Does Your Invisibility Cloak Really ‘Protect’ You?

Written by: Sarah Needham, Executive Contributor

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Often in life, we try to be invisible. To 'avoid' embarrassment or conflict, or because it feels uncomfortable to get involved etc.. I get it! These are ‘valid’ reasons, aren’t they?

But what choice are you making as you pull the hood of your invisibility cloak down lower? Does your action make you feel proud or content? If not, what are you feeling? Discomfort or perhaps, frustration, or even shame? These negative emotions indicate that something about the action (or in-action) you took is not aligned to your personal values. You have in some way dis-honored something which is important to you. What was it about that situation you wanted to hide from? What was hard? What was it about choosing not to engage (& be seen) felt easier in the moment but left you feeling uneasy? We make over 30,000 decisions each & every day. We cannot get involved in everything. We do always have a choice though what we get involved in & the option to share what is important to us. Getting outside your comfort zone feels uncomfortable, so those situations when you want to pull on your invisibility cloak are those you can grow the most from engaging in.

Ask yourself this: What is important to you about this situation?

If it is important to you, then share openly what you see or think, without judgment or the need to be right ..then see what happens!

Tip. If you start the sentence with ‘I feel/ I sense/ I think…’, then you own your feelings & you create space for the others to do the same.

Go on, I DARE you!

You see EMOTION is Energy in MOTION. By giving voice to something which would otherwise have been left unsaid, you are changing the energy in the conversation. Your voice will create new motion & that creates new opportunity!

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Sarah Needham, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sarah Needham is a coach with an extraordinary vision: “To create a world where everyone feels they can stand up and engage in discussion about what matters most”. She wants us all to take off our invisibility cloaks, and share courageously what we think and feel.

Sarah believes that we are all unique for a reason and we should challenge ourselves to step proudly into our uniqueness, our own SUPERPOWER!

As a coach, she challenges herself to inspire people by holding regular sessions on this topic. Sarah’s work brings together her three core values: technology, sustainability and challenging others to embrace their uniqueness. She helps tech founders and leaders unleash their impact in creating a more sustainable life on earth whilst prioritizing their own self-care, and in doing so, creating a more sustainable business.

Sarah is an engineer with many years as a leader at one of the world's leading global engineering corporations. She is British living in Potsdam, Germany with her husband, two adopted daughters and two cats.



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