to helping others to ascend their traumas and return to their soul. She made her worst things become her greatest gifts to serve the world.

With this book comes a workbook with practical assignments and a channeled powerful healing meditation to help her readers during their healing process.

What can we expect from you in the nearest future?

Last year Jane became a wedding officiant. She loves to give couples the most unforgettable and magical wedding experience and bring them to Hawaii for their spiritual wedding ceremonies.

Also, couples who are already married and want to refresh their vows can get this Hawaii experience. Either in Hawaii or at home in their own country.

She is working on her second expert book to serve the world even better.

"Make peace to your origin'' will be available in English this year.

She is extending her work to more countries and will have her next spiritual retreat in Hawaii.

What are your tips to help entrepreneurs and others to embrace their sexuality and discover their true selves?

Know that we all are already soulful Spirits and that we are only having this human experience to learn more about ourselves as ''Spirit into flesh''

Once you know this, be gentle to yourself...Let go of beating yourself up.

Know that all judgment, shame, and guilt have their origin in our ancestral lines. It is not your fault. It is only your responsibility to use this awareness to free yourself from the chains that are pulling you down.

Keep in mind that these lines are helping us to grow even more through the lessons provided.

Know that in every situation, there is a soulful experience.

Become aware of the language you use if you talk about sexuality. It will help you to discover your own beliefs.

Become aware of how you feel if someone hugs you. It will help you to discover how your body is reacting to intimacy.

Just book a free private time with me to share your questions and get them answered.

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