Dear Entrepreneurs and Corporate Leaders – You Can’t Be Great If You Don’t Feel Great!

Written by: Cheryl Meyer, Executive Contributor

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Making healthy habits a priority will increase your daily business wins. Taking time for self-care saves time, enables greater success, and ensures better results.

This is the one aspect of personal excellence that leaders seem to struggle with. As the work piles up, self-care is often the big loser causing it to take a back seat to the business issues at hand. If we are consistently making achievement more important than our health, it is not sustainable. Ignoring our health is only effective in the short run. Long term unhealthy habits begin to drag on our body, our approach, our relationships, our leadership, and our results.

We get so focused on our business goals and projects; we forget how important our health is. We start to ignore our bodies and how we are feeling. Those of us who are “A” personalities are driven to accomplish great things, and as a result, we sometimes fail to take care of ourselves. What we are missing is that making time for health promotes success, improved results, brainpower, resilience, and productivity. It does not take as much time as we might think.

What are the advantages of great health for a leader?

  • Clearer thinking

  • Improved concentration

  • Improved cognitive function

  • Better memory

  • Better decision making

  • Better creativity

  • Better communication

  • Improved mood

  • Better response to challenges

  • Better problem solving

  • Better energy to accomplish results

  • More innovation

  • Better self-awareness

  • More resilience

  • Greater skill navigating complex situations

  • Better relationships with your team, your partners, your customers, and your suppliers

  • Improved results

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