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Blessed Be ‒ The Gift Of Your Positivity

Written by: Hilde Goris, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Being positive in life, ever since the film 'The Secret' everyone has been busy with focus and positive thinking. Highly overrated? My neck hair stands on end… when I see all the sugary, bloated, glorifying messages that pass on Facebook. Life is not all roses and rainbows: we all have dangerous, ugly and muddy bears on our path. Our own shadows and our imperfection! No matter how hard you try to hide them under your bed, they are YOURS to address in shadow work!

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Our life is not perfect

The value of our lives is not measured by the degree of perfection! Even more: perfection doesn't even exist! We all create obstacles in our path from our imperfect thinking, sometimes they come from our own subconscious, the programs from our past. Those obstacles can also be shadows the collective throws at us. When you take on a different life attitude than the ‘overculture’, you receive resistance from the collective thinking against your innovative attitude... and that can form an obstacle on your path!

So no, life is not flawless, it doesn't always run smoothly. It has dents and cracks, and sometimes it's shit. I’ll never forget what Michael Barnett, spiritual teacher at One Life, said about it: “If today is shit, today is shit. Tomorrow is a new day!” The Siberian shaman whom I asked the question what to do with my headwinds, replied in a similar way: “If it doesn't work out, maybe the planets aren't favorable for you today. Then you just stay calm and you meditate and pray. You wait until the planets are in a favorable position again!”

In this article, I would like to offer you two other beautiful terms to look at life. One of the most beautiful sayings I ever read was: “I love life and life loves me!” Because what you give for the wellbeing and the good of the world and humanity, returns in multiple of what you have given yourself. It returns to you in the form of finer vibrations because you give selflessly. Cosmic laws describe how your personal vibration is raised by radiating goodness and generosity to those surrounding you!

To bless: what does it mean?

Recently I was watching the series 'Once Upon a Time' with my daughter. That's a fun series about karmic bonds! Fairytale characters in the series meet again in ‘another world’ than the fairy tale. In fact it is a 'real' world without magic. They no longer know who they are, but they do maintain the same karmic bond with each other and that brings on a colorful mixture of fairytale-characters of all kinds who experience all kinds of things together. I took this example because a recurring issue in this series is people 'cursing' each other! What is that ‘cursing’? Cursing is actually the opposite of 'blessing'!!!

Blessing is when you touch the world with your clear, positive, kind thoughts. And all that surrounds you, changes because of it. It is true: our positive thoughts make people feel good and valued, and it helps their lives to go well!

And there is more to it : we also bless all the events and places where we end up. That’s how our bright and light loving vibrations attracts good things. The beauty of it is that the purpose of your blessings is not to receive something for yourself! The act of blessing touches all around you with your love. Cultivating these positive vibrations within yourself is good for your health and your energy field. As you know, the Dalai Lama promotes the development of ‘kindness’ too!

To curse, on the other hand, is to give your limited, selfish, judgmental, aggressive, bitter thoughts and feelings to our world. Self-interest has a lower vibration that you can give to people, things or events. In 'Once Upon a Time' the Evil One is the textbook example of the ‘villain’ : that man does nothing without it being a 'deal', thereby he always asks too much in return for his services. Villains always act on feelings of anger, hurt, bitterness, and throw this vibration out into the world in the form of the one curse and revenge after the other. They cause grief and misery to others by their selfishness!

Are you positive about your life?

May be it is hard for you to experience positivity because life has been hard on you? Do you bring your feelings of frustration and bitterness into the world day after day? You can curse your car because it breaks, curse your mom because she's always whining, the world because it's unfair! You can curse terrorism, but that will not bring a better vibration to the world!!! You can complain about the taxes you have to pay, but all you do is reinforce the system with your negative feelings!

You radiate your negative feelings, even if you don’t express them. Your small and limited, self-centered emotions are your everlasting faithfull companions, until you let go of them and adopt a better emotional hygiene!

These companions don't take very good care of your body. They make you susceptible to illness, and also to even pleasant events! So… ‘pretending everything is perfect’ or ‘pretending your bears don't exist in your mind’… is not very useful in your quest for a happy life! To really attract beautiful things, you have to love life ànd people. Suffering is a part of life. After all, what would life be without bears on the road…? Only when you learn to love life as it is, love yourself in your own imperfection, and love the world in its imperfection, only than the world can love you as it should!

Your own Happy Ending

In the series 'Once Upon a Time' the ‘villains’ only get a Happy Ending when they accept their own unprocessed anger and accept it as part of themselves. While normally ‘villains’ don’t have a right to a happy ending, it becomes a possibility when they accept their ‘shadows’, their negative feelings behind the tricky plans and aggressive actions. And accepting your shadows, is not : pretending those unresolved feelings don't exist or aren't their own. It means accepting them for real!!!

So even if this just a series, you can start today: stop cursing and choose to bless all and everybody, … and live your life happily ever after!

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Hilde Goris, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Hilde Goris is a leader in team training, connected leadership and personal transformation processes for entrepreneurs. She helped thousands of individuals and groups to restore the flow in their professional and private life. Her approach is no-nonsense and to-the-point : for sure she will make you smile ànd laugh! She is a skilled trauma healer, breathwork practitioner, systemic healer, creative therapist, and has a profound knowledge of the cycle of life and northern shamanic practices. She is wel respected by indigenous shamans for her ceremonial work. Her teachings about 'Natural Adaptive Leadership' are a team adventure: 'Organisational resilience as a survival skill for Economic Storms'.



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