April’s Phenomenon

Written by: Joanne Angel Barry Colon, Executive Contributor

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Hooray, spring is here, and April is on its way! Did you know that every month carries a meaning, energy, and vibration when referring to Numerology?

With Numerology, every letter is associated with a number from One to Nine. Using the PYTHAGORAS CHART when you take the number that corresponds with each letter in the word APRIL, it adds to 11 (A P R I L: 1 7 9 9 3 = 29 = 11), which is known as a Master Number and carries the vibration of the Master Teacher and Healer of partnerships and relationships. It also adds to the number two and carries the frequency of partnerships between the physical and spiritual, relationships, contracts, and marriage.

April is the 4th month of the year and carries the frequency of balance, new foundation, patience, and stability.

In Numerology, the current year's vibration is called Universal Year Energy, which means everyone on the planet feels this energy whether they’re conscious of it or not. 2021 adds to a five and carries the frequency of change, freedom, courage, and unpredictability. When you add April and 2021 together (4+5=9), you get the number nine, which carries the frequency of completion, letting go, and transformation.

In addition to April’s phenomenon with Numerology, four planets are lining up in Aries Energy: Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus. Each of these planets is associated with what I refer to as Spiritual Energy. Whenever there are more than two planets in one astrological sign, energetically, anyone with that astrological sign in any of these planets may experience physical and spiritual growth during this period. This energy influences everyone on the planet, whether they’re conscious of it or not.

Below are the spiritual meanings and dates of each planet associated with April (March 20th - April 30th) and Aries (March 20th - April 20th) energy:

Sun: March 20th to April 20th ► Ego and Spiritual Growth

Moon: April 12th (New Moon) ► I Feel

Mercury: April 3rd to April 19th ► I Think and Communicate

Venus: March 21st to April 14th ► Love, Relationships and Money

What does all of this mean for you?

Collectively, we may all experience healing (physically and spiritually) in our partnerships and relationships both personally and professionally, and those who have Aries in any of these planets may experience this healing at a higher or stronger intensity.

Below is a list of examples of what one may experience:

  • A change in communication on how you listen and/or speak to others, self and spirit.

  • How you receive and give love.

  • Connecting more with feminine and masculine energy

  • Relationship with money

  • Ready to take action

  • More in tune with your 5 senses (seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, and tasting)

  • Ready to let go and complete projects

  • Ready for new things

  • Awareness to when you’re being led by ego or the heart

Throughout April, many may experience Mastery of Healing in Partnerships and Relationships.

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Joanne Angel Barry Colon, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Joanne Angel Barry Colon has 30+ years in the health, fitness, and wellness industry. She is the Wholistic Fitness owner located in NY Queens, certified holistic personal trainer, intuitive healer, cosmic energy reader, student of Astrology, Master of Numerology, and Creator of Chakra Balance Numerology Cosmic Energy Forecast Deck. She is the Host of Joanne's Healing Within T.V Show and Joanne's Cosmic Energy Radio Show and Author/Self-Publisher.

Joanne's mission: To help women (men by referral) release issues from their tissues as they release emotional weight and fall in love with themselves while witnessing their transformation of being the best version of themselves.



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