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Control What You Can Control

Written by: Hanna Herbst, Executive Contributor

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Control what you can control and find peace with everything else.

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I was reflecting on my recent podcast interview with Terry Tucker. We spoke about his learnings from his cancer journey and what is one thing that he wished he had known when he was still working in corporate America. His answer was “Control what you can control.” I kept thinking about it – what can you actually control in your job and what is out of your control? Knowing that will guide you where to put your energy.

So, let’s think about it for a moment. You can control your attitude and the effort you bring to your job. You cannot control the mood of your boss. Maybe your boss is “hangry” because he is on a diet or mad because she just lost a business deal.

What is important about knowing what you can and cannot control? It helps you put your energy where it can have an impact.

Take a moment and think about what you can actually control: being on time, greeting others nicely, being kind, or delivering high-quality work. What are three things YOU CAN CONTROL every single workday?

And you knew this question was coming your way… What can you not control at work? If you cannot control something, how should you go about it? The word acceptance comes to mind. If you worry whether it will rain will not have any impact on the actual weather. Basically, you could just stop worrying and take it as it comes.

Anyway, I learned a lot from my conversation with Terry, and I hope you will enjoy this Reaching your Goals episode.

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Hanna Herbst, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Hanna Herbst is a leading leadership & career coach and management consultant with 15+ years of international experience in coaching, management consulting, entrepreneurship, and corporate finance. She holds an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and is trained as a certified coach. Hanna's superpower is making things happen with lots of energy, compassion and a smile. As the CEO and founder of Delygate, she works with individuals and organizations offering them leadership & career coaching and management consulting services. Her mission is to move organizations and individuals forward by creating the conditions for reaching their goals. With Hanna's help, her clients transform towards confidence, focus, and fulfillment which allows them to be the best version of themselves and have impact in the world.

Hanna is also the host of the “Reaching your Goals” podcast. Reaching your Goals is a career-focused podcast where Hanna sits down with inspiring individuals to find out what it takes to reach your goals. You can expect lots of energy, compassion, and candid discussions with everyone from business leaders, academics, coaches, or entrepreneurs on what it really takes to get one step closer to living a fulfilled professional life.

Hanna is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and is fluent in English and German. Contact Hanna for: Leadership Coaching | Career Coaching | Leadership Trainings | Project Management | Workshop Facilitation | Moderation | Motivational Speaking



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