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A Holistic Story On Holistic Health

Written by: Garett Martyn, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Meet Penelope. A sweet and sensitive, smart working, small business owner and single mother of one, pleasant, juvenile boy named Enrique. At the time of this story, Penelope is struggling to make ends meet as she is in the never-ending process of over-passionately growing her start-up company called Pick-A-Tooth, which sells uniquely handmade toothpicks from Brazil to customers with teeth, all around the world.

Lately, Penelope has had an awful sleep. After she puts Enrique to bed at around 9:00 pm, she puts on her favorite Booty Blast workout DVD and works her and her booty out for approximately 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how much energy she was able to retain from her lunchtime meal. She then has a generously long 15–25-minute shower, where she likes to stand in the scorching hot 5,600 degrees Celsius water, then proceeds to have her last meal of the day, by herself, in bed, around 10:00 or 10:30 pm, then, almost immediately snores herself to sleep while passively listening to the judgemental sounds of Judge Judy or Judge Mathis with her eyes fluttering to the white noise that surrounds her.

After approximately ninety minutes of overly rambunctious twists and turns, Penelope eventually allows herself to fall into a super deep sleep.

Unfortunately, Penelope has been having frequent and vivid dreams of herself being violently chased through the jungle and into a courtroom by a crazy clown with a bright purple nose, who then proceeds to sue her for Intellectual Property Theft regarding the start-up idea for Pick-A-Tooth, by requesting for 50% of all Brazilian Reais that she has made from Pick-A-Tooth profits, as well as take full custody of her child, Enrique.

As most of us may attempt to empathetically imagine, this horrific nighttime experience almost always makes Penelope wake up in a wet and salty puddle as she is completely soaked in her own tears and sweat that accumulate and perspire while she vividly sleeps in fear and frustration.

So, on one fateful day, after talking with her crazy metaphysical friend, Casablanca, about what Penelope can do to help herself get through these terrifically traumatic times, she decided to schedule an appointment to go see her nearest naturopathic doctor, who Casablanca claimed would meticulously study her unique story and lifestyle situations and then proceeded to use the acquired knowledge to holistically educate her on how she can help her body achieve a state of self-healing which will allow her to learn more about herself so that she can get her sleep back, which will help her get her life back.

Almost 2 weeks later, Penelope walked into the naturopathic clinic and was politely escorted to the examination room by a petite administrator who uncannily looked just like Wonder Woman.

Petite Wonder Woman closed the door, leaving Penelope all by her lonesome. She then sat herself down in the comfy-looking dark brown leather armchair that was positioned across the room from her and began to get her unique story and lifestyle situations in mental order so that she could eloquently explain herself to the naturopathic doctor that was about to enter the treatment room.

Penelope heard a light knock on the door. When an old, fragile-looking, East-Asian man wearing extremely thick-lensed 80’s style reading glasses poked his head in through the doorway with the small crack he had made.

She comedically acknowledged him with eye contact, along with a polite little laugh and a welcoming nod. Then he proceeded to enter and said, “Hello, my name is Dr. Wao”, so Penelope quickly knew that it was probably best if she responded to him in English rather than Portuguese.

Penelope did her best to share her unique story and lifestyle situations with Dr. Wao.

When she was done speaking, all Dr. Wao could say was, “Wow.”

After further examining his notes, Dr. Wao began to share some possible options that may benefit Penelope.

  • He suggests that she puts an abrupt stop to working out so late because it is creating disharmony with her circadian rhythm.

  • She must also put a stop to eating so late might because that’s not good for her digestion, as it is a major contributor to developing poor sleep and bad dreams because she is not giving her body enough time to properly break down the food that is traveling through her digestive system. He told her to completely quit eating after 8 pm. Instead, she may find it best to eat with her son when he eats dinner, earlier in the evening, or eat in silence or with some light and joyful music in the background, as if she was eating at her favorite restaurant. This will give her digestive system a break from constantly breaking down food even while her body is technically shut down and in “recovery mode” while she sleeps.

  • He also suggests that she puts a stop to having such long, excruciatingly hot showers because having excruciatingly hot showers before bed is not only damaging to her skin, but those temperatures aren’t so great for her brain either, as these temperatures internally overheat the body and could be a major contributor to her poor sleep experiences.

  • Dr. Wao mentions that falling asleep to T.V. shows like Judge Judy or Judge Mathis give off blue light along with subconscious noises and narratives, which do a plethora of problems like disturbing the quality of her sleep, reducing the sleep she should be getting, interrupting her body's melatonin production, keeping her brain overstimulated, and eventually lead to long-term health effects. Not to forget to mention that watching all those Judge shows before sleeping could easily manifest into her dreams, or worse, make her an overly judgmental person in her waking life. But if she feels that she cannot go a night without watching Judge Judy or Judge Mathis, she can purchase a stylish pair of blue light goggles for approximately R$112-R$200 Brazilian Reais at her local blue light goggles retailer. This will help her get to sleep faster and stay asleep so that she can start to develop a healthier relationship with her sleep.

He hypothesized and informed her that this alone may accurately explain why she was in a courtroom during her dream due to her subconscious deciphering and filtering out what her eyes were witnessing before bed versus what she was actually experiencing in her waking life. But Dr. Wao couldn’t factually explain why she was being taken to court by a crazy clown and not her former husband. He left that one for her to unpack and unravel on her own.

Lastly, he asked Penelope about her birthday, the year, month, and day, as well as the exact time of day and the place she was born.

