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Written by: Susan Watson, Executive Contributor

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I recently fell in love. I fell in love with color and how it just has this powerful influence on our lives. Yet, most of the time, we do not use its benefits to help us make the changes we wish for.

As a therapist who works with all life situations such as emotions, pain, and trauma, color has been such a simple way to share with others that they can use at home or enjoy the benefits in a therapy setting.

Take emotions, we all have them, and they can bring to the dizzy heights of poor joy or drag to what feels like the pits of despair. Yet color can influence our emotions too.

Warm colors, such as orange, yellow, and reds, can initiate a range of emotions such as comfort and peace to rage and anger, and then we have cool colors, which are the greens, purple’s, and blues. They can be a sense of peace and calm. However, they can also be a feeling of sadness.

Think about how you feel on long dark winter days when many people go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. How does that impact your mood and how you feel and connect with the world? Now think of early bright sunshine mornings, the summer, late evening sun, and long days of spending as much time outside as you can. How does this influence your emotions?

Remembering that all color is light, light that passes through our eyes through a prism. This is how we see color. Light and color are really a part of our natural balanced of well-being. We can use this to help us live our best life.

As a therapist, I use colors with clients when working with emotional and physical pain. When I ask for a color of their pain, it is mostly either red or black. The color recognized for pain and inflammation as well as being irritated is red. Pink and blue can be very calming for pain, and green balances the body.

Try looking at color or sit in a room with a colored light and see how you feel and if you can feel any changes, try red, blue, and green and see what happens, you are likely to feel more drawn to a color that it touches you more positively, this is because you need for this. An example is red can increase energy, and you may be needing an energy boost, or if you feel drawn to the blue, perhaps you need time to slow down and relax.

I work with color using color acupuncture, on the face and hands,

Colour Puncture is a holistic method of healing and uses colored lights instead of needles, and many have been surprised to hear that science has proven that light is a way in which our cells communicate. Therefore color puncture can make a positive change at a cellular level.

As I mentioned previously, color is made from light; as the light travels into our body, cell communication is stimulated. The healing process is activated, and the body can then move into a more balanced state. This therapy can help joints and inflammation, sleep issues, depression, and anxiety and even help with fine facial lines.

A typical first session would include taking a history and note of symptoms, then there would be a facial diagnosis, and then we would make a treatment plan for the color light therapy, and I always include a lovely facial light relaxation therapy to finish off the session, so every client can leave feeling refreshed and fully relaxed.

Think and see how you can bring more color into your life, perhaps in the home, workplace, or the clothes that you wear. Look and see what colors you start to feel drawn to and the emotions and feelings you have around them. You can buy color-changing bulbs for an extremely low cost, and perhaps you could try them out in different rooms in your house.

Even the color of our plate and the food we eat influences our body and mind. Recent research has shown that you will eat less if you a high contrast in color between the food color and the plate's color and, if you eat of a blue plate, this reduces your appetite.

This is only such a tiny taster of a life with conscious color. You can now go and have an adventure discovering all the wonderful changes color can bring to your life, and If you would like to try this later, you can visit a color therapist near you or contact me for an experience of color.

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Susan Watson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Susan Watson specializes in working worldwide with all ages experiencing Anxiety, Emotions, and Trauma in a content freestyle, so that no talking really needs to occur unless wanted. Working with feelings and emotions within the body, Susan releases the emotional connection of past experiences. She teaches self-help tools to help others live their best life, the life that is deserved. Susan supports individuals, groups, and the workplace with her Be Your Own Empowered Hero workshops, which were introduced as a measure to reduce the risk of future issues with mental and emotional health.



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