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Are You LIVING Life Or Just PASSING Through?

Written by: Denise Drinkwalter, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Let me encourage you to think about this for a minute or two!

Are you LIVING life or just PASSING through?

With all of the social media being pushed out into the world, the comparisonitis, the envy, the desire, the feeling of not having enough, being enough and always desiring to be like someone else is detrimental.

Dah Denise, no surprise there! We know that! We realize that! However, we are continuously drawn to accessing it, watching it, engaging with it, laughing at Tik Tok after Tik Tok, seeing free speech being shared no matter what the topic, watching through our computers, our handhelds and anything that streams content to us from the outside.

We as a society are driven by the outside world. Technology is a wonderful tool to connect with others for sure; however, how much of your time are you actually connecting with others? How much of your day is filled with being entertained, “informed” from another’s point of view? Is someone else’s reality, or perceived reality important for you to take into consideration or to emulate? Are you able to take the information and process it deeply to understand what is important, truly IMPORTANT to you?

Are you LIVING life? If you took away the electronic world for one full day, what would your day look like? How would you spend it? What would you do differently? Are you willing to give it a go? I encourage you to choose one day during this week and turn off all electronic devices for the whole day and evening and witness. What do you do? How do you spend your time? Who do you spend time with? What surfaces for you? What happens without the outside world coming into you for that day?

You get a full day of YOUR life if you choose to try this challenge, just for a day. I wonder how you will be affected by this day challenge?

Perhaps you will have an ah-ha moment! Perhaps you will have a difficult time? Perhaps this will be super easy for you? Maybe your thoughts will drift into regret for joining the challenge and FOMO will be super overwhelming for you?

When you are LIVING your life, you are doing what is best for YOU, because you know what you need and what serves you. You can live your life based on YOUR core values. You have a compass that is set from within, and you live life to its fullest.

When you are PASSING through life your tendency is to coast, maybe without even realizing it. You may live vicariously through others experiences, you may feel unfulfilled, and you may experience a sedentary affect and not get excited or too upset by anything. You may just greet each day as the one before without intention, purpose or happiness. You are okay, but you do experience feelings of regret, unfulfilled wishes and may have little to no spontaneity in your life.

If you feel that the above description is where you are currently spending too much of your time, PASSING through your life and feeling regrets, I want to strongly encourage you to turn off the outside influence through ALL your screens for one day. Witness what can happen. See if that spark that lives deep inside YOU begins to whisper.

Regret is a sucker of life and staying stuck in regret can be so limiting and harmful in so many ways. You know what I am talking about! Regret is a whole other topic that has multiple layers and tentacles that need to be explored and unpacked in order to understand it, and take control of your life back so that you LIVE life and not just PASS through.

If you find yourself feeling, experiencing and being held hostage by regret, join me for this FREE 3 day Bootcamp-“Regret BE GONE! Time to kick that parenting guilt to the curb! Where I will help you unpack this beast, tame it and use it to help you live life again.

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Denise Drinkwalter, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Denise Drinkwalter is an Empowerment Life Coach fulfiling extraordinary work with women in their midlife years. She has an intuitive gift that affords her the ability to assist women in gaining clarity, perspective, and strength from within.

Denise’s specialty is supporting women experiencing the complexity, strain and stressors of the Empty Nester Syndrome. Denise’s expert guidance assists women to tap into aspects of themselves they have never explored. Women who work with Denise share that she has a unique gift, a genuine kindness, and the ability to help women release burdens, expectations and false beliefs that they have carried around for years. With her unique perspective and experiences she brilliantly institutes her powerful listening skills and intuitive gifts to hear, appreciate and connect with everyone she meets. She consistently employs her elite level coaching skills, leaving a trail of positivity, expansion and soul led growth with whomever she has the privilege to guide.

Denise has been featured on a variety of Podcasts sharing her expertise as a Certified Priestess Numerologist, a Parenting Coach for Empty Nesters, and maintains a full-time coaching role in the Clutter Boss Academy. Denise’s signature 8- week course Cut the Cord-Not the Ties is a complete game-changer for all Moms experiencing the Empty Nester Syndrome.



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