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Depths Of A Mothers Love, A Letter To Adult Children

Written by: Enolia Foti, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


As a child, it is important to share what your mother means to you. Especially as adults. Your relationship with your mother adjusts because now that you are an adult, how you need her has transformed. This is also the case with a mother’s love. Although my children are mature, my love has deepened, growing stronger and stronger always present within. Just like so many other mothers, who love their children, I want to share this perspective with adult children everywhere.

The moment you were born

The moment a child enters your being, your world becomes new. We waited for 9 years to start a family. When choosing to start a family, I was excited to conceive. When the decision was made, the godsend took place. The longing in my heart for each new arrival was a thirst truly quenched.

The invisible cord is forever present

I knew the moment I conceived each time. The awareness in my body heightened. I knew and could feel every change that took place. To have another human being to grow within you forms a bond of love so far beyond one’s comprehension for the mother, she would give her life to ensure the safety and growth of her children. There is an invisible cord of energy that is always present. It cannot be severed. You see love is energy and the connection between a mother and her children is truly inseparable.

You may remember, but it’s different for mom

As young adults, our children may remember the love that you shared. However, they cannot fathom how those moments made you feel. The unconditional love they provided, the laughter you shared. The teachings that gave them the confidence of firsts; first words, first steps, a first feeding, first look, the first time you held them, their first smile. Their first outing, first costume, the first day of school, first time making friends, and their first dance. Their first overnight away from home, our first vacations travel with the kids, and in my sons’ cases; the first time they chose to confide in me, their first-time horseback riding, swimming solo, soccer goals, their first home runs, their first hike up a mountain, their first basketball win, their first par and international travel alone. Their first close friends, their first struggles, and ultimately their first love.

The foundation of love

All of these moments although fleeting for the child, are ever-present for the mother. From the moment my sons came into the world, over a period of 17 years, they gained autonomy. With every first came self-reliance. Sustaining every step toward independence. This -sufficiency evolves and grows until you become fully matured. Even though you, as children developed and changed immensely, a mother’s love is the foundation. It is still as deep if not more profound because she helped cultivate the adults that you are. Giving unconditionally, every meal, bath, clothing, nurturing, support, assistance, unlimited time, knowledge, skills, and above all love. Loving acts that you will never remember because they are in the past; the security and protection felt from a mother’s warmth and affection.

Remember, please

As an adult child, it is imperative that you know, that your mother’s love is unfathomable. Since you are an adult and may not realize it, you need to appreciate the depth behind the words when it is shared how much you are missed as you live your own lives and no longer have need of your mom as you did in the past. Knowing, the invisible cord still remains and it is stronger than ever for your mother. Words will never be enough to express the grandeur of the energy, meaning, depth, and intention behind the statement; “I love you” all of these emotions both physical and energetic, are there.

She needs acknowledgment

If you are a young adult at this time, remember your mother. Understand how much she gave of herself. Know that your mother needs acknowledgment of your knowing the depth of her love more often than you think. You are everything to her and it is in the simple acts of love and kindness, that she cherishes more than all the riches of the world.

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Enolia Foti, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Enolia shares ancient wisdom to enrich our modern lives. Enolia traveled the world to study with indigenous elders of the Ojibwa, Lakota, and Yaqui of north America to the Mapuche of Chile to the Luhya of Kenya, just to name a few. This foundation guided ENOLIA to teach, counsel, heal and empower others to reach their goals. Her 20+ years navigating the dynamics of the corporate world fortified her with leadership development, performance excellence and empowerment coaching. A natural orator, ENOLIA harmonizes corporate experience with a broad knowledge base including many facets of energetic medicine, and all of which are focused on healing and the empowerment of the soul.



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