She said she was born on January 28th, 1986, in São Paulo, Brazil, at 6:18 am. A few awkwardly silent moments later, Dr. Wao showed Penelope her natal chart and began sharing his initial observations, conclusions, and recommendations.

  • Dr. Wao explained how, from what he can holistically observe, that Penelope seems to be predominantly made up of a shared dominance of what Ayurveda practitioners call Vatta and Kapha Doshas, while her Vatta is in the greatest state of imbalance. This may be why she is having bad dreams and clouded thoughts.

  • He then told her that her Sun sign is a Capricorn with her sidereal birth chart and an Aquarius with her tropical birth chart. This means that she is very communicative as an individual and is also very career-focused, and spends a great amount of energy thinking thoughts, dreaming dreams, and diligently working towards those thoughts and those dreams. And because her thoughts are so strongly connected to her holistic health, she may find it helpful to go through a detoxification period involving a 7-day vegetable and fruit juice fast to grant her digestive system enough time to rest and heal itself by giving it a well-deserved rest, along with the introduction of a daily mediation practice to help Penelope clear her mind and reset her body and cleanse the energies from the past.

  • He proceeded to recommended Magnesium supplements to help her reduce the holistic effects of daily stress and aid in her quality of sleep. Probiotics in the form of whole foods or liquid supplements to help bring healthy bacteria into her gut microbiome because the state of the brain is in direct relation to the state of the gut. And Vitamin D to help boost her mood and keep her moods regulated, as well as going out into the direct sunlight for short periods of time, about 15-30 minutes, to help improve her overall mood.

  • Dr. Wao added that Penelope starts paying close attention to all of her dreams by documenting through adopting the practice of daily journaling upon waking every morning so that she can privately decipher what they personally mean to her. He didn’t forget to mention how important it was for Penelope to keep track of the phases of the Moon because the different Moon phases throughout the month can greatly affect a person’s dreams, especially a woman’s dreams. This will allow her to best unravel and unpack her past experiences and develop a more in-depth knowledge of herself so that she can ultimately face her fears in her reality as well as in her dreams.

  • As for learning how to deal with a crazy clown in real life or in her dreams, Dr. Wao suggested that Penelope learn a self-defense-based martial art, like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Hapkido, Krav Maga, or Parkour. As she becomes more confident with her body and in her ability to protect her body, she will be able to take this interconnected confidence into her dreams. In fact, the crazy clown may begin to start having nightmares of Penelope.

  • He finished sharing his recommendations by telling Penelope that if she ever needs any extra support that she seems unable to find, she can always ask God for some holistic assistance. God is always available to help those that truly need it and know to ask with pure intentions for the highest good of all.

Penelope vigorously attempted to write out all of Dr. Wao’s recommendations when he told her that he would email her a full list of the recommendations for her to use at her leisure. She gleefully thanked him for all the help and went on her merry way.

Almost a full year later, Penelope had fully incorporated these radical yet consequentially profound lifestyle practices and recommendations into her life. Penelope was able to unpack her childhood and develop a thorough understanding of herself. She uncovered and discovered that she had an uncomfortable experience with crazy clowns when she was made to feel extremely uncomfortable by one at the circus when she was just a little girl, and the clown tried to make her smile and laugh but ironically made her cry. So, interestingly enough, her brain had subconsciously turned her former husband into a crazy clown who is trying to take all her money and her son, Enrique, in a spineless and heartless court battle which would only cause their relationship to become inflamed with legal, financial and emotional conflict.

Fortunately, Penelope had successfully detoxified her body, mind, and spirit. She was eating the right foods at the right times with her son Enrique. Once she finished detoxifying her digestive system, Penelope began to start taking Magnesium supplements and added more probiotic foods into her meals, such as adding sources of it to her salads and sandwiches in addition to taking liquid probiotic supplements. She started to work out in the morning upon waking rather than in the evening before she goes to bed. She would have relaxing showers that were mildly warm, rather than excruciatingly hot, and be sure to have her showers before she eats, rather than after she eats.

She would practice different styles of meditation and write in her dream journal before bed and upon waking. She quit watching Judge Judy and Judge Mathis and threw out her television altogether. She started practicing Capoeira at the local community center, which granted her the ability to physically defend herself from the crazy clown with beautifully dangerous spinning kicks and cartwheel kicks in her dream states. She even started to join a Women’s Prayer Group at the Catholic church near her house. She was cured. She was holistically healthy. She was Penelope at her best.

All thanks to the holistic medicinal techniques of Dr. Wao and his in-depth knowledge of the Holistic Disciplines.


This story-based article is fiction and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition. Please consult a qualified natural physician prior to use, especially if pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription drugs. It is intended to entertain and educate the reader as they continue to develop a broader knowledge regarding holistic health.

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Garett Martyn, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mr. Garett is the creator and founder of Holistiworld, Inc. A holistic company that aims at researching and developing the mind, body, and spirit through the Holistic Disciplines: to enhance holistic education and holistic healthcare while reducing extreme greed and mass global exploitation. He can be found teaching the ways of the Holistic Disciplines at Holistiskool, selling holistic products at Holistimart, or writing monthly holistic newsletters for Holistinewz, as well as planning and executing all kinds of private operations and shenanigans, affectionately known as Holistic-Ops. This arrangement also provides a large network of holistic connections related to the newest trends, sciences, and the arts. By uniting and refining our Holistic Disciplines, the Holistiworld brand helps to create a more prosperous world than what has been previously prophesied. Holistically we are strong. Holistically disciplined, we are stronger.



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