Believe Without Seeing

Written by: Melia Diana, Executive Contributor

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We live in a fallen world. More than ever, we need something greater than our worries, doubts, and fears. Friends, do you feel stuck in your pain? Are you a believer but not living out your faith? Do you think your life has no purpose, meaning, or value? Are you out of options?

By far, this year has been a year of disorder, chaos, and confusion. What if I can tell you there is another way. Would you listen? Would you believe with your heart, mind, and soul that there is something greater than your thoughts? Your feelings? Your fears and insecurities?

What if you knew to defeat complacency of the worldly customs? The enemy’s schemes? What if you can gain better clarity of emotions and behavior patterns affecting your relationships? Or have the faith to push through mountains? Sounds pretty good, right? The truth is most people lack accountability and avoid detoxification to get truly healthy in all areas of their lives. Why? Ultimately it takes faith, hard work, and trust without seeing what lies ahead. We are told to believe God without seeing Him. To trust the process because He knows what’s best for us. “Blessed are those who believe without seeing me” (John 20:29 NLT).

This is why God sacrificed His son, Jesus, so we can have an intimate relationship with Him. A faith in God through a Vertical Relationship and be changed by the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. To lean on Him during trials and tribulations. To be at peace with Him when those storms come twirling in. God says, “I am leaving you with a gift-peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give” (John 14:27). Yet, so many of us are still running around frantic, not knowing Jesus as our Savior and Healer. Many often think temporary illusions of happiness will grant them peace and stability.

We would rather live a life that is pleasing to ourselves and not God. We would rather be a people pleaser than a God pleaser. I agree with God as He clarifies this message for us, “Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of others, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant” (Galatians 2:6 NLT). We pick and choose what commandments we wish to follow. We think material objects and money provide long-lasting happiness. We like to believe that a job status is what makes us superior.

We want to control. We justify and put up defensive walls avoiding the harsh reality. We want everything handed to us on a silver platter. We want a quick-fix. The truth is, most people are full of selfishness, fear, ego, and manipulated by the devil antics. I say this not to belittle or attack, but to share with you that God’s Word is alive and real. That he is our source. Know this: the devil will do whatever it can to stop you from having a deep kinship with Jesus. To keep you extremely busy, you don’t have the energy or time to spend time with Him.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our messes and ourselves that we miss the point. We miss out on what God is doing behind the scenes. To the naked eye, we can only assume our own interpretations at a surface level. Getting right with God takes legitimate effort. No, this walk is not easy. Most people abandon ship before they truly give it a real try. The moment things get hard… replays of old, worn-out patterns and toxic mindsets set it, and conformity happens. In order to be changed by Him, we have to follow Him. Allow God to do His thing!

Do you have genuine faith? People say they believe yet don’t prove it with their actions. God says, “You see, his faith and his actions worked together. His actions made his faith complete” (James 2:22 NLT).

I was not always a Christian. For most of my life, I ran around completely oblivious to God’s Word yet still called myself a Christian. Find out in Vertical Relationship: 4 Steps to Salvation & Getting Right with God the steps I took to follow Him completely. The painful lessons I learned to embrace and what the Lord desires me to teach others. The Lord has been prepping me my entire life to fulfill my God’s given destiny. My pain was used for a purpose. A mess into a message for someone else. How amazing is that?

Is God trying to get your attention? What’s it going to take for you to listen? He will do as He sees fit. As scary as that sounds, friends, He did this to me! Find out the goliath steps of faith I took to follow him wholeheartedly. This step shook me to my core in a place I was emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually stuck (Discover more in my book).

Bless someone with a Christmas present that will change a life. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Start the New Year off with a fresh perspective! Let the Lord transform your heart, mind, and soul. Get stronger in your faith. Enhance wisdom through my brokenness. Know God loves you - that no pain is wasted and can be used to glorify His Kingdom. The Lord wants more for you. To live a more abundant life and know His truth. God desires us to live a life of peace, purpose, and love. You are the only one getting in the way of that… believe without seeing!

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Blessings xo

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Melia Diana, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Melia is an International Best-Selling Author, Certified Christian Counselor, and Relationship & Dating Coach specializing in inner healing transformation. She has spent over 13 years in the medical & fitness field, as a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and Certified ACSM Personal Trainer helping people through her passion for delivering attainable and solid goals. But it doesn’t stop there!

Melia’s extensive certifications and background led her to utilize her faith, knowledge, experience and personal development to brand and design her own Signature Coaching Programs. She developed a unique methodology to help clarify the missing links and identify core root problems hindering God’s best. With a godly approach, she helps Christian women to break all barriers and have loving relationships they’ve always desired.

She is a faith-based Author of Vertical Relationship: 4 Steps To Salvation & Getting Right With God and International Best-Seller Overcomer: Redeemed Masterpiece, where she wrote “7 Keys To Finally Have a Godly Man.”

God’s mission for Melia, is to help lost souls find their true identity in Christ & restore broken relationships through an inner healing transformation journey, guided by the Holy Spirit. Her empathetic approach encourages others for growth, wisdom, and a stronger mindset for a more abundant & fruitful life.



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