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Do You Know The Real You?

Written by: Rylee June, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Masks, Charades, Lies, Confusion. The perfect recipe to keep people sleeping. We all grow up in a society that tells us who we should be, A good girl or boy, A+ student, silent but with proper manners at every turn, do not disrespect someone else, hold your tongue even if you disagree; But if they are louder let them have the floor.

Woman riding on vehicle putting her head and right arm outside on a beautiful mountain road.

We are constantly putting ourselves on display for… who? Only to feel let down by our own lack of boundaries, constantly attempting to please the idea that we’ve curated ourselves to be in someone else’s mind. We are trained to spend our whole lives living up to others expectations, chasing desires that we’ve been told we need to have for some idea of success and to be liked and loved. We watch movies and walk away expecting romance, adventure and life to be just like that, only to feel let down when real life sets in and it’s not the same as the million-dollar contracts signed to make it seem a different way. The true you get lost in the imaginations of producers, influencers and corporations moulding you to believe and strive for something that was never who you are, and that part of you lies dormant underneath advertising and mass brainwashing. We go so far as to allow someone else to define our identity, or to be indoctrinated into the confusion about our own identity because those asleep were programmed to not really have one anyways. We subject ourselves to adopting the belief that we are confused over everything; don’t know who we are, what we want, or what we need so we must be told so, so we join into a hive-minded community where we can be accepted and know what to buy into as long as we yet again conform. And God forbid, we think outside the box, we choose to live outside of the “norm” listed above or plastered on billboards and social media. God forbid we go back to our roots and stand for ourselves… You just might trigger someone who’s not emotionally stable, which will ultimately be your fault #CancelCulture, or to go back to the way of living before the internet took over and you chose to can your own food, or move onto land and choose to value God, a natural and life-preserving way of living, one that is rooted in humbleness, self-accountability instead of self-victimization. You decide to go back to valuing the family dynamic that you were designed to love and cherish; breaking free of parading your children around like an Instagram post, only to snap a picture and keep scrolling on your phone, while your child watches thinking “I hope this time mommy plays with me if I smile big enough”. You choose to unsubscribe to the indoctrinated values of the confused and worldly worshippers and recognize that women are not suppressed, that wage gaps don’t exist, and that all of these divisive things we’re led to make you emotionally enraged to “Stand For Something Big” when most can’t even wake up and make their own bed. We’ve become overstimulated and over-medicated and lack basic nutrients, but don’t worry if it’s not another pill you can take, it will be a shot to help you with longer-term sustainability all under the guise of safety. God forbid you to hold true to God’s chosen design and say something, valuing marriage as important but equally understanding it’s about compromise; date nights, and owning the responsibility to learn to evolve how you communicate with each other over time, instead of jumping on a dating app when things get the board to find the next “best” suitor in line. Choosing to honour yourself as the man or woman you were created as and valuing equality of opportunity for the blessing it is but accepting that it makes you responsible for yourself and your life, and ridding yourself of consciously being able to blame something or someone for something you now decide and realize you actually can control. You step up to own all of your circumstances, the bad and the good, because no matter how you feel no one coming to save you, that is up to you. God forbid, you decide to go on a healing journey, now your friends and family may not understand, “You’ve changed”, they say, with an odd smirk on their face as the version of you you’ve built in their mind begins to dismantle and crumble before their eyes and somehow it becomes your responsibility to make sure that they are okay with that. That their feelings are safe in your desire to find out who you are underneath. Masks, Charades, Lies and Confusion is what we are bred to lead. Until one day something happens, You can’t unsee the manipulation,

You no longer can stand wearing all of these masks,

You are no longer available to keep up these charades, to try and find a balance in these unfulfilling dances.

The lies are no longer worth keeping up with; both the ones you portray and the ones that cycle in your mind.

And you find yourself no longer confused about who you are, because your sight has been restored, it’s almost as if you've broken the spell. So like an infant you learn to see things with new eyes, true eyes.

You learn to crawl through the mud of changing relationships, shifting values, the uncomfortableness of coming back into you.

You relearn to walk without the weight of bricks on your back that symbolised the different versions of you you showed up as depending on who is around you.

You learn to run away from always being confused about who you are, need to be, want to be, what you desire to have, desire to fulfill and start speaking just as loudly as the person who you’ve been trained not to speak up to, only this time it’s not because you need to be heard, but instead value what you have to say just as much too. Like a toddler you learn how to reintegrate yourself into a society you’ve now awakened to,

that is walking around sleeping as you struggle between the worlds of blending in and standing out.

You unlearn how to communicate with silence, victimization and emotional manipulation to get your way. You find a new voice that speaks honestly, bravely, and forthright no matter how challenging it may be, or whom you may disappoint.

You unlearn walking towards others' expectations and running towards what your heart is calling you to, taking those brave leaps deeper into your faith and leaning on the one true God guiding you, not the made-up one people tell you to exist as they try and comfort their own hidden lies. You learn to trust yourself instead of constantly doubting if this “risk” is something that is worth it to you, without consulting the 11:11’s or the 444’s on the licence plates at the stop lights.

There comes a point in everyone’s life if you're willing to seek truth not comfort, where you begin to finally awaken from the sleeping spell you’ve been placed under and unlock who you were designed to be, not who society programmed you to conform to.

There comes a point where healing isn’t just for those who can afford it, or for those who are “strong enough”,

There comes a point where you just decide day by day to do the hard things; Taking off the masks and dropping the charades.

Leading with honesty,

And no longer choose to live in the land of confusion as you walk through life, Instead stepping sure-footed forward guided by truth and giving forthright.

This is the space where you truly get to know who you are beyond what you’ve been told and lead a life empowered by the guidance of truth pouring through your heart and soul.

So just know if you are brave enough to take off those masks, to drop the charades, to speak honestly, and to simply just decide,

That there exists a life for you that is not only fulfilling and full of joy but one that doesn’t hold you down or keep you docile to an agenda the worldly places on you.

Freedom, Honest, Sincere, Clear.

That is who you are when you awaken from the spell of the world.

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Rylee June, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Rylee June is an international Intuition Master Coach and spiritual activator. Supporting thousands across the world in healing their trauma and limiting beliefs, as well mentoring and coaching those who offer energy services in curating ethical and deep transformative experiences for their clients. Podcast Host, Self Published Author & a pioneer in her industry, Rylee June is here to take a stand in the spiritual industry and create ethical practices for those seeking energy and life transformation support.


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