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Written by: Judith Viado, Executive Contributor

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If there’s one thing that 2020 has taught us, it’s to prioritize our health over everything else. With the start of a new year comes another opportunity to make ourselves better and improve our lifestyles.

We all know that it’s never just about finding the motivation to start exercising because a healthy lifestyle is all about realizing that health doesn’t just refer to fitness. It refers to our overall well-being, including how we present ourselves, how we think, how we manage our time, and how we react. Most importantly, a healthy lifestyle comes down to what we consume. In one way or another, we mean food; but never disregard the value of the products we use to cook our food.

Nothing brings passion to our souls more than talking about healthy cooking and how the cookware we use affects our health. We cannot emphasize this enough—Nutricraft Cookware uses only the best and the safest materials In our cookware. We did our homework and have studied metal toxicity extensively, so we understand the risks and dangers of toxic cookware. We do not want you and your family to suffer the way we did BEFORE we shifted to safe cookware, so we are sharing our lessons and tips with everyone.

We realized it wasn’t enough to just sell cookware – we want to help educate families about safe cooking, healthy eating, having better food choices. And so, a few months ago, we launched Nutricraft Academy.

Nutricraft Academy is an online resource of valuable information that our customers and audiences can use to help them in their journey to better health. Putting together all the latest researches, our personal experiences, and all the trends in health and wellness, you’re bound to learn a thing or two from our courses. It's free to sign up!

So if this is the year you are really getting serious about the health of your family, becoming part of the Nutricraft Academy would be a perfect complement. After all, it’s not enough to just use safe cookware. You have to know how to use it and care for it properly. You have to have cooking skills so you can enjoy your tools. And finally, you have to have an arsenal of healthy recipes to enjoy healthy living to the fullest!

Pandemic or no pandemic, our FREE courses are built to benefit your health throughout any state. Start the course by learning more about the five simple steps you can take to live a healthier life. Soon enough, you’ll learn more about how to protect your family from unknown health risks of dangers in everyday cooking.

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Judith Viado, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Judith is a highly accomplished Oracle NetSuite specialist and global online business entrepreneur. She has a background in Science, worked in Public Health, and recently been accepted as a Health and Nutrition Educator by a Scientific Community in Australia. She has cross-discipline technical expertise in various areas, including Financial Accounting, Taxation, IT project management, E-commerce, Property Wealth Creation, On-site Residential Property Management, NetSuite specialist, and Strata Management. While Judith enjoys her full-time job and managing her global online stores, she and her husband Richard started their own cookware brand with a simple goal of changing peoples’ lives. On the weekends, Judith and her family teach people healthy food preparation methods without using oil, salt, artificial seasoning, and how to prevent contamination. She promotes keeping ingredients in their purest form, enhancing their natural flavors and maximum nutritional value. Judith strongly believes that since this cooking style has dramatically changed her family’s lifestyle, it will likewise have a huge impact on others’ lives. She aims to educate more people to learn to eat well, live well, and free from metal toxicity.



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