Are you Leading with Light? 10 Tips to Become a Soul-Driven Leader

Written by: Vicki Ravangard, Executive Contributor

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I started my corporate career at the bottom of the food chain, literally. In my first Office Job as an Office Junior part of my role was to make tea and coffees for my co-workers and also make porridge for my boss (they left that part out of the job description!!) But at that time, I was so determined to do a good job that I was happy to do those jobs. I felt I needed to prove myself in order to move up the ladder.

While this Mindset has served me in allowing me to get to where I am today, lately, I have really brought it into question. In doing this, I realized that I had completely lost who I was. I have worked in controlling environments where I have been clock watched, I’ve been on the receiving end of micromanagement, I’ve been humiliated in front of my co-workers, and I’ve witnessed the unfair consequences of office politics first-hand.

Each time I felt my voice completely close up, unable to find the words to express my truth. Each time I felt myself needing to fill the perfect employee's role, in fear of saying or doing anything wrong. At what point do we decide to see this separation for what it is and stop accepting this hierarchy as the norm?

Do you need to be in a leadership position to lead?

Absolutely not. Hierarchy exists in most modern society, but we also give our personal power away by assuming that if we are not in a hierarchical leadership position, we cannot make a difference. It’s simply not true. We all can lead from where we are, we all have the potential to make a difference with our voice, and if we are not heard, we can lead by example and take action to set the standard.

One of the most common themes that stops people from doing this is lacking the confidence and belief in themselves and their vision. As the self-doubt sets in, they allow the judgment of others get in the way. Have you ever been talked down from something that you knew was right? Only to have it play out in one of those ‘I told you so’ moments?

Do you think if Walt Disney had doubted his vision that we would be enjoying the Disneyland we know and love today? (co-vid permitting!)

So, what makes a good leader?

In my experience, the best leaders are the ones who have a soul connection with their work and have a deep sense of fulfilling their purpose. It’s more than just a J-O-B. It is a passion that allows them to expand into their light and shine their gifts out into the world.

When you are operating at a soul level, everything you do comes from a place of love and wanting the highest good for all involved. There is no hidden agenda for personal gain or needing to put others down in order to succeed.

This is often the difference between acting from the Heart and acting from the Head (aka our friend the Ego)

Are you leading with Fear or Love?

I’ve witnessed many leaders being led by their Ego, often driven by money & status, and often times using their position to benefit themselves rather than coming from a place of service. Other signs of leading with fear include being overly in the details, lacking direction, and not seeing the bigger picture.

I have experienced being shut down, talked over and belittled several times by getting caught up in Ego power struggles and, in the end, this contributed further to my silence. Light Leaders can often go unnoticed if they haven’t found the confidence to express themselves and speak up. You may often feel ignored because you are not conforming to the same behavior as everyone else.

That said, fear can also lead you into victim mode, where you feel everybody is against you, nobody understands you, or the expectation that you should be receiving the promotion and pay rise that you deserve, but nothing you do seems to be good enough. The reality is, we all have a responsibility to show up for ourselves and become conscious of our own behaviors before we point the finger at others. We are all here to learn from each other and those who trigger these emotions in us are here to teach us.

If you find yourself in a situation where someone is projecting their Fear/Ego onto you, ask yourself, “What can I learn from this? What is this teaching me? How can I use this for my own personal growth? How is this helping me to stand in my power?”

In order for everyone to stand in their truth, we must first recognize that as light leaders, we need to find the courage to stand on our own and lead the way.

How to lead with light – 10 top tips

  1. Detach from your emotions when making decisions, remain objective

  2. Take full responsibility for your actions and don’t be afraid of getting it wrong

  3. Consider the best outcome for all, not just a select few – check your intentions

  4. Find the courage to stand in your truth, even if it’s different from the status quo

  5. Hold space for people where they are & empower them to learn & grow

  6. Trust your own intuition and follow the guidance - you don’t have to know all of the answers

  7. Create a judgment-free zone where people feel comfortable to express themselves

  8. Acknowledge that underneath the ‘employee’ label, we are all humans

  9. Communicate, communicate, communicate

  10. Commit to your own growth – what do you need to learn to be able to expand and give back to others?

Nothing will change if we continue to follow those who came before us, yet anything is possible with the willingness to change.

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Vicki Ravangard, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

After 10 years of working my way up in my corporate career, I am a Part Qualified accountant who works as a Finance Analyst for a UK Airline. I am also a Spiritual Mindset Coach. So how did I go from corporate to coaching? My coaching business 'Take Her To The Moon' was born after embarking on my own spiritual mindset journey where I discovered the art of creating a life with intention and the power of conscious thinking, which positively influenced all areas of my life, including my corporate career. My Business focus is helping women who have lost their direction in life, to master their mindset & discover their soul purpose. I put my own unique spin on some of the greatest spiritual teachings and use these to help my clients experience greater success. I have a huge passion for Music & Travel, which is where I draw a lot of my inspiration from - and I am also a Disney lover!



